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2568. Fall of Domna.
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Fall of Domna or the Artandir war.

The Artandir Republic and the Meingard Alliance were once part of a single galactic empire. This was until Meingard decided to break away from the titanic state as a result of a large-scale political crisis. Subsequently, the former province turned into a strong state with a republican form of government. After a while Artandir also became a republic. But the former enmity between the powers has not disappeared anywhere. It continued to persist even with the onset of the 3rd millennium from our era.

Many generals and veterans of the Psi-Special Forces of the Coalition recall "Events of 68" very often. Almost all famous heroes took part in those events, such as Ahmanet User-Kaf (in the rank of commander), the Kartavin brothers (psi commanders Mirosh and Frederick, in the form of ordinary soldiers of the detachment), Lexi Kobayashi (in the rank of lieutenant), Zheng Chupalorkhorn (in rank of junior lieutenant-hou), professor Ricimerus Taviev (with the rank of lieutenant, military scientist), Francis Doramino (with the rank of senior lieutenant) and future President Cedric (with the rank of commander of the Zabergan special forces). We are talking about a large-scale conflict that broke out between the Artandir Republic and Meingard. But the prerequisites for this war appeared back in 2546, when Antonin Domna came to power in Meingard.

In 2546, after the Age of Burials (decades of death among the Council of Elders) in Meingard, Antonin Domna was elected High Geront. The surviving elders had high hopes for him. Young and promising, Antoninus seemed to be the one who could allow the Meingard Alliance to enter a new era, the era of friendship with Artandir. At that time, the Union was still part of the Coalition, but relations with Artandir were cold. At first, Antonin entered into a trade pact with President Ephraim Jakarin and allowed his fellow citizens to open branches of companies in the territories of Meingard. Domna then spoke at the Coalition Summit, where he made speeches about the coming changes in the universe and the universal cooperation of races. But after 3 years, strange events began to occur in Meingard. Literally in a year, 5 elders died at once, who were the patrons of Antoninus. Moreover, two died in plane crashes. Their starships were unsealed for unknown reasons. After another 4 years, everyone who participated in the coming of Domna to power died. Andorin Siakh, a teacher of political science and history, who was a mentor to the new ruler, died tragically. By 2558, Antonin increased the term of service in the army for the Meingardians to 4 years, and ordered them to serve in the naval for 6 years. A whole procedure began to introduce strange and even criminal laws. The death penalty was introduced for minor offenses. Strikes and strikes were prohibited. For stealing bread, a prison sentence of up to 3 years could be imposed. Censorship has increased in the media. For the slightest hint of criticism, harsh punishments began to rely. Domna opened special Reeducation Camps, where all the unwanted were sent, and at the same time those who tried to accuse his system of moving towards tyranny. In 2559, a rebellion broke out in Meingard's army stationed on the planet Daroan, caused by salary delays and bullying by senior officers. The soldiers refused to obey their commanders. They wrote a collective appeal to Domna, demanding to sort out the delays that had arisen. Antonin replied to them that he would resolve the issues and punish the unwanted. But after his words, he ordered to bomb all the rebellious military units. Moreover, during the raids, those officers who were on the side of Domna were also killed. Soon, Antonin announced on the air that in this way he stopped the attempt of the impending military coup in Meingard.
In 2560, many planets began to receive complaints about the introduction of feudal foundations.

Local governors, subordinate to Domna, began to take land from the peasants and force them to work on the construction of defensive fortifications. Those who refused to obey were immediately imprisoned. Despite the millions of complaints sent, Antonin refused to consider them and ordered the governors to arrest the "scoundrels". Some peasants raised riots, which usually ended in brutal suppression. In 2562, Meingard's army attacked an outpost of the Kastambol Federation on the planet Anudan. The Meingardians considered that Anudan was not colonized and tried to settle down on it. Fierce battles with the use of military equipment and aviation broke out between the Castambol and Meingardians. Castambol President Kettel Witzlaf called on Domna to negotiate peace. Antonin reported that the conflict that had arisen had occurred by mistake and apologized to Castambol. Then President Witzlaf demanded compensation from Domna for damage. In the clashes, up to 2,000 people died on both sides. Antoninus agreed to make concessions to Castambol. To pay the indemnity, he sharply raised taxes in half of the worlds of the republic, although the Geront's personal funds were sufficient for this. The required amount was paid and Castumball dropped all charges. The conflict was settled without the direct intervention of the Coalition countries. Still, the Castambolians did not trust the Meingardians. In the newspapers of the federation, provocative information about the crimes of Domna appeared. Journalists believed that Antonin deliberately provoked a conflict to further raise taxes in Meingard. He did not want to spend his own funds.

In 2565, local tribes of st-fing (six-eyed ape-like creatures) revolted on the border planet Satra. The Meingardians tried to enslave them and persuaded them to do the hardest work. Some were even exhibited in the planet's zoos. St-fings inflicted a number of defeats on the colonial troops of Domna. To which Antonin sent reinforcements, which defeated the rebels, and their supporters were herded into ghettos specially designed for them. The St-Fing supreme government has filed a protest with the Coalition. The St-fing emperor demanded an immediate end to the enslavement of his kinsmen on Satra. Plus, all the kingdoms of Aranguto filed a complaint. High King Kanang III threatened to declare war on Meingard. By his personal order, a general mobilization of Aranguto was announced. Then the Council of the Coalition demanded that Domna immediately stop the harassment of the st-fings. The galaxy could plunge into war, and no one wanted that. Antonin was forced to concede. He announced amnesty to the St-Fing rebels for Satra, but forbade them to settle on the lands of Meingard. Satruan st-fings left the planet and went into the possession of their relatives. It is known that many of them were not able to morally recover from what they had to endure in the Meingard ghettos. They called Domna a tyrant and called on the entire galaxy to fight his rule. The Coalition considered the conflict resolved, although the Aranguto and St-Fings still hated Meingard.
In 2566, a law was introduced to ban "parasitism". Anyone who could not find work for forced reasons was subject to fines and arrests. The raids of "parasites" began in the streets. In the same year, the inhabitants of the planet Languedoc-3 sent a letter to the Artandir Republic. They did not want to be under the rule of Domna any longer and asked President Asinius Fernand to accept them as part of Artandir. Then the same letters were sent from the planets Daroan, Purushotama, Anvar, Tarikarin, Sergius Mitrofanium, Vasily, Guidon and Tugaran. Domna's oppression became unbearable for the Meingardians. Taxes have increased to the maximum, numerous bans have been introduced, tariffs have skyrocketed in almost all necessary areas. At a metallurgical plant in the capital of Meingard, protests began over non-payment of wages. Trade unions defended workers' rights, demanding proceedings from Domna. However, the director of the plant called the police to immediately suppress the actions. As a result, up to 600 people were arrested. Many were charged with attempting to encroach on the Domna regime. The court sentenced them to 13 years in prison. Moreover, even the only breadwinners in the families were sent to the colony. Mass purges began in trade union organizations. Artandir protested to Meingard, demanding that Domna stop harassing workers protesting for non-payment. To which Domna told President Fernand that Artandir should not interfere in the affairs of a foreign state.

After his announcement, Antonin ordered intelligence to find out the names of those who sent letters to Artandir asking for help. The instigators were found within 2 weeks and brought to Meingard. Fearing to be expelled from the Coalition, Domna sent them to life imprisonment, accusing those dissatisfied with their power of having ties with pirates. In 2567, massive peasant uprisings broke out on the planet Anwar, caused by a large-scale famine. Desperate villagers captured several administrative centers of the planet. Domna ordered the governor to immediately suppress the rebellion. The army of Lieutenant General Franjo Kovacs marched into battle with the peasants. As a result of two months of fighting, the rebels were utterly defeated. But after that, the rebellion broke out on the planet Vasily. The uprisings broke out with a shocking speed. Soon, riots began on two dozen planets. There were calls for a full-scale war with the Domna regime. Antonin called an emergency meeting of the chiefs of staff, at which he ordered all measures to be taken to prevent a civil war. At the same time, the armies of the rebels captured several weapons depots. They had at their disposal military equipment and even aviation. Some have taken possession of satellite systems. The riots even reached the space fleet.
The final stage of all this was Trinacrin, divided between Meingard and Artandir. The western continent of this planet belonged to the Union, and the eastern one belonged to the Artandir Republic. In the city of Trinacria, on the Meingard side, a rebellion broke out against the rule of Domna. Workers and townspeople took the local administration by storm. Mass seizures of weapons began throughout the mainland. But on the personal order of Domna, the troops of the Tank Guard were brought into Trinacria. Tanks began shelling the insurgents. Also, the Meingardians dragged in artillery and actively used aviation. One of the rockets hit the Artandir embassy building. The 2nd secretary of the embassy and 35 employees, including security personnel, were killed. The ambassadors did not manage to evacuate from Trinacria. Then the governor of the eastern continent, Laertes Firson, sent a note of protest to the government of the Meingard Union. In parallel, he requested additional support from President Fernand. The President convened an Emergency Meeting to discuss the actions of the Meingardians. Artandir's government declared Domna's activities illegal and dangerous to the galactic community. The next day, Fernand sent a statement to the Coalition demanding the convening of the Security Council. Meanwhile, fighting continued in Trinacria. The Domna Tank Guard killed up to 3,000 people. Soldiers even fired at ordinary civilian houses, in which there were civilians.

After the destruction of an entire area in Trinacria, Governor Laertes sent three brigades of defensive forces to the western mainland. Admiral Alexio, whose fleet was hovering over Trinacrin at that moment, joined the actions against the Meingardians. As a result of bloody battles, up to 300 citizens of Artandir died, and Laertes was not going to forgive such losses. Despite the bans from the president, the governor ordered the liberation of the western mainland and all of Trinacria. The Artandir brigades entered the battle with the troops of Domna throughout the planet. Admiral Alexio's armada struck at Meingard's defense stations within the sector. While Fernand was gathering the Coalition's Security Council, battles were already in full swing on Trinacrine. The Artandirians managed to defeat the army of General Theodore Taksimiy and completely destroy the Tank Guard. Soon the Artandir troops were already in Trinacria. Governor Laertes called this event the greatest victory over a tyrant. The Meingard rebels were liberated by the allies, and the bloodshed on the streets of the city stopped. The western mainland was overnight captured by the Artandir army. Admiral Alexio managed to destroy all Meingard ships within the system. He inflicted a crushing defeat on the armada of Admiral Axiopulo, who had come to the aid of the Meingard forces. More than 400 enemy frigates were destroyed.
Antonin Domna was furious when he learned that Artandir had launched an offensive against the Meingard forces. He called Laertes' operation "a dastardly provocation." The Domna administration made accusations against Artandir. The dictator demanded that Laertes be immediately removed from the post of governor and brought along with Admiral Alexio to a military tribunal. President Fernand said that she would sort out the situation, and that the war with Meingard is not beneficial to anyone. However, the generals and representatives of the admiralty sent a protest to the president, demanding not to allow the arrest of Laertes and Alexio. They reported that the governor and his loyal companion, the admiral, were doing their duty and protecting the citizens of Meingard from a cruel tyrant. According to them, Domna was going to arrange a total extermination of all the inhabitants of Trinacria and the western mainland. All necessary evidence has been provided. Fernand announced that she would not arrest Laertes. Domna, upon learning of this, threatened Artandir with a full-scale war. He said that the republic should be held accountable for its crimes. The very next day, the armada of Admiral Sarutin Kavalski arrived at Trinakrin. The Meingardians demanded that the entire western mainland be freed from the Artandir troops, and the inhabitants of Trinacria be returned to the rule of Domna. Then Admiral Alexio struck a new blow and destroyed the approaching forces of Kavalski. Kavalski himself was killed in an explosion on the flagship. Domna took this as an official declaration of war. Within three days, the Meingard armada appeared in the Artandir systems.

In view of the outbreak of war, the Artandir Committee of the Chiefs of Staff decided to confront the forces of Domna. All the approaching Meingard flotillas were defeated. Further, Admiral Alexio received several more armada under command. He formed the Svoboda 1 flotilla, designed to invade Union territory. Together with the Artandiri, rebels opposing the Domna regime began an offensive against the Meingard forces. Fighting broke out almost across the entire territory of the known galaxy. President Fernand knew that war was inevitable and ordered the Chiefs of Staff to "do whatever it takes." Meingard's embassy was expelled from Artandir's borders. All Meingard branches of companies on the territory of the Artandir Republic were closed overnight. Domna began to be perceived not only as an enemy of his people and Artandir, but as a universal evil, with which he must fight to the last. Many other powers, following the example of the republic, also expelled the Meingard ambassadors and closed branches. In Kastambol, rallies were held in support of the uprising against Domna. The Meingard flags were publicly burned. Domna called the enemy's acts "monstrous aggression against the inhabitants of all Meingard." In all territories of the Union, where uprisings did not rage, a general mobilization was declared.
Fierce fighting went on for three months. At this time, Admiral Alexio himself actively showed himself. His armada managed to capture 15 star systems in three weeks. Local governors simply surrendered to the rule of Artandir. They did not want to obey Domna and went to cooperate with the invading forces. The special forces detachment led by Lieutenant Francis Doramino proved to be just as successful. He got the name - "Black Plunderers". The commandos were engaged in the rapid capture of the defensive fortifications of Meingard. The main task was to turn off the defense and prepare the planets for the arrival of the Artandir troops. Francis, together with 30 soldiers, opposed entire armies. Once they even captured a giant space citadel orbiting the planet Barnabas. It only took them 40 minutes. With the help of the Barnabas Citadel, they suppressed all the gun batteries on the planetary surface. The Meingard forces were forced to surrender. Plus, the special forces were greatly helped by the local rebels, who quickly liberated the planet from the power of Domna.

The tyrant's regime fell towards the end of 2568. Not even 20 star systems remained from the dictator's possessions. Domna understood that he was losing. During a short war, he executed at least 20 generals and naval commanders. Only the famous military leader Franjo Kovacs survived. Many of Meingard's soldiers themselves went "into the arms" of the Artandirians, as they did not want to be ruled by the tyrant. Very soon, the armada of Admiral Alexio approached the capital sector. Meingard was besieged. The Artandir command intended to quickly destroy Domna and the criminal government of the Union. But at the very last moment, Elfurr and many Coalition countries intervened. By order of the Elfurr great king Senuhsert, Alexio's flotilla left Meingard. The war was stopped. The Elfurr reported that they did not want the complete destruction of the Meingard Alliance. They allowed the Artandirians to retain the captured possessions. Also, numerous charges were brought against Domna. The dictator was accused of crimes against his people, racism, as well as the escalation of the military conflict. Domna was forced to pay a huge indemnity to Artandir, and cede all the captured regions to him. At the same time, the tyrant continued to be in power in the capital sector. According to him, it was a shame on an unprecedented scale. The Meingard Union was officially expelled from the Coalition without the right to return.
Domna died 5 years after the end of the events of the 68th year. He was ill for a long time and could not be cured in any way. Later, he died of painful shock at his own residence near the main city of Meingard Prime. During these 5 years, he never attempted revenge. Meingard's army was defeated, almost all of the flotillas were destroyed. Due to mass executions, the tyrant did not have a single worthy general. As eyewitnesses said, Domna cursed life until the end of his days and wished the death of the entire Coalition. Meingard has become an isolated impoverished power on the outskirts of the galaxy. Many said that it was much worse than just losing the war. Artandir also received a huge number of new territories. Admiral Alexio and many war veterans received the greatest honor. President Fernand called the past war "a challenge to all galactic tyrants." Those who opposed Domna, she willingly accepted into her ranks. Many former rebel generals began serving in the Artandir army. Some of them remain there to this day.
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