Author Topic: Faction Thread; The Voroks  (Read 2578 times)


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Faction Thread; The Voroks
« on: December 14, 2008, 08:49:15 AM »
The Voroks are a tiny mountain kingdom living in the southern mountains. The ancestral land of the Rhodok tribes too, the Vorok land is a tribal kingdom with few of the advances other kingdoms have. Their main advantage is thier rugged, mountainous terrain and the tenacity and courage of thier warriors.

The army is essentially, like that of their more technologically advanced cousins to the north, based around spearmen, with some archers. In the Vorok religion, monks are required to serve in defending their people, and so there are a lot in the army as well. As well as the spears an pikes, though, there are more archaic clubmen and the feared Tribal Bjornsarks, or bearmen, who are increddibly tough ad strong and charge across the battlefield in a berserk frenzy.

91% Vorkar
7% Conirile
1.3% Varalite
1.1% Orinite
0.6% Other

94% Dharrok
3% Pelean
1% Gorin
1% Swadian
1% Other

Troop Tree;

The poor tribesmen of the kingdom are often called up to war. Very basically armed, these troops should pose no problem to any capable fighter.

The herders of the voroks are often tough and hardy, fighting off wolves and bandits in the hills. However, they are untrained and unused to true war, and cannot br relied upon to hold in battle.

The backbone of Vorok armies, spearmen are weak  and lightly armoured, but can neverthelss hold well as long as they hold formation, thier long spears driving back most enemies.

The Fighters are the Voroks' better troops, used to try and take out an enemy being held up by the spearmen. They are of average trainign and morale, but are ofte less well equipped than troops from other nations.

Scouts provide the eyes an ears of the army, riding ahead to find the enemy. In battle, they excel at fast-paced, ranged combat, providing harassment and covering fire for the army.

Monks, armed with long iron staves, are never to be underestimated. They can fell cavalrymen with a blow from their staff, and are often well trained fighters.

Bjornsarks re powerfully built, strong men who go into dealy rages in battle. They can fell a mailed night simply by beting their helmet in repeatedly with a wooden club. However, they wear no armour and are vulnerable to missile fire.

Chosen Warriors
The bodyguard of a local chieftain, Chosen Warriors are tough and well-armed troops. Stubborn, determined and wellitraned, they are more than a match for many other nation's troops.

The minor chieftains who accompany lords to war are well equipped with the best armourand weapons in the kingdom, and are very weel trained to use them. They are more than a match for all but the very toughest of Calradic troops.
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Faction Thread; The Voroks
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2008, 06:28:42 PM »
wow nice, sounds brilliant :D
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