Author Topic: Jubal's Fireball XL5 Review Index/Episode Guide  (Read 551 times)


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Jubal's Fireball XL5 Review Index/Episode Guide
« on: April 14, 2016, 11:02:11 PM »
Right, here's my index of all the Fireball episodes, not least to log what I still need to review/watch but hopefully also for others to peruse!

Episode titleNumberRatingRecurrent villains/arcs
Planet 4617.9Subterranes
The Doomed Planet28.2-
Space Immigrants36.0-
Plant Man From Space47.3-
Spy In Space53.0Space Spy
The Sun Temple67.5-
XL5 to H2078.4-
Space Pirates87.6-
Flying Zodiac94.5Space Spy
Space Pen107.0Space Spy
Space Monster117.0-
The Last of the Zanadus127.2-
Planet of Platonia139.2-
The Triads148.0-
Wings of Danger157.9Subterranes
Convict In Space168.0Space Spy
Space Vacation178.5-
Flight to Danger187.4-
Prisoner on the Lost Planet195.8-
The Forbidden Planet207.5-
Robert to the Rescue217.5-
Dangerous Cargo228.3Subterranes
Mystery of the TA2238.3-
Drama at Space City247.2-
The Granatoid Tanks267.0-
The Robot Freighter Mystery277.1-
Whistle For Danger288.9-
Trial By Robot296.5-
A Day In The Life Of A Space General305.0-
Invasion Earth316.8-
Faster Than Light327.6-
The Day The Earth Froze336.5-
The Fire Fighters347.7-
Space City Special358.0-
Ghosts of Space368.6-
Hypnotic Sphere377.3-
Space Magnet393.8-
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