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Posted on November 23, 2021, 07:27:27 PM by Jubal
Announcing Coding Medieval Worlds 2!
Posted on November 17, 2021, 05:03:02 PM by Jubal
Our NFTs Policy

NFTs: Why We're Not Supporting Them

As many of you will be aware, there has been a recent boom in the use of non-fungible token blockchain technologies. These technologies offer unique digital signatures, which can be used to authenticate sales of individual items. However, there are numerous concerns around their use. The fact that they only usually offer a verified unique link to a piece of intellectual property, not the unique right to use that property, often causes intentional misunderstanding about the nature of the goods and rights being bought. There are also intellectual property concerns around the minting of NFTs for properties that the NFT minters do not necessarily own.

Besides these concerns, there are also problems with the environmental impact of NFTs, with current technologies and even their replacements proving significantly higher in energy usage than conventional methods of authenticating sales. A single proof-of-work transation on the Etherium system commonly used for these transactions requires enough power to serve a household for two days, or drive a car 150 miles, producing thirty kilograms of CO2 emissions at a time of climate crisis.

As of today, we are acting on those concerns: Exilian's voting members have unanimously endorsed the position that Exilian does not support the use of NFT technologies. This means that as of today we will not be providing newsletter space, social media plugs, article slots, and other resources to promoting those technologies or any projects that use them. We will additionally be taking into account companies' NFT usage and policy when commissioning or purchasing services on Exilian's behalf, and avoiding where at all possible providing income to companies that are using these technologies.

We on Exilian's staff are committed to ensuring that we uphold our public interest goals as an organisation, and to keeping members democratically in the driving seat: we've done both here, with a considered discussion and multiple viewpoints raised among voting members along the way. We think our aim to inform the public and members on topics related to creative projects makes it important that we raise awareness of the problems with NFTs and their impacts.

We hope that you'll support us - and as ever we're happy to answer any questions. You can find the motion passed by our voting members here.

Jubal (Megadux/Basileus)

Posted on November 05, 2021, 11:53:38 PM by Jubal
Tourney released!

Tourney, the medieval tournament simulator by Tusky Games, has been released! The game places you in charge of your very own tournament ground, complete with knights, jesters, apothecaries, peasants and nobles. You can put the knights through their paces across archery, jousting, and melee events, building viewing stands and food and drink outlets to keep the commoners and nobles alike entertained. As you advance through the main campaign, you'll pass through fields, castles, and even the mystical lands of Atlantis and Gulansharo, city of flowers.

If you want to get closer into the detail of running your tourney, too, there's plenty available: whilst you can certainly enjoy the fluttering banners and mighty battle cries of the overall experience, a careful tournament owner can tip the scales in favour of their own knights: sending filth collectors and jesters to vex unwanted knights, pumping up the alcohol content at the wine bar or the grease in the hog roast, and jacking up the souvenir prices can all be used to help things run more - or less - smoothly!

We've been watching Tourney grow and take shape here on Exilian for some years now, from the first steps on the road in 2018, through the successful Kickstarter campaign, to the release now. We've even got a mention in the credits! So, do go and give Tourney a go, let Tusky (and us) know your thoughts, and be sure to leave Steam reviews and tell your friends as well. Let the tournaments commence!

Posted on October 07, 2021, 11:05:43 PM by Leafly
Updates from the Forge 43: Autumn 2021

Issue 43: Autumn 2021

It's Autumn, and it’s time for the Harvest, Halloween, Bonfire Night (depending on where you are, lots more) and :pumpkin:

Whatever you've got planned, the experience, dedication and creativity of our game developers will keep you captivated for hours. So, if you are vacation-ing or stay-cationing, it doesn't matter. Grab your tech and install these games as soon as you can! You don't want to miss this! If you've got any developments that you would like to celebrate, please post on the Exilian site! It could be game development, arts and crafts, or anything that makes your day more eventful that you would like others to know about too. It's a great way to build the community here, and we're sure that you'll have a nice time! There's even digital meetings where you can talk about your interests with others here!

Always, make sure you: 'Enjoy your stay!' and tell others about it too!


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    • [Dev Log] Tourney: The medieval tournament sim
    • Savage Skies: October at Utherwald Press
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Innkeep! - Serve Ale. Collect Rumors. Make Coin.

The upcoming CRPG game has released the latest development, to show you how far they've come! It has lots of interesting crossover themes from a modern day-by-day narrative survival sim like This War of Mine, with thematic ideas taken from Les Misérables.

Here's a bit about how it works: the idea I had was to have a game set in that classic RPG location, the humble inn, where you are the one wearing the apron, and the people of the world come to you. You serve them food and drink. You tell them about recent rumours, and maybe share a joke or two. Furthermore, you hire bards to play music and keep everybody having a good time until late. - That sounds like a nice game, doesn't it...

And then you rob them. In their sleep. A little bit...

Find out more by checking out the thread below for the latest update from BeerDrinkingBurke including the above Innkeep Trailer for Realms Deep 2021, and the start of a new series of bite-sized one minute dev diaries which will give some fresh insights into the processes behind the game!

Updates from Olympus with Rbuxton

Rbuxton's dev diaries on his boardgaming projects have long been a feature of Exilian's game dev landscape, charting his progress through the choppy waters of boardgame design and development. His latest instalment returns to his game project Master of Olympus, a grand strategy classic in the making that he's recently had a new turn at playtesting, with some exciting outcomes - but also some tricky design questions to be answered.

Besides some of the practicalities of revisiting an old project, from congealed rubber bands to missing action tokens, there's a lot to be discussed after a game of unfolding blockades, objective denial, and the back and forth between a naval power with a wide range of options and a stubbornly dug in opponent with some big stompy monsters to hand. The problem of simultaneous versus turn-based play turns out, perhaps, to have been the real monster all along: is it better to provide a fast, simultaneous play experience despite the risk of conflicts over who did what when that the system might struggle to handle? Or is a turn-based system with complete clarity over what order actions should happen in the way forward, despite the much slower gameplay that may result? Might there be a third way to square the circle, and what would that do to the overall flow of the game?

Find out about this key boardgame design problem, and more about the project, by checking out Rbuxton's dev diaries and discussing them here on the forum!

Guild Hall Adventures [ARPG]

Exlian have so many creative developers working on projects, to keep you captivated this Autumn and if you like the games, you can even replay them the game developers would be thrilled if you did. Exilian's Obsessive Games says: it's an action-packed RPG story, Hack n' Slash all monsters in your wake!

Build a town from scratch and research while gathering resources and levelling up by killing monsters in the area. Don't forget to delve into the dungeons and defend your created town from the Hordes of Monsters coming to destroy it. You can be any class with 1 character and level up each class to gain passives that can be used for other classes.
Here's a trailer of what you can look forward to!

[Dev Log] Tourney: The medieval tournament sim

With the weather getting cooler, you could like some warmer graphics to look at, and what better way than to check out the latest developments Tourney has to offer! Picture a place of flowers, looking very idyllic...but you do not have to because we have a preview for you brought to you by Tusky!

Cool coloured water, palm trees and careful detailing on buildings and surrounding features, everything is looking brilliant. But why not look at what Tourney has to offer today? You'll like this if you enjoy a fun filled plot, brilliant gameplay! If there's any more information you'd like to know, Tusky would be a great person to get in a conversation with. Add your comments in the post below! Game development can go farther if you let your developers know how they're doing as well, show your support and tell someone you know about it today!

Savage Skies: October at Utherwald Press

The latest blogpost update from Utherwald Press details the full air combat rules from the Frozen Skies setting, which pits RPG players against the frozen lands of Aleyska in a dieselpunk setting of ice-filled wastelands, mysterious ancient technology, and scattered settlements whose lifelines are trade and travel via the air. You can get a copy of the full Frozen Skies setting guide from DriveThruRPG here.

In Frozen Skies, air combat takes a much more tactical approach than in the original Savage Worlds rulebook, moving to use a hex grid for a more wargame-like feel. Unlike a lot of hex wargame systems, combat in the cold air is fast by definition: aeroplanes have to keep moving at least half their speed per turn in order to avoid potential penalties, and initiating too large a turn in any given round can require rolls at a penalty.

With this system, braving the air becomes a desperate mix of fast-moving combat and desperate strategy - pushing your luck may get your guns in place, but may also lead to your aircraft spinning out of control and at the mercy of your enemies and the savage skies themselves...


War of Marfur-Nirari (the greatest war in the Infinitas universe)

Or maybe there's some mythical arts and crafts that interests you? It has long been thought that there are myths and ideologies of particular mysterious entities and what their appearances are. Take a look at this image, who do you think this is?

This is the estimated guise of Marfur-Nirari (in elfurr male form), the whole thread is dedicated to looking in to a demigod who can change their appearance and so many other fantastical mythical creatures. Other cool facts include that his origin is completely unknown, but Marfur-Nirari is known in almost every legend.

It can be a fantastic historical trip to check out this thread, you might even be able to recognise some entities and how they cross over into games you've played or legends you have heard of. Why not grab a mug of your favourite drink and take a read, there are probably some less known facts or frightening ones if you're not sure what to expect...so you may need to leave a light on while you read this! But what we can tell you is that the images that BagaturKhan has added here are thought-provoking and have so much in them that make the article even more impressive.

Just As An Aside: An Attempt At Comedy

Dragon Age humour, by Jubal! You can find out the tricks and puns, but you'll likely need to have some knowledge about this to help find the fun in it. But even if you do not have this, Jubals's acting is excellent, and you'll be sure to enjoy this.

Jubal's Fantasy/Character Drawings

Staying with Jubal! We'll leave the newsletter this quarter with a really artistic drawing, with vivid colours and a lot of character. It might even be the moment that you grab those art supplies and draw some on your own. We think it is a super drawing and for all you D&D fans out there, you're going to really like this one!
And how nice is the polecat? :)


More free images from Eric Matyas

Eric Matyas has for uyears been producing an incredible library of textures and music for games and other creative projects, all of which are available from his SoundImage website. Recent additions to his texture library include new Carpet, Organic, Artistic Stone, Bark, Brick, Concrete, and Metal textures, and that's just from September! The full SoundImage library includes thousands of images and tracks, all of which are freely available for both commercial and non-commercial works! Do drop by the thread to say hi, and check out the vast array of material available next time you've a project on the go!

Worldbuilding Magazine

Dubsartur recently decided to alert us to the existence of Worldbuilding Magazine, a digital magazine of world-building topics. Their issues vary across a number of thematic areas including cosmology, transportation, and justice in recent issues. For those of you who do worldbuilding, they also have applications available for showcasing your work in their issues which could be a valuable show point for writers, TTRPG makers, and game developers who want to get some more coverage for their creations. Worth checking out!

Wildlife and wholesomeness

It's been a tiring year for many of us already - it's hard to imagine that it's somehow October. If you're feeling like you need a pick-me-up, or a reminder that the world isn't all grey and dreary, our Cute and Wholesome picture thread is here to help. With sweet cartoons and big dumps of wildlife photography from members, there's lots to browse through and see, such as these very sweet hamsters from Vienna, Austria, but also wall lizards, tiny godzilla knocking blocks over, butterflies, pond tortoises, and a kobold with a really big hat. Take a look - you might not even know yourself how much you needed something cute to see today.

It's been a rollercoaster of a few months here at Exilian, with our great community bringing you new and exciting content. But we're hoping you enjoyed this read, went on to play some games, took a few minutes of your time to see what we've been working on or just had some good ideas from what you have seen here today. If you would like to join Exilian and become a member, please do, as we'll be more than glad that you're a part of this welcoming team.

Posted on August 30, 2021, 12:33:48 AM by Jubal
Guild Hall Adventures - Now on KICKSTARTER


It takes a town to raise a hero - but, sometimes, does it take a hero to raise a town?

Guild Hall Adventures is a hack and slash game that sees you build up not just your character, but a whole settlement, as you battle through waves of monsters and defend your people from encroaching foes. As you progress, you can discover more of the world's history with a deep plotline that unfolds before you. Using crafting and resource gathering to build up materially through the game, you will also have ample routes to strengthen your character with a range of classes, races, and other options to choose from.

Once your town is ready, you can recruit additional troops to have your back and man the defences. Meanwhile, you can head down into dungeons, defeating mighty bosses and solving puzzles and quests in order to finally achieve victory over your many foes.

Sound like fun? Well, now YOU can help make it happen! Guild Hall Adventures is on KICKSTARTER until October 3rd, and there are some great unlocks to be had on the backer charts. From, of course, copies of the game itself, through to adding a few of your own bits to the game world, there's a lot out there, and many worlds and dungeons to explore if the campaign is successful. Find out more and back the kickstarter at the links below!