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"Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released
« on: February 09, 2021, 07:43:54 AM »
"Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released

For now its released. But soon here will be the full translated fantasy\sci-fi book with link. Of course, its absolutely FREE, don`t even ask me about the money, please. Just give me 2 billion euro and a chocolate pie for this and no more. ;) ha ha! again joke! All is free, as i said :)

About period of this biggest story you can read there.

Short annotation:

20,000 BC. 22,500 years before the events of the Acheronian War. The galaxy is in danger again. A huge human empire called Hyperborea, which controls thousands of stars, is facing the threat of global war and split. On the planet Zabergan-Prime, an uprising of the military from the Nicomedian race breaks out. Former allies overthrow Lord-Governor Zholt Thornwald Krazhinsky and establish a dictatorial regime. The terrorists leader claims to be acting on the orders of the Impeccable Empire, the largest dictatorial power that has long rivaled Hyperborea. The governor of Zabergan-Prime was captured along with the entire administration. Then the Hyperborean command organizes a special operation to free the governor Krazhinsky. An order was given - to save the governor, to eliminate all rebels and prevent war with the Impeccable Empire, with which relations are already at a limit. The best operatives of Hyperborea were trained for the operation, powerful psi-special forces with witchcraft abilities. But none of them yet knows what exactly they will face, and what awaits the galaxy in the next day. They do not yet know that this is only part of a mysterious and sinister plan, according to which the Old Universe should be destroyed. The Time of Darkness Lord is coming.....

Prologue (translated fully):

20,000 BC.

Planet Zabergan-1
Distant Regions of the Hyperborean Empire.

The territory of the Palace of the Assessors.

- Hah, and this is a great man, - a mocking voice was heard from somewhere above, - A great man on Zabergan. The one whose name is pronounced almost in a whisper, as if he is God. Or even worse.

After these words, the strongest blow of a steel fist fell on Zholt Krazhinsky. The captive leader of the planet almost turned off again from such a captive, but the fanatics who were torturing him at the moment did not want to deprive such a high-ranking person at all. In less than a second, a copious portion of ice water was poured onto Krazhinsky. And again this unfortunate man felt a terrible headache. His eyes, downcast, stared into nothingness, and his soul seemed to be separated from the body, but still was not far away. Weakness covered the ruler entirely, almost preventing him from making a move.

“Wake up, Mr. Governor,” this rather familiar voice rang out again. - Good morning to you! I hope you feel better?

The torturers nevertheless took mercy and decided to give the ruler at least a few seconds in order to somehow come to his senses. Shaking his head in different directions, Krazhinsky has already begun to examine the images around him, in this rather spacious room. He found himself still in the Assessor's Palace, apparently in one of his living rooms. The ruler remembered well how the capture group stormed the structure in a few minutes, and the defenders did not even have adequate resistance. Now Krazhinsky saw those attackers around him. Two of them held him by the arms.

The first person who caught his eye was a rather familiar character for him. He clearly remembered how he personally awarded him the rank of colonel. Then, he gave him at his disposal a whole platoon of elite guardsmen, who were not so long ago famous for their bravery in the fight against pirates. These veterans were considered the worst of the worst, and there was no one with a good heart among them. And now these people, together with a friend for Krazhinsky, a colonel, stood with weapons at the ready and looked at the ruler himself, as if at a dog.

- Grigarovich .... - the first secretary barely squeezed out of himself, seeing a familiar bearded face, - So ..... So it was you all the time ....... You ..... a dirty traitor. .....

One of the soldiers from the n-sai race, dressed in a brown uniform, was already about to pour good presents to Krazhinsky, but a stern colonel, dressed in an older-fashioned uniform, stopped him. Colonel Markohyosip Grigarovich, a semi-Median with yellowish skin, looked with hatred in his eyes at the ruler of the planet, who was respected by many people in the country. Krazhinsky had never seen so much insane rage in the eyes of this man. He was truly amazed at the infernal fire that raged within the warlord.

- Yes, - Grigarovich growled angrily, touching the hilt of his saber with his hand, - It was me all the time. As you can imagine, this whole epic of the terrorist attack in Brassingan is my idea. They all had good protection. Those you thought were frenetics are actually the true servants of Azis the Unsullied. As I. And I am far from a traitor ..... I am a loyal subject of His Majesty!

Hearing such speeches, Krazhinsky himself flared up, like an ancient dragon.

- Azis is a tyrant! - the ruler shouted angrily, - He put enough people! Do you want to annex our country to his possessions? What do we end up with ....? A sea of ​​violence! Hunger, constant poverty, theft and murder! And also .... Hard labor, imprisonment and massacres of demonstrators! That's what Azis Excelsior is!

This time the colonel did not interfere with one of his soldiers. Another blow of his fist fell on Krazhinsky, which almost broke his skull. In severe pain, the governor bowed his head down, trying to move away from the terrible agony. Grigarovich's soldiers have always been famous for their strong grip.

- Azis is mighty! - Markohyosip immediately answered with a proud face, - And only he is able to save us from the impending threat!

- What do you care about Azis ..... - the governor wheezed heart-rendingly, - You are from this planet. Your father and mother lived and grew up here! They were plowmen. And you decided to betray me! Betray your homeland! Betray Hyperborea! Betray your emperor!

But Grigarovich only smiled maliciously upon hearing such words. Moreover, the soldiers who were nearby laughed derisively. Especially their laughter intensified when the ruler mentioned the very Hyperborea, which had been seized by the crisis for two years already. But at the same time, such a powerful anger was present in the eyes of the fanatics that Krazhinsky immediately understood everything. These soldiers, including the colonel himself, terribly hated not only the first secretary, but also the entire current government. But until recently, they swore allegiance to the new government.

- Do not rush, sire, - said Grigarovich in an ominous voice, finally exposing his saber, - If they found me in the hayloft, it does not mean that the people who nursed me were my parents ... Now it does not matter. They have already died ...

Markohyosip smiled wickedly.

- I killed them. Yes .... I may be a son of a , but I shouldn't have let them live. They knew the secret. They knew everything.

The overthrown governor heard a distant noise, so much like the rumble of exploding shells. He tried to glance to the left, and the first thing he saw was a wide-open window. As soon as he looked at the panorama that opened before him, a great horror gripped his heart. Far in the distance, the blazing buildings of his hometown were visible. The great city of Zaberganis was engulfed in flames from all sides.

And Grigarovich only scoffed at all this, and especially at the grief of Krazhinsky himself. His cold cruelty sometimes struck even his own warriors. He was the real embodiment of malice.

- In fact, Azis was my father! - the Colonel said in a brutally cold voice, - Knocked up my mother during one of his trips. He was very depraved, but at the same time wise. There is enough wisdom in him.

- Then why did you kill your mother? Nicomedian? - Zholt exclaimed angrily, trying not to scream from the pain penetrating his entire body.

- Not because he was the son of Azis, - replied Grigarovich, grinning, - It's just that the mother and stepfather knew something that is better for others not to know. That is why I had to eliminate them. It was necessary. Of course, I did it quietly .... Just add a little arsenic .... And it's done.

Krazhinsky turned sharply towards his captor. Now his soul was filled with rage on all sides. The governor wanted to grab any weapon in the room. But the strong hands of the two fighters restrained his anger. In addition, when Zholt tried to wiggle, the grip of his vicious captors increased.

- What do you want?! - Crazhinsky cried furiously, - Do you want to join this planet to the Throne of Ninurta? Does he agree? Does Azis accept it? I somehow can't believe that the Impeccable Empire would want to deal with a mother-killer and a psychopath!

Grigarovich flew up to the captive and exhausted Zsolt with frantic speed, and immediately grabbed him by the throat with his left hand. There was nothing in Jerome's eyes but monstrous hatred.
- Aren't you murderers? - Grigarovich roared in a frenzy, - Remind you what you did during the War of the Five Colonies? How many people have you killed?

Krazhinsky tried to pull away from the colonel's tight grip, but simply failed. The weakness that gripped his body suddenly began to intensify. The Governor clearly realized his doom.
- These people ... deserve ... death ... - Zsolt croaked barely audibly, - They deserve ...

- Perhaps you are partly right, - Markohyosip suddenly smiled again, - But you too. You deserve to die, too. And all your supporters today will pay for their sins. I endured humiliation for so many years .... And I made my way to power. And so ... I finally reached the peak of my power. And all because I have friends, my lord Krazhinsky. I have friends! And they helped me well to carry out my plans ...

With these words, Grigarovich thrust his gloved fist right into the chin of the deposed ruler. The former people's leader staggered. His eyes were already beginning to roll like those of a dead man.
Seeing that the prisoner was too weak, two hefty n-sais immediately released the unfortunate, and Krazhinsky's body collapsed to the floor. Life was still flowing in the weakened Zholt, but he perfectly understood that this was only temporary.

And the evil colonel named Markohyosip continued to smile, and this smile could truly be called sadistically evil. Tearing off his head from the fallen Zholt, the alien turned his gaze towards the three guardsmen. These warriors stood behind him, armed with blasters, waiting for any order.

- Shoot the whole committee, - the colonel ordered in a cold tone, - and we will play with this dog again. Let's see what he has to say when we bring his family members to him.
Krazhinsky no longer heard these words, as consciousness left his body. He just lay on the floor, not making a single rustle. The former ruler of the planet seriously looked like the murdered one.
- And what about the people on the streets? - followed by the question of one of the soldiers, - Zholt has too many supporters. Not everyone will want to obey you, sire. Moreover, it is not known how Azis himself will react to this.

Markohyosip smiled at this even more ominously, like a demon. He was especially pleased with the title appeal that had just been voiced from the lips of the guard. Grigarovich already felt like a real ruler, although there was no crown on his head. The lust for power so overwhelmed him that he almost lifted himself to the very limits of the galaxy.

“Shoot to kill,” Grigarovich said with the same grin. “Those who refuse to recognize the Impeccable Empire will be mercilessly destroyed. Let them know who the new ruler is now. Let them know that no other government will save Zabergan. No pagans who think they are Gods will seize the sacred throne.

The awareness of one's own greatness was already simply bursting out from all sides. Grigarovich disposed of the guards as if they were slaves. He always saw them as nothing more than servants. All his life he dreamed of absolute and limitless power, and now, she finally touched him with her tender hand. Soon, very soon, he will rule over all his slaves legally, as the true ruler and deputy of the One who is worthy to rule All. And no one dares to challenge him, no one ever.

"So ... Everything is going as we planned ...." - Grigarovich continued his speech in a whisper.


Translated continuation you will find later.... Its working and its working hard.....
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Re: "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released
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Castle`Taer. Zoran's second residence.
Planet Taer.

"Nan'Kai," came the cruel voice of the stern master. - Listen to me.....
 Castellan jerked sharply. When the sovereign spoke aloud, the souls of many of his followers froze. This happened almost always. The commandant of the fortress had not yet felt the fiercer cold. Every word of the overlord made his body turn into a statue.
Governor Zoran at first glanced angrily at the castellan, but then, seeing his fear, immediately cheered up. This tall and mysterious man with bright crimson eyes broke into a smile. And the castellan, though he looked like a gloomy knight in black armor, still now looked like a pitiful sheep, trembling even from one wave of the shepherd's staff.
- Yes .... Lord Zoran ..... - Nan'Kai muttered, turning very pale.
- Lord Zoran, huh ..., - the red-eyed gentleman grinned at this, - We are all brothers here ... How long we went together with you! How many battles! And counting will not work. And you to me .... Lord Zoran .... No. There will be no more masters. I am the same as you! Let you obey me .... Even though you are appointed castellan in Petraberg, but you are my brother! My comrade!
 Castellan, of course, understood that the sovereign did not think so. The half-blood alien has long been at war with those whom he so clearly called the forces of evil. Nevertheless, Nan'Kai had no doubt that this entity wanted the same as its enemies. Authorities. Absolute and limitless power. Zoran's methods were very similar to those of the tyrants from the "banana worlds". He has long used the propaganda of his esteemed brother on many planets, even those that did not belong to the Impeccable Empire. However, getting rid of the old faith, they accepted a new one, much more dangerous and addictive.
“Yes, I'm sorry, Mr. Zoran,” the castellan said, bowing, “Of course. We are brothers here. But still .... I believe that everyone should have respect for you.
“And let them decide for themselves,” the red-eyed snapped at this, smiling even wider.
 With those words, Zoran finally turned to the jumble of monitors that occupied half of this giant square room. Here the harsh ruler and "best governor" in the universe set up a secret communication center a long time ago. This is where broadcasting originated. From here the voice of "hope" and "faith in a bright future" was heard. Many who listened to Zoran and his precious brother, the emperor, believed his every word, as they took it as the only force fighting against evil.
 Pressing armored fingers against one of the keyboard buttons, Zoran grimaced again. Then he glanced at the castellan again, and then pointed to the central screen with his hand. The screen on which his giant image appeared. In the picture, he didn't look like himself at all. He resembled a crippled war veteran who fought so fiercely against enemies that he did not care at all about his own body.
 The broadcast began.
"Good morning, Galaxy! Today we will tell you about the exploits of the valiant soldiers of His Imperial Majesty Azis Excelsior! Long live the Emperor! Long live the Impeccable Empire!"
In total, Zoran's speech lasted at least ten minutes. He actively promoted the activities of his esteemed brother and did it extremely successfully. Yet deep down, he longed for his own greatness rather than a long summer for Azis, the true ruler of the Impeccable Galactic Shahinshah Empire.
  The image soon disappeared, followed by a huge red symbol on the screen. It resembled the ancient letter "E", and many have long known what exactly it means. Many inhabitants of doomed planets perceived him as something divine and holy, for something that carries light and love in itself. How wrong they were .... What a delusion befell these unfortunates when they learned that in reality everything was not at all like that.
- Yeah .... - Zoran smiled again, being pleased with his own speeches, - These words will go down in the history of the universe for a long time. Soon my brother and I will rid her of all evil forces! The time will come ... The time will come when we will unite the entire galaxy under one banner.
 After the spoken remark, the red-eyed man allowed himself to look towards his castellan. Nan'Kai continued to stand with his head bowed down. He really looked like a simple servant waiting for the order of the master. No matter how Zoran tried to convince the castellan of his "brotherhood", he still remained unequal to him and put himself on many ranks below. However .... it was so.
“I have a special order for you,” the red-eyed man said in a harder voice. - Order ... There is one thing. In the Hyperborean system of Zabergan, a strange guy appeared who imagined himself the illegitimate son of our emperor. His name is Markohyusip Grigarovich. And he became a colonel with them. So ... everything would be fine. But recently he seized power there and staged a coup. He screams loudly that my precious brother Azis Excelsior is his father and invites us to include Zabergan in the Impeccable Empire. What does this mean for us? War with Hyperborea. Go there and grab this asshole.
 Nan'Kai never raised his head. He remained standing in the same servile attitude, like an aranguto servant. Now he looked incredibly pitiful and almost insignificant in the eyes of the master.
- And…. how will i do it? - were heard timid words from the mouth of the castellan. - By oneself?
- Yes. Since the Hyperboreans are also our enemies, only unofficial, do everything on the sly before their punitive fleet arrives in the system, - followed the order of Zoran, - Don't let the Hyperboreans get Grigarovich. Capture it first, then bring it here. I really want to know who he works for.
“Understood,” Nan'Kai replied obediently, “But… many people think that he really works for your brother, your highness…. That is, Mr. Zoran. And what about reinforcements?
- I know this without you, - said the governor, - but my brother did not send any Grigarovich to Zabergan to include him in the system. This colonel wants to push our states against each other. To be honest, I'm sick of the Hyperboreans. Azis is of the same opinion. But no one wants war with them either. War will destroy the galaxy. And our goal is to unite all types under one banner. Grigarovich started a dangerous game. Capture him and head straight for Petraberg. Put him to sleep with the poison of the Tratorian sarcosuchus. It will knock down the elephant too. Fly there alone. Anonymously.
- Yes…. Mr. Zoran. How…. As you command.
- Now follow General Narses in the briefing room. You will get clearer instructions there. Now I have to go. A conference with the Elfurr embassy takes time.



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Re: "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released
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Orbit of the planet Geos. Sun Sector.
Space station of the Hyperborean Empire "Mjolnir".

- Well? New planet again? - Captain Nikolai Krasic smiled, - You are not bad at life! Fun!
- Whatever it is! - Consul Gerpinus, a tall gray-haired old man in a full battle suit, answered with some bewilderment, - Fun .... Again volcanic worms. We haven’t appeared on Tsipranium for so many years, but here you are. So fly there now, be engaged in worm-drinking.
- Well, good luck to you there, - said the commander, - you will need it.
- Thank you, - answered the veteran, - And the same to you.
- Why should we, - Krasic dismissed, - We have no assignments yet. High Marshal Clotilde has not sent it yet. Although, I expect his people to appear any minute. Very impatient to go somewhere. Conquer new worlds, establish contacts with alien civilizations ... Ehhh .....
Old warrior bowed slightly, and then headed toward a large, long corridor.
“Have a good day, Consul,” said Krasic, following the old man with his eyes.
Gerpinus didn`t answered his brother.
When the elderly veteran disappeared into one of the giant rooms, Krasic hurried to his command cell. Clotilde was about to give him a new assignment. He had long expected the appearance of some emissaries. And to the great joy of Nicholas, the ambassadors of the great marshal soon appeared.
 There was a soft knock on the cell, and the commander immediately opened the door. Before him appeared one of the young men who had been taken into the Defense Army quite recently. His name was Tillonius. He appeared to be no more than twenty years old. Still quite a youth for combat operations.
“His Excellency asks you to appear in the Hall of Meetings,” Tillonius said after bowing, “This is urgent.
- Well, finally, - clapping his hands, said Krasic, - I really thought that today the lights out again. Bartholomew will get drunk again ... .. Eh ... ... Apparently, he will have to wait out with a drink.
Krasic immediately put on his ceremonial cuirass and helmet, and then girded himself with a ceremonial sword. Tillonius waited for him at the door, and then, when Nikolai was completely ready, they went together to an appointment with the greatest master of war. They walked quite quickly, especially the young fighter was in a hurry. Tillonius has already become famous as a rather impatient character.
Less than three minutes later, they reached the Reception Hall. They traveled only twenty floors in a huge, spacious elevator. The doors opened very quickly, and Nikolai and Tillonius found themselves in a new corridor.
The corridor looked strange. There weren't even wallpapers and murals here. The walls were surprisingly stone, and smacked of extreme archaism. Various paintings by ancient artists hung everywhere. Nikolai looked at them all with interest. For a moment, he fixed his gaze on a rather vile painting of a huge creature with long bull horns and webbed wings. The monster's eyes were bright purple and seemed to be watching everyone who looked around at them. The monster's face was twisted with fierce hatred and rage. This essence instilled some fear in Nikolai's soul. Krasic became even more perplexed, realizing that he had never seen such an image before. Why did the grand marshal hang it out? What prompted him to do this?
- Hmm .... well, art is here, - said Krasic, - Such a monster......
- What? - Abruptly stopping, said Tillonius, - What are you talking about, sir?
“Look there,” said Nikolay, also stopping, pointing his finger in the direction of the awful picture.
- Ha-ha, - the young man laughed cheerfully, - Well, you have a taste. You don't know how to appreciate beauty, sir. Forgive me.
- Beauty? - Krasic barked with irritation, - What a beauty in a disgusting monster ... This is ...
But the commander did not have time to finish his sentence. He turned his gaze to the picture, which, just a second ago, displayed an eerie monster. However, now there was no monster on it.
The image changed dramatically. It showed some kind of luminous deity, surrounded on all sides by twinkling stars. It was a truly wonderful portrait of an unknown entity. Krasic noticed that under the feet of the deity there is an incredibly beautiful garden, in which he could see giant apple trees, hung with fruits.
- Strange ..... - said Nikolay, - But the picture was completely different.
“I don’t know, sir,” Tillonius said in bewilderment. “This is the greatest creation of Dorian Tavrian. "The Great Arkhay" is called. One of the deities in the mythology of the Nippur people. A beautiful masterpiece ... This essence symbolizes light, harmony and peace ... And you tell me about monsters ... Hmm ... ..
“Strange,” Krasic said in a monotone.
More recently, this picture displayed a creepy horned monster. Nikolai remembered seeing him. He could even describe exactly what it looked like. But now the image has completely changed. All this looked rather strange and incomprehensible. Why suddenly such a terrible creature appeared before Krasic's eyes, and then it instantly transformed into something beautiful and delightful. The captain observed such a phenomenon for the first time. Something was wrong here ...
- Probably, after yesterday he did not leave, - Nikolay said, shaking his head, - Sorry, man.
- Nothing, sir, - Tillonius answered in the same bewilderment, - It happens ...
Throwing the strange thoughts out of their heads, Krasic and his companion went to the Reception Hall for a conversation with the great commander of the Hyperborean Empire.



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Re: "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released
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Just finally got round to starting reading this - sorry, I've been very preoccupied recently with work. It's interesting :)

I find myself wanting a bit more description than you tend to give: you tend to write action largely with relatively little to visualise the scene by, so a few details of what the characters and rooms look like would help (especially this is true in science fiction settings like this where the look and feel of the place is less what readers will come with an already good idea of). It would also give the reader a bit more time to absorb the large amounts of lore information that are clearly important on the various factions and cultures which I know you've put a lot of thought into. Looking forward to more!
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Re: "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released
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Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The central office of the bifin`exotrorch Annuvanka `Kuahtemok XVII.

“I said that I will not answer,” Kuakhtemok said menacingly, striking the floor with his foot. - Let them do what they want.
Dressed in crimson robes, bifin`exotrorch was adamant. All his entourage knew perfectly well that if he decides something, it is unlikely that he will change it. His will was too great. And therefore, none of the yellow-skinned Nicomedians present in the hall dared to prevent her. Kuakhtemok has already fed to the dismemberment whales many of his relatives, who decided to subject his power to severe criticism.
However, one of the novices of the bifin`exotrorch, who worked in the office of the City of Power, still did not calm down. He always knew that Nicomedia was in alliance with many countries. With Farrukh, for example, they had an Eternal Alliance for a long time. And right now the novice watched that Kuakhtemok was moving away from the old values.
- But you are worried by agent Iilfan, your piety, - pleaded the Nicomedian, bowing his head in front of the ruler, - She demands .... That is, it wants to hear your voice. She believes that the one with whom you had the honor to meet is guilty of the Zabergan situation ... There are fears that this Grigarovich is somehow tied to him. Maybe….
- I told you, - the vifin-exotrorh sharply raised his voice, - that I will not answer. Tell her that I am busy in negotiations.
- What should I tell van Chupalorkhorn? - the question was heard, - He is also in touch. And the Hyperboreans want to know what happened with us.
Kuakhtemok fiercely flashed his violet eyes. He did not tolerate disobedience in general.
“I told you,” the ruler growled in a lower, but at the same time threatening tone, “I will not answer their calls. I'm busy negotiating. Cut off the connection with everyone. Put Nicomedia into the isolation. Do you hear me? Nicomedia into the complete isolation. Now!
The bifin`exotrorch turned sharply in the opposite direction and looked out the giant window. It would seem that the petitions of the clerical workers did not bother him at all. When the ruler turned his back on his subjects, this meant only one thing - that the conversation was over, and over for a long time. He didn’t even think to send all the servants out. They did it themselves, for him. In less than a moment, the yellow-skinned henchmen of the exotrorh wifin left the room.
Kuakhtemok was left standing all alone. He gazed out the window, beyond which stretched the majestic panorama of the main capital of Nicomedia. The giant conical skyscrapers of the City of Powers appeared before his gaze. They were erected many thousands of years ago and now almost reached the clouds. Kuakhtemok winced for a second. He even felt sorry for these buildings. After all, they are all doomed, like most of the universe. He briefly remembered the first time he considered them, having received the position of bifin`exotrorch of Nicomedia. Remembered how was admired such beautiful industrial views. He loved to look at the majestic buildings, always admired their gigantic height. And the head of Nikomedians always knew that any form, even the most beautiful, sooner or later collapses. “We live in a world of decaying forms,” he recalled the words spoken by his mysterious ally.
- What a pity that all this is doomed, - said Kuakhtemok sadly, once again looking at the panorama, - But since this is his plan, then so be it.
At the same moment, a strange squeak was heard from a mysterious device mounted in the auricle of the bifin`exotrorch. He sent a mental impulse and answered the call.
“Yes, sir,” came his trembling voice.
Goosebumps ran quickly down my spine. Scarlet spots appeared on his face, clearly indicating intense excitement.
- Have you dispatched the ships yet? - Something unknown rasped right in Kuakhtemok's ear, - Did you do what we planned?
- Yes, my lord,…. They are already on their way to Zabergan, - replied the ruler, - Five copies of "Tulothrone" are already there. And with them and 40,000 soldiers. Everything is done as you ... ordered.
- Well, great, in that case you can detonate a seismic bomb, - the same grinding rattle was heard, - This will lead to the destruction of an entire tectonic plate. But you shouldn't be afraid. All that is to come has been foreseen. The old universe must die. You will live. Just like everyone else. But already in new bodies. Remember this.
- I'm not afraid…. - lied Kuakhtemok, while becoming more and more stained, - If you so desire, then so be it.
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Re: "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released
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- Although it is strange, but for some reason analysts are inclined to one opinion, - said Darius Hornfirth, one of the prominent military leaders of the Empire and the chief-justiciar of Geos.
When Krasic saw exactly who was in the Council Hall, he was bewildered. He certainly hadn't expected to see Hornfirth here. However, Sergeant Bartholomew had the same thoughts. They had no idea that everything was so serious.
The short but stately Justiciar Hornfirth sat in a sumptuous chair opposite High Marshal Clotilde, dressed in a dark robe with runes. He preferred to keep his arms crossed, almost always. Clotilde, a tall, long-haired and bearded man, took the usual chair reserved for scribes. He did not stand out in anything special. He did not even put on a ceremonial uniform, but preferred to wear an ordinary officer's overcoat.
Both commanders were deeply alarmed. Their faces were neither fresh, let alone healthy. On the contrary, a strange whiteness has appeared on them lately. Hornfirth's eyes were sparkling, as if he were about to cry.
- And what do you think it is? - Clotilde exclaimed, looking at Darius with a stern look, - Is it really sorcery?
- Analysts record disturbances within the many worlds of Hyperborea, - Hornfirth responded to this, - Therefore, it was decided to use psi-special forces. Many adherents believe that Zabergan is not a simple uprising at all.
- Certainly not simple, - the marshal nodded, - The whole planet rebelled against the authorities.
Krasic and Bartholomew just stood and listened to the discussion of the situation on Zabergan Prime. All of them have already managed to find out about what happened. But why the commanders suddenly started talking about some kind of magic - Nicholas did not understand. He simply did not see any connection between Hornfirth's words and the Zabergan uprising. What happened in that system is nothing more than an ordinary putsch.
“That’s not the point,” the Justiciar said. “Psi-Control analysts believe it may be related to recent events in the Farrukh Empire.
The Marshal furrowed his brows. He also managed to find out this information. Both external and internal intelligence of the empire repeatedly mentioned what was happening there.
- I do not believe that one .... wizard can be connected with this, - Clotilde shook his head, - This sorcerer really annoyed Farrukh and their allies. But where are we? We are a thriving empire in the galaxy. And besides…. Zabergan Prime. Well, why should he split the whole system from us? It is of no strategic interest.
“Perhaps this is just a deceptive maneuver,” Hornfirth concluded. “I don’t know. But somehow we lost touch with Nicomedia, and I don't know why. I informed the Embassy about my desire to contact the vifin-exotrorh Kuakhtemok. But I didn't get any contact. Nicomedia is just blocked. We can't reach their government headquarters. We even lost contact with all our agents on their lands.
Clotilde snapped his fingers nervously. This is what he usually did when something very disturbed him. The last time a Grand Marshal allowed himself to get nervous was during the War of the Five Colonies. He feared that the uprisings would lead to a global civil war, but it still managed to be avoided, although not without heavy losses.
“It's good that our allies responded,” Darius continued his speech. “Even the Impeccable Empire. Although Azis considers an ally ... perhaps only he himself. Others have long perceived him as a tyrant and dictator.
- Azis is also worried, right? - The marshal asked at once.
Hornfirth nodded.
“Something incomprehensible has been going on in the Impeccable Empire for a long time,” said the Justiciar. “In recent months, there have been continuous crop failures. Drought has hit at least a hundred worlds. And the other two even had volcanic eruptions. And at the same time.
- Once again, how is this connected with the uprising in Zabergan? - the marshal muttered with displeasure, - I beg your pardon…. But events like a drought on the other side of the galaxy…. How can it be connected with a military mutiny at all? Or are you thinking about that wizard again?
Darius allowed himself a faint smile.
- I understand that you do not trust the psi-adepts too much, - said the dignitary, - But still….
“No, you don’t understand, my lord,” interrupted Clotilde, “I trust them. And I personally command the psionic forces of the empire, if you haven't forgotten that. But I don’t understand why the drought in the Impeccable Empire could have any connection with Zabergan….
Meanwhile, Bartholomew and his loyal friend Krasic still continued to stand still and listen to their commanders. Somewhere in the depths, the captain felt that there was still some truth in the words of the imperial dignitary. However, he tried his best not to let such dangerous and insane thoughts into his mind. He also heard about the events in the Farrukh empire, as well as about the drought in the Azis state, and had already managed to discuss this matter with Bartholomew over a glass of beer. But at the same time, Nikolai did not think that all this could be connected with one person or who he was there, in any case, he did not think so far.
“Something similar was already announced in the Farrukh Empire,” Hornfirth said thoughtfully. “They also talked about drought and crop failures. Volcanic eruptions also occurred, though not on two, but on three planets at once. And then ... you already know. It almost came to a civil war.
- All the same, it does not seem to me that the military revolt has any connection with this ... .. Marfur-Nirari, - Clotilde said to this.
For the first time in a long time, he allowed himself to say that name. And he himself did not notice how he suddenly felt uneasy. A chill ran down his spine. In addition, my hands suddenly became incredibly cold, as if they had touched ice before.
The same sensations overtook everyone present in the Council Hall. Even Bartholomew, who was always a heated warrior, suddenly felt a mysterious cold.
- In any case, we will figure it out, - Darius Hornfirth's trembling words were heard, - Yes ... We will figure it out ……
“I hope,” the grand marshal nodded. “That is why we are sending our fleet.


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Re: "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness is coming" story released
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A day later.

Planet Artandir Prime. Geostationary Orbit.
Intercom space station "Telbert".

The psi-agent of the Hyperborean empire, Yuri Ernalltsev, quickly walked towards the gigantic living room, in which a fairly large number of people were crowded right now. Just in case, he checked for himself the presence of a talisman, given to him by his adoptive father. The amulet was a metal round with a clear image of a strange long-haired man. The father told him that this is a symbol of God, the very Creator who created everything around. He has repeatedly stated that someday this amulet will save his life and protect his neighbors.
 Today Ernaltsev had a very disturbing dream, one might say, a real nightmare. In it, he saw some strange and creepy creatures trying to tear him apart. After waking up, he quickly pulled on his adoptive father's amulet. After that, the old dreams disappeared like a hand. In the depths of his soul, Yuri knew that he would no longer take off the amulet. He hadn't worn it for a long time, until his dream today. The adept promised himself that from now on he would wear it until his death. For some reason, the Hyperborean thought that the operation, which he was told in the command, would be very important, and the mysterious amulet would come in handy. "He won't let you down," an inner voice told him, "Put it on and keep it to yourself."
 Yuri knew that Lord Clotilde had gathered enough allies to face the common enemy. And the warrior understood what exactly was the reason for such a gathering. Now he paced like a real mortal, although everyone had the honor to understand the whole truth about the outstanding psi-abilities of the great hero. Recently, Yuri's capabilities have begun to improve, and quite well. True, his colleague Hercules achieved real skill in this matter, truly unsurpassed for the entire psi-special forces of Hyperborea.
The Ernalltsev donned fully combat armor made by the craftsmen from Neferirikar. He proceeded to the meeting hall with complete confidence. The doors were wide open, and there were no guards on either side of them, so that the passage could be called completely free. As he thought, a real army was really assembled here. As soon as he entered the room, the first thing that caught his eye was the presence of new aliens and many representatives of the human race. Directly in front of him were three pig-like creatures, clearly of the Hrokan race. In addition, animal-like arangutos, dressed in luxurious golden armor, as well as representatives of the Kinos race, Draconids, N-Sai, Nikomedyans and even bear-like Velogar were located here. And of course, Elfurr, the famous allies of Hyperborea and the Impeccable Empire, also felt here as if they were on their home planets. The Impeccable Empire and the Draskov state sent their emissaries and envoys to the marshal himself. All these creatures have already managed to catch a glimpse of the heroism of Ernaltsev and his battle group.
 Bowing slightly to everyone present, Yuri moved forward and immediately bumped into Hercules. He stood and listened intently to the speeches of one of Draskov's generals, named Isidor Vulich. The armor on it was of fairly high quality, and was not created by human hands at all. In it, Hercules looked like a real otherworldly. Now he did not move at all, but simply watched Isidore's words. Ernalltsev did not interfere with him and simply sat down next to him.
- Hi ..... - Yuri whispered softly.
Hercules glanced briefly at his brother and nodded his head. Then they both continued to listen to the speech of the same general, so clearly gesticulating in front of a giant holographic screen. Yuri tried to find his Moscow friends among those present. In less than a few seconds, these guys appeared in the ranks of the cinema. Everyone already knew that for the military operation and the delivery of the terrorists of the Five Colonies to the hands of justice, Krasic received a new rank - captain of the 1st rank. Now he was officially considered the equal of many military leaders and even had a whole combat unit. But Yuri and Hercules refused any ranks and chose to remain just ordinary psi-agents.
 When General Vulich finished his lengthy speech, Grand Marshal Lord Clotilde decided to approach the image of the planet hovering in the air. Glancing once more at the hanging blue ball, the marshal turned his gaze towards the audience. He made sure that the attention of those present was riveted to him as much as possible.
“Let me continue,” Clotilde said, nodding toward Wulich.
The long-wattled general of Draskov reciprocated the ally, and then went into the ranks of his own adjutants and assistants, dressed in green uniforms.
- I am glad that we have secured good support, - Clotilde smiled slightly, examining all the assembled creatures, - We are grateful to our allies. Everyone. Especially…. Hmm ... .. to the representatives of the Impeccable Empire.