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Posted on July 01, 2018, 11:19:10 PM by Jubal
Updates from the Forge 26: June 2018

Issue 26: June 2018


Guess who forgot that June only has 30 days, not 31? The imaginary llama who helps write this column, that's who. That creature is utterly useless. But never fear! Your slightly belated issue of Updates from the Forge is here at last...

In terms of news, our big release news of this month is that Frozen Skies is now airborne - you can buy Stormwell's fully published RPG supplement from DrivethruRPG, and set your Savage Worlds palyers off on adventures through the icy wastes of Aleyska. Deadly aeroplane battles, high-speed chases across the ice, ferocious Wulvers and mysterious technology from a forgotten age all await. If that sounds up your street, do check the book out!

On a staffing related note, we're particularly excited to welcome La Ciguapa, our new social media officer. If you interact with us across Twitter, Facebook, and beyond, she'll be taking the lead and no doubt improving considerably how we do things there!

And with all that said, let's see what's been going on across Exilian this month...


  • The Neofeud Continues...
  • The Exile Lands Await
  • Monster Man Contest II!
  • Ready to watch a tourney?
  • Chain Writing!

The Neofeud Continues...

Well, the grabber arm robot might be friendly at least?

The epic cyberpunk showdown that was Silverspook's award-winning Neofeud may have had a happy ending for some of its heroes... but for how long? And how far can a revolution get in the high-powered, reality-bending tech future that Neofeud happens in? The green and blue may be more evenly distributed for now, but there are more problems and plots ahead. Who is behind this ramshackle looking set of old containers? Is anyone behind that big ol' volcano at the back? And what's Proto-J doing here?

Keep tuned on Silverspook's dev thread to find out more!

The Silver Spook Devlog

The Exile Lands Await

Jubal's new game, The Exile Princes, puts you into an epic, mad fantasy world where the pages of medieval manuscripts come to life! Roam with your gallant followers across realms of ferocious wibulnibs, cunning nobles, tusked kinklades, ferocious manticores, and much much more, and embark on your quest to make your house master of the Exile Realms! With a detailed procedurally generated world, and a variety of ways to advance through the game including quests, wars, and even elections, there'll be a lot for you to discover. Improvements this month include the addition of lakes and seas to the map, the addition of farm tiles in areas near to cities, and major battle improvements.

Read on to find out more!

The Exile Princes Devlog

Monster Man Contest II!

James Holloway's Monster Man podcast is doing another contest! This time, the aim is to take the output of a neural net that was fed the names of a load of D&D monsters, and turn the resulting concoction of words back into a monster fit for the gaming table! Will you aim to design the Space Ogre or the Rain Golem? The Purple Fang Dragon? The Bat Unicorn? The... Brown Peg? (OK, maybe not all of them work...) There will be excellent gaming related prizes for the winner, so it's well worth checking out if you want cool tabletop gaming stuff, or if you just like spending your days deciding what a Burglestar is and what it looks like. Have fun!

Good name for a band, too, maybe?

If you've not been listening to Monster Man, it is very, very well worth your time to do so - in it, the eponymous monster man and podcast-master goes through the gaming supplements of days gone by, and talks about the monsters he finds in them - be that their mythic background, how they found their way into the book itself, their in-world attributes, their artwork, or advice for making them part of the games you play and run. It's just getting into its second season, looking at the 1981 Fiend Folio supplement to 1st ed. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (the first season looked at the earlier Monster Manual). If you want to find out about Bunyips, Bullywugs, and more, now's a good time to jump in.

(Editor's note: Exilian is not responsible for any fatalities caused by failure to check for Bunyips before jumping in.)

Monster Man Contest II Thread
Listen to Monster Man

Are you ready to see a Tourney?

Dev work on Tusky's medieval tournament sim, Tourney, continues to saddle up and keep charging forwards. Recent updates have included the addition of the tournament stands (as above) from which the peasantry will be able to watch armoured knights charging hell-for-leather (or, more likely, hell-for-plate-mail) at each other to see if they can knock one another off their steeds. Improvements have also been made to the systems for putting the tournament fields together, so stands and beer kegs will snap neatly into place.

Tourney Dev Thread

Chain Writing!

The hum of the engines finally fell to a whisper, and then nothingness.

A breeze was blowing outside; scans read an ambient thirty degrees surface temperature. What was really of interest, though, were the movements and the chemistry and the life. Barren rock after barren rock a ship could land on, but this – this was colour. Deep greens, bright blues, and tanged red laces that grew up trunks and hung over branches.
This was uncharted land, undiscovered life. And for Mat, at least, food for the soul.

He adjusted his turban and goggles, and started running scans on the air chemistry. It would be a few minutes to complete the ground-level checks and scans before he would risk going outside.

Eila bustled into the room, their eye-stalks swivelling down to look at the scanner readings as they handed Mat a plate of what could, on a good day, be described as food.

“Humhum. ‘tis looking good?”

“Yes, good enough.” Mat grinned at the diminutive S’ruba. “Life everywhere.  Tell Kageth it looks like we can do an on-foot survey. Doesn’t even look like there’s too much that’ll try to kill us. Oh, and maybe tell Winse too if he’s woken up yet.”

Hypothetically, Winstanley FitzSamuel was the ship’s captain. It was a decent hypothesis, but it was, Mat reflected, not one that tended to stand up to rigorous repeat trials.

How would you continue a story that started like this? Well, it might be time to find out this summer, because Exilian is doing chain writing! This summer, Exilian members and friends will be writing collaborative stories in 250 word chunks, building words and fashioning plot twists as each writer has to deal with whatever story they've had thrown at them by their fellow writers.

And guess what, dear reader? YOU can be part of it too!

Yes, all this excitement can be yours. All you need to do is click the link below and follow the instructions to sign up either via the forum or by email. We'd like to get a decent number of people together to ensure we can get a good number of chains going, so please do join in, it's going to be a really fun project for the summer months and one you can do with limited time commitment from wherever you are in the world. Take a look at the link below to read the rules and find out more!

Sign Up For Chain-Writing Here

Well, that's issue 26, in all its glory! And all the glory it has is down to YOU dear reader, so please, if you enjoyed this issue and think anyone you know would be interested in the articles contained therein, then please send it to a friend, send it to a relative, send it to someone you know who retweets everything without looking at it - get the word out and we'll have more readers, more feedback, more interest, and more great stuff to show you in future.

Hope to see you next time for Issue 27 of Updates from the Forge - until then, take care!

Posted on June 22, 2018, 02:53:44 PM by Jubal
Frozen Skies is Airborne!

Here it is! Stormwell's supplement for the Savage Worlds RPG system, Frozen Skies, is now here! Frozen Skies catapults your players into the dieselpunk world of Darmonica, as they find themselves in Aleyska, its northernmost wilderness. A place harbouring savage wulvers, mighty airships, mysterious windryders and the secrets of ancient beings, Aleyska is an icy frontier land where the snow and cold are as bitter an enemy as the many forces out to fight for Queen and country, seek revenge, gain glory, discover lost ages, or simply make a quick buck.

With all that waiting for you, why not give it a look? Your next Savage Worlds campaign may be waiting...

Visit the release thread
Buy it on DriveThruRPG

Posted on May 31, 2018, 02:43:08 PM by Jubal
Updates from the Forge 25: May 2018

Issue 25: May 2018


If you thought you'd got rid of Jubal-written issues of Updates from the Forge, guess what, you were wrong, at least temporarily! Thanks to things like university exams, I'm still here, and so is the imaginary llama, which has refused once again to even lift a finger on this project. Some of the smarter ones among you might claim that this is fair enough, as llamas don't have fingers, but this seems a poor excuse to me. Once again, we hope to bring you a change of editor in the near future.

As usual, plenty is going on around the site. We've had the joys of new data protection regulations to deal with: as a member-driven organisation we're very much committed to giving you control over your data - if you want to know anything about how we're using data about you, or what data we might own regarding you, or you want us to remove data related to you, remember that you can contact us at any time about that either by forum PM or by email at exilian[at]exilian[dot]co[dot]uk. In June, we also have staff elections coming up on Exilian, and we have a number of un-filled posts. If you think you could help out with what we do, whether it's moderation or working with devs on forum systems or promoting our creators' work on social media, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

With all that said... here's SIX excellent items of news from this month! Six! And a great deiversity as well, from art resources to storytelling and PC to tabletop, there's a whole load of projects to discover. Hope you enjoy the ride!


  • Master of Olympus at UKGE!
  • Son of a Witch final release
  • Ever tried Storytelling?
  • New Pictures and Music from Eric Matyas
  • Windy Meadow Soundtrack Previews
  • Rome Total War: Vanilla Extended

Master of Olympus at UKGE!

Buckyball games - on a roll!

rbuxton's ancient Greek inspired boardgame Master of Olympus continues with dev progress, with more playtesting and tweaks taking place in addition to the fantastic design work we've seen previewed in previous issues of this newsletter. The game is a wide-scale strategy game with heroes, armies, fleets and monsters battling it out for control of cities and relics across a hex-based map. God powers and mythical items from cards can give critical strategic boosts to your gameplay and your forces - if you use them wisely!

If you want to meet the creator and find out more about the boardgame, UK Games Expo is coming up! Master of Olympus will be at stand 1-M5, so do head over there to meet one of our Exilian creators in three whole dimensions of real-space. He'll be listed there under his new brand, Buckyball Games - named for the C60 atom, a sphere comprised entirely of carbon atoms. It's also rbuxton's birthday at time of posting - so happy birthday Richard!

Climb Olympus... (Master of Olympus Forum)

Son of a Witch final release

Bigosaur's epic indie roguelike/beat 'em up game, Son of a Witch, has had its final main release and is out of beta! This epic cartoon-style adventure, for up to four players, takes you through seven levels with different themes, from the forests of the player characters' home at the start through the dungeons of the mighty royal castle to the frozen northern wastes or baking desert canyons! Along the way, you can learn magic, battle mighty enemy monsters, gain great wealth, and of course die in a wide variety of ways.

There's still more planned for the coming months, though - the next likely addition will be a release/port for the Nintendo Switch, and then after that we can look forward to a major new patch with extra heroes, rooms, enemies, and items. Expect much many more adventures to come...

Go to Bigosaur's Forum

Ever tried storytelling?

Long ago, long before any of us were born, the Far South was ruled by a tyrant named Imras, king of the Dramites. And king Imras had as many wives as he had toes. Every time one of his wives displeased him, he killed her and raided another village, saving only one woman. When his armies reached the village of Illus, a beautiful young woman named Meadna rushed towards him and begged him to spare the lives of her people. He accepted on one condition: that she would be faithful to him. And Meadna of Illus promised that she would never tell him a lie. Satisfied, king Imras spared the lives of the villagers and together with Meadna he returned to his castle.

As they rode on horseback in the midday sun, Meadna was smiling, lost in thought, but never looking at him. So he asked of Meadna: "Tell me, and remember your promise, is there someone you love more than me?"

From SLiV's "The Tyrant and the Sun" - read it here.

Exilian's spoken storytelling area has a range of specially written modern stories for traditional style spoken telling, as well as advice and resources to help you get started. The art of oral storytelling - that is, telling folk or folk-styled tales as a performance without reading or learning them as a script - is one of the less well known and practised of traditional art forms nowadays. It's great fun, though, and as the way stories and myths were passed down for huge parts of human history understanding the techniques and styles behind it can be really interesting. It's a way for fantasy lovers to discover how the myths and tales on which the modern genre were formed and changed through the generations, and a way for historians to learn more about how past societies socialised and passed on wisdom and information.

Of course, it can also be good fun and a rewarding hobby to get into and practice - so if you're interested, do go and have a look at the storytelling section today!

Visit the Storytelling Section

New Pictures and Music from Eric Matyas

Caption Goes Here

Of all the people who work on projects across the site, few support more other creators than Eric Matyas, whose vast library of sound effects, musical tracks, and images just keeps growing and growing and growing. New brick, ground, metal, and wood textures have been added to the site's image section in May, along with a new "abstract" textures section that includes the ripples image shown above. There's also new music of course, including the high-altitude "riding sky waves", the zanily bouncy "kitten combat", and a whole new page of household sound effects including lightswitches, door locks, and drawer opening/closing sounds.

All of Eric's stuff is available for use in all your projects with appropriate credit - it's a brilliant resource, and if you're the sort of person who needs textures, sounds and music for whatever you're doing, it's something that it's well worth getting on and learning your way around. Thanks, Eric!

Skills and Resources Forum (includes Eric's Update Threads)
SoundImage Website

Windy Meadow Soundtrack Previews

Windy meadow turns out to have other weathers available as well!

The folks at Moral Anxiety Studios, creators of Tales from Windy Meadow, are continuing to refine the graphics and music for their game. Updates this month have included new music, with a distinctive new soundtrack starting to take shape, and showcasing new graphics, especially with comparisons to the old versions to show how much the style of the game has changed in the making over the last year. MAS' Aure posts regular, usually weekly updates in the team's thread in the Indie Alley, which you can check out and discuss!

Breeze along to Windy Meadow

Rome Total War: Vanilla Extended

Finally for this month, a new project in the Total War modding area! Korsakoff is producing a new Vanilla Extended mod for the game, using assets from our own Comrade_General's previous work. The mod merges Rome into a single faction to allow a greater level of detail on the Greek world, with the addition of Epirus, Pergamum, and the Bosporan Kingdom as potential masters of the ancient world.

Pergamum: the guys that turn up just when you thought you were *done* with big spiky pike walls...

There's likely to be more work and updates coming along for this mod in the near future, so do keep an eye on the thread if you're a RTW modding fan. The Diadochi are by no means done with yet!

Visit Korsakoff's Thread

Well, that was issue 25. If you have a project or something you particularly want/need a shout-out for in our newsletter, please let us know! As always we're very happy to hear feedback on format, design, and any other issues relating to what we're publishing here.

See you next time for Issue 26 of Updates from the Forge!

Posted on May 24, 2018, 08:46:36 PM by Jubal
Data Security and GDPR

Exilian: Updated Privacy & Data Policy

"What did the dinosaur say when it ate your email lists? GDPRAAAAAAAAAAR"

We've had to make some new additions to our public commitments on how we handle data as a result of the European Union's new data protection legislation. This means a new privacy policy, which you can find here.

A few other notes on this: as we're a membership organisation, all of our email lists will continue to function as normal without asking people to re-confirm addresses as some organisations have done. We take our responsibilities as a data controller seriously, and want to remind you all that you have the right to request that we remove any information about you that we may hold on our servers, and the right to request to see any information we have about you. We don't share data to third parties except in cases where the third party is providing a direct service (e.g. our use of MailChimp for bulk email), or where we're legally obliged to do so (which has never happened so far!) If you have any additional queries about the new system, please ask in the comments below or in the comments section of the new privacy policy.

Posted on April 30, 2018, 05:48:13 PM by Jubal
Updates from the Forge 24: April 2018

Issue 24: April 2018


Two full years of Updates from the Forge! Over the past two years we've covered a huge array of projects, and we hope to keep doing the same in months to come. We've not had much general site news this month, though we can announce Phoenixguard09 and Tusky as the winner and runner-up respectively of our 10th anniversary "Exile" creative competition. Congratulations to both of them - and if you want to see both their entries, and a fantastic range of other pieces that were entered including poetry, manga, stories, and animation, do check out the thread here.

It's a busy time around Exilian generally - besides what we've got in this month's updates, the teams from Utherwald, Windy Meadow, and more have all been hard at work as ever. We've also broken the 1000 posts a month barrier for the first time since late 2016, with the best month for post counts in the last two years; it's great to see the site getting busier again, and we'll hopefully be unveiling more plans and supporting more projects in the coming months. As ever, we're very keen to hear from anyone who'd like to volunteer with helping out with the running and organisation of the community, so just ping Jubal or another member of staff if you'd like to get involved there.

And with that - here's five great creative projects for April. Hope you enjoy the ride!


  • LIFE Epsilon (1.0) Released
  • Enter the Unicorn Dungeon!
  • Discover Caradilis' Poems
  • Environmental War in Epicinium
  • Introducing Tourney - a Medieval Tournament Sim

LIFE Epsilon (1.0) Released


This should perhaps have had its own news item, but since we didn't get round to that, it gets to the top of this month's updates instead - LIFE, the Whovian adventure game, has been released! By our own Jubal, this game uses a text-parser system and pixel graphics to allow players to explore several different planets and quests in an open world game system. With a range of minigames, achievements to obtain, original characters to meet, and a wide variety of types of sandwich for your character to eat, this is a whimsical sci-fi adventure not to miss!

Fly into the Whoniverse...

Enter the Unicorn Dungeon!

A new project from a new user - Unicorn Dungeon is a comedy point and click adventure game. Inspired by absurdist comedy like Monty Python, the game is set to be one of a series chronicling the adventures of Sir Typhil as he aims to find a unicorn in order to be crowed king. The game features swords, goblins, snarky voice acting, and possibly cheese. And roguelike gameplay segments as well as the point and click elements! And possibly cheese. What more could you want?

Check out the Unicorn Dungeon thread

Discover Caradilis' Poems

Of course Exilian does much more than just game dev, and our own Caradilis has as usual been hard at work in the poetry section, working on some new writings, one about the joys of working by candlelight, and this one, about her favourite month of the year (making this a double appropriate time to showcase her poetry thread!)

Janus has hailed the year,
With skies both cold and clear,
And February’s an icy king,
And Mars has called to spring.

But April wears her flowing bright green gown,
And in her hair a periwinkle crown,
She dances in the snow, the rain and hail,
And sings when sun and cloudless skies prevail.

Remember that you can also share your poems or stories in the creative writing area, and don't be afraid to ask for feedback! We're very happy to see new writing from beginner to expert level, and it's an area of the site we'd love to expand further in future. Poems and stories are great geek creative works and can both inspire and be inspired by the projects we have elsewhere around Exilian. Take a look, jump in and join in!

Read More Here

Environmental War in Epicinium

Caption Goes Here

Epicinium, the turn-based strategy battler with unique environmental mechanics, has seen some UI changes and improvements this month. This includes an easier dragging system for changing your orders, a new visualisation to show turn order, and new orders floating from the screen to the sidebar to make ordering clearer for the players. The game pits two players against each other across a world that can be scarred, impacted, warmed or cooled by the players' effects on the environment, with point scores being tied not only to victory but to keeping a wold that is worth ruling after the guns have fallen silent - land wrecked beyond repair is a poor prize, and it may often be beneficial to make peace and end the game earlier to improve your score (and advance in the game's multiplayer rankings). The team are looking to get more testers and grow their player base, so now's a great time to jump in and have a go!

Find Out More

Introducing Tourney - a Medieval Tournament Sim

You know your tournament is a good one when the beer mugs are larger than the drinker's head...!

And yet another new project - medieval comedy is always a great thing to be covering in Updates, and Tourney, a light-hearted medieval life sim, is no exception. There will be 13 playable noble houses, each with its own colour scheme for armour, horses, and more. Will you take up the bold cause of William Warless, or Tancred Haughtyville? Perhaps Wilfred Ivanhole, or Neddard Northgrim, will be more to your liking? Either way, there will be tournament fields to explore, peasants drinking booze, the Black Knight and the mysterious Sid to meet, and more besides. Why not saddle your horse, call your squire, and head on over to Tusky's dev thread?

Enter a Tourney Here!

And that's all for issue 24... This is the first issue to be formally done under the auspices of our new content editor Vulcanology, who's likely to be taking over a lot more of the writing and editorials for future issues, so many welcomes to her and let's hope we get another two years of fantastic updates from the forge to come!