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Started by Jubal, April 02, 2022, 05:25:01 PM

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What is Coding Medieval Worlds?
Coding Medieval Worlds is a series of workshops organised by Exilian in collaboration with the University of Vienna. The idea is to create more collaborations and improve communication between game developers and historians, so the workshop has a mix of people from both sets of disciplines with a lot of emphasis on discussion sessions. You can find the CMW website on Exilian here, which has programmes and fliers for previous events. We've run it in 2021 and 2022 so far.

How can I find out more?
You can check out the website (link above) and follow Exilian's RSS and social media feeds to get details of upcoming events. Please post here or PM Jubal (me) if you want access to the Coding Medieval Worlds Discord server. It's nominally for attendees of current and past workshops mainly so no absolute guarantees that requests from non-attendees will be accepted.


Coding Medieval Worlds 3:  Landscapes and Backgrounds

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A Fireside Chat with Tanya X. ShortYoutube VideoForum Thread
Representing Medieval Space PanelYoutube VideoForum Thread
What Lies Beneath: How Pentiment Writes (and Rewrites) HistoryYoutube VideoForum Thread

Coding Medieval Worlds 2: Networks and Connections

The Quest for a Medieval World in Modern Video GamesYoutube VideoForum Thread
Connections across the Medieval World PanelYoutube VideoForum Thread
FORVM: Boardgaming research on the Roman economyYoutube VideoForum Thread
Connecting Pasts and People PanelYoutube VideoForum Thread

Coding Medieval Worlds

Game Devs PanelYouTube VideoForum Thread
Historians PanelYouTube VideoForum Thread
Tony Masinton on Level-of-Detail in Medieval WorldsYouTube VideoForum Thread
The duke, the wanderer, the philosopher, the mariner, the warrior, the strategist, the storyteller, the wizard, the wayfarer...