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World of Infinitas project (CnC Generals Zero Hour)
« on: December 08, 2020, 06:37:19 PM »

Project team:
BagaturKhan, DarkkozDarka, FreeDude, MaxProhnitski

Here you are the Non-official Mission pack for ZH about the sci-fi universe, created by me. Consist of many scripted missions with a lot of effects and hardcore gameplay.

All these maps are not for beginners, but for very proffesional Zero Hour gamers (veterans of online maybe). Neophites will simply loose all battles. Because the game level here is a Very Hard in all aspects. Many missions having the style of Base-Defence. So you have a big start base and normal army, but you must in 20-30 minutes hold back the enemy. Difficulty is in the hard attacks of AI. AI here is a very difficult to challenge and very clever. Its trying to search weak places of your defence and hit there. Resourses sometimes are really low, and you haven`t got enough money to build a cool army. So the gameplay is making you more calculating. You must think about the battle decisions, you must save your game very often because of it. In 90% missions you will have a task - Hold The Line till the reinforcements.

Download links:
Missions "Defeat of Man-Tzhou", "Aisin Dorgonj War" and "Holy War 2499"
Campaign map pack "Lemuria"
Campaign Map pack "Dark Times 2190"
Campaign map pack "Additional campaigns of the galaxy"
Campaig Map pack "2596 Kraskovo Civil War"

You need to install this campaigns to your Maps folder. Activate it from skirmish game mode.
Some maps are not for original ZH game, but for non-official mods like "Shockwave" or "SWG". Read the descriptions carefully.

Regards Alex


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Re: World of Infinitas project (CnC Generals Zero Hour)
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2020, 06:23:51 PM »
Ooh neat - though I've never played any of the CnC games, the only sci-fi/shooty RTS I've ever tried is Dawn of War really. A lot of RTSes are quite balanced against the ways I like to play games (namely, cautiously!)
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