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Son of a Witch: Castle Crashers meets Isaac
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Posted on March 18, 2018, 11:27:03 AM by Jubal

Yep, it's Exilian Day 2018, and Exilian is officially ten years old! From the first post here to the present day, we've had a decade of supporting fantastic independent and hobbyist games and other creative projects. Along the way, we've faced off spambots and hacking attacks, played mafias, held elections, run conventions, and much much more besides. And the range of things Exilian's members have created speaks for itself - Persian Invasion, Adventures of Soros, Master of Olympus, Empires of the Undergrowth, The Choose Your Own Adventure, Son of a Witch, Southern Realms, Karaski, Warhammer Total War, The Battle for Antares IV, Norbayne, to name but a tiny handful of projects we've discussed and supported. Let's hope we have many more such fantastic pieces of work to chat about and help along the way in the future.

For this momentous occasion, remember we've got our ongoing 10th anniversary competition on the theme of Exile, and there's still 12 days to submit your entry. We'll also have one or two bonus articles out later today in honour of the occasion. It'd be great to hear your favourite creations and memories from the last ten years, too, so do comment those in this thread. And of course, do take a look round the forum as ever - our doors are always open to the exiles and weary travellers of the internet, and always will be. :)

With best wishes,

Jubal (Basileus & Megadux)

Posted on March 13, 2018, 10:25:25 PM by Jubal


Exilian's 10th birthday is coming up fast, and we're having a CREATIVE COMPETITION!

The rules are simple: by 23:59PM on March 30, come up with some sort of creative creation on the theme. It could be a mod, a poem, a story, a computer game, artwork, an RPG character, some music, whatever you like. Our panel of judges (whose identities will be revealed soon) will then all rate the entries, and the best will win.

The competition theme, appropriately for our anniversary, is EXILE.

The winners will get prizes!

The overall winner will win:
1x steam copy of Bigosaur's SON OF A WITCH, a beat 'em up roguelike game by Bigosaur that sees the player tactically work their way through 7 levels of fast-paced combat!
1x steam copy of Slug Disco's EMPIRES OF THE UNDERGROWTH, an RTS where your ant colony must battle others and face the challenges of survival in the undergrowth.
1x steam copy of Kinklade's ESCAPE FROM BIOSTATION, a comedy sci-fi adventure in which you play the last robot denizen of an ancient space station, armed with... a squirrel?
1x custom skin request for Son of a Witch, fulfilled by Jubal
1x poem or song on a topic of the winner's choice, written by Jubal

The runner up will win:
1x poem on a topic of the winner's choice, written by Jubal

More prizes may be added soon!

To enter:
> Make your entry!
> Message your entry or a link to it to me (Jubal)
> Post below in this thread to say you've entered - entries may not be read if this step is not completed!

A maximum of two entries per person may be submitted: multiple entries may not be in the same format, and the highest scoring of the entries will stand.

Bigosaur (Milan Babuskov)
Creator of the indie game Son of a Witch, and hailing from Serbia, Bigosaur is one of Exilian's foremost game developers, and was an exhibitor at ExiliCon 2016. Son of a Witch is a roguelike beat 'em up with seven procedurally generated levels in which your character must battle goblins, skeletons, yetis, and a host of other enemies! He's kindly donated one of our prizes for this competition!

Jubal (James Baillie)
Exilian's founder, Jubal, is an early career historian specialising in digital methods, and the only member of Exilian's core team to have been in post from 2008 to the present. He's also an award-winning author of Total War mods, including Warhammer: Total War, Narnia Total War, and a Game of Colleges, and a hobbyist game developer and writer in his own right, creating games including Adventures of Soros and the upcoming Doctor Who themed title LIFE.

Best wishes, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Posted on February 28, 2018, 08:57:05 PM by Jubal
Updates from the Forge 22: February 2018

Issue 22: February 2018


Exilian is nearly ten years old! That's a slightly terrifying margin for anyone who's been here since day one, and of course it's the big story of this editorial. It's been a quiet month for major announcements, but we had another good Cyril & Methodius Day, including raising £68 for the Room to Read charity, which we're very pleased with. The coming month will be a lot busier, as we've got the anniversary celebrations coming up, and a couple of game projects closing in on releases and completion which should hopefully lead to some major newsposts in the next few weeks. We're also advertising for some new staff, so there's a good chance that someone else may be taking on more of the writing and editorials for these in future (the imaginary llama's job is secure, though, don't worry...)

We can kick off the month's celebrations with this another *actually on time* issue of Updates, and bringing us ever closer to this newsletter's two year mark! This February, we're featuring two tabletop and three computer game design projects, including one new one for the site and exciting updates on a range of others. From beer to barbarians, and Olympus to olive branches - read on!


  • Innkeep - a tavern with bards in
  • Master of Olympus - behold the gods!
  • War and Peace in Epicinium
  • Son of a Witch's Barbarian Challenges Await...
  • The World of Kavis

Innkeep - a tavern with bards in

We've had some news from BeerDrinkingBurke recently, as he's showcased a key part of his game "Innkeep", which will place you as the eponymous character as you listen for rumours, serve ale, and of course make money looking after your various tavern patrons! This month, we've finally got to hear the lovely main theme of the game, which you can listen to here:

This beautifully evocative tune is by composer John Halpart. BeerDrinkingBurke posts regular updates on his Exilian thread, which it's worth going and taking a look at - pull a pint,
 sit by the fire, and come and have a chat!

To the Inn!

Master of Olympus - behold the gods!

Rbuxton's "Master of Olympus" has seen some wonderful new artwork updates this month, with great art and WIP shots provided by the game's character artist Tadas Sidlauskas. As a result, we now have our first showcase view of some of the Greek deities - take a look here at Zeus, Artemis, and Hera!

Zeus, worryingly, has his "I'm going to turn into a swan" expression on...

Master of Olympus takes literally the premise that the gods play games with the lives of men, placing the players as various Greek deities in a struggle for supremacy. Players can use their deities' awesome powers, but also build armies and fleets, train heroes, conquer cities, and recover mysterious artefacts in pursuit of victory points that will show who the true Master of Olympus is at the end of the game. You can find out more on rbuxton's Exilian forum!

Climb Olympus Here

War and Peace in Epicinium

"I guess these machine guns beat thneeds as a cause of deforestation"

The Epicinium team are building a wargame with unique environmental mechanics, challenging players to score high points by not only winning the war, but protecting enough of the earth to secure the peace. New mechanics have included changing how some weather effects on the map work, and an improved UI. One major change is also the ability to make peace - is it worth stopping a game early and taking the points offered to you, or will you press on for total victory and risk a lower score as the environment degrades further under firestorms and tank tracks? Only you can decide! You can find more fresh updates from the game here:

To War... or Not?

Son of a Witch's Barbarian Challenges Await...

It's not about the size of your axe...

Bigosaur's Son of a Witch is soon coming to the end of early access, and has recently released a new update with the Barbarian Challenges! These twelve fiendish high-difficulty modes add extra twists to the game - ranging between the low-health scraps of "one shot", the insane enemy numbers in "Overdrive", the huge enemies in "Trolling", the bomb-fuelled insanity of "Master Blaster", and many more! Those who complete all twelve of the fiendish challenges get access to the barbarian, a new character type with serious penalties to magic use and a special combo attack which boosts damage and protects from ranged attacks whilst it's in effect.

Visit the Bigosaur Forum!

The World of Kavis

Jubal's new project, the World of Kavis, is an RPG setting that builds on two of his previous PC adventure game projects. The World of Kavis is an early medieval style fantasy setting with a wide array of cultures and creatures across a vast world. It combines a fairly small-scale scope, focussed on individuals and the machinations of rulers and kingdoms, with a light-hearted "bright realism" of theme that rejects both high epic struggles of clear-cut light and dark and the dark "gritty" theming of some of other more prosaic fantasy worlds. Drawing on his experiences as a historian, game designer, writer, storyteller and mythology geek, Jubal will be releasing world-building notes and more onto the project's subforum. The creator will be regularly checking the forum, so do head over and chip in with thoughts, suggestions and ideas if the mood takes your fancy!

Enter The World of Kavis

By the time we next release Updates from the Forge, we'll hopefully have a new general editor and Exilian will be into its eleventh year of existence. There'll be a lot happening before then, though - including our birthday celebrations around the 18th, which will include a special competition. Hope to see you for that, and at any other time in the month you care to drop by -
 and of course in a month's time for another issue of Updates from the Forge!

Posted on February 13, 2018, 11:07:03 PM by Jubal
Happy Cyril and Methodius Day!

Happy Cyril and Methodius Day!

That's right, it's Cyril and Methodius Day, February 14 - the day each year when Exilian has a festival of learning & languages for everyone around the world to take part in! Guaranteed to involve more geekery than any other festivals people might celebrate today, and hopefully to do some good for the world as well - today's a day to read a good book, discover a new language, learn a new alphabet, and tell the linguists in your life how much you appreciate them. As usual, we're raising funds for Room to Read, and we hope you'll chip in to help bring the wonderful opportunities of writing and language to more people around the world. Have a wonderful day!

Find out more
Donate to our charity fundraiser

Posted on January 31, 2018, 09:07:02 PM by Jubal
Updates from the Forge 21: January 2018

Issue 21: January 2018


Hello and welcome to the first Updates from the Forge of 2018! This month we've got the usual great range of projects. There's always more than we can fit into this showcase in any month, so do keep browsing the rest of the site - we've had some great new poetry and items in the writing section, Bigosaur's level 7 of Son of a Witch, the release of Minesweeper Go, and the latest chapters of Phoenixguard's RPG AAR, The Great Maw, to name but a few of the other things going on across Exilian!

In site news, we've had our January staff election: Jubal is now our chair (Basileus) again, and we welcome Clockwork back as Tribounos, and thank GMD and Glaurung who are stepping down as Spatharios and Basileus respectively. If you want to know any more about how the site's democracy works, or want to get involved, please do check the Questions & Suggestions forum, where new volunteering opportunities to join Exilian staff will be appearing in the coming weeks.

And with that - on to this month's updates!


  • Silver Spook's Podcast
  • Some Not-So Frozen Skies?
  • Gone With The Wind(y Meadow)...
  • Matyas, Mystery, and Monsters!
  • A Rogue Empire Rises...

Silver Spook's Podcast

Silverspook, designer and creator of the dark cyberpunk adventure game Neofeud, has more strings to his bow (or perhaps trigger mechanisms to his high-tech gun) than just producing games - he's also the host of the excellent Silver Spook Podcast, where he can be found interviewing a range of fascinating adventure game designers and discussing sci-fi and game design topics. If you're a sci-fi geek or adventure gamer or game dev - or some mix of the three - it's well worth checking out the podcast to discover more from a wide range of designers about how they put their games together and how they see both sci-fi and the real world unfolding in the years to come.

More Episodes Here

Some Not-So Frozen Skies?

Pamdinia - in case you'd ever wondered what Switzerland with more ships would be like!

Utherwald Press' stormwell has been busy lately, churning out short primer materials for many of the areas of his fantasy world of Darmonica that lie outside the frost-bitten lands of Aleyska where his upcoming RPG book Frozen Skies is set. Recent posts cover everything from the tight-lipped Sultanate of Taramate, to the small seafaring nation of Pamdinia, to the mysterious southern continent, to hints of the lands across the great mountain range known as Serlov's Bulwark. With a whole world out there to explore, do go and take a look at what's going on in the Utherwald Press forum! There are regular updates and posts fleshing out the world more, which are great to ead both to discover more about Darmonica and as inspiration for your own work.

Visit Utherwald Press

Gone With The Wind(y Meadow)...

At least, we've certainly been blown away by recent screenshots of this game! Tales from Windy Meadow is a story-adventure with beautiful pixel graphics accompaniments, set in a mystical world of giant beasts, ferocious dragons, and the tough life of ordinary humans who have to scrape by. Recent updates have showcased a lot more of the graphical work, including the death of a giant boar, images of the houses, and this mysteriously abandoned boat:

We're pretty sure that's the moon, not a death star. Like eighty percent?

The team from Moral Anxiety studios post regular devlog updates and posts on their Exilian thread: these include pixel art videos where you can get a great behind the scenes look into the procress of creating the game, and of course hints and info about the gameplay and world of Tales from Windy Meadow itself.

Visit the Meadow

Matyas, Mystery, and Monsters!

Out there in the void, there is a mysterious power that blesses developers with tons of free music, and his name is Eric. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is true regardless, and we've seen some awesome new tracks from royalty-free music creator Eric Matyas recently. This month, new tracks include "Riding Thermals", an easy-going piece that could make an epic backing for a travel scene, and "Mysterious Deep", which summons the majestic scale and quiet mystery of the oceans to create an expansive musical backdrop for some future game or video. Could it be yours? Take a look at Eric's music and his regularly updated Exilian thread to find out!

Eric's Music Thread

A Rogue Empire Rises...

New Exilian member gw-roguempire has come to show off his game Rogue Empire, a classic roguelike where you must save five kingdoms, offering a wide variety of class & race combinations for different playstyles as well as numerous enemy types to take on!

The skeleton who dodged is probably feeling SO smug right now.

In the world of Rogue Empire, peace and harmony between the great races has been shattered by a mysterious enemy known only as the First Shadow. They have erected mysterious shadow barriers over the world's great capital cities, sealing them from the world outside. The First Shadow appears to have disappeared, along with the last great army that was sent in a final attempt to defeat them, but who knows what they may be plotting, or whether there is any way to undo the havoc they have wreaked... you'll have to play to find out!

Check out the thread

We'll be back in February as ever, but that's all for this issue of Updates from the Forge. In the next month we'll be advertising for a new volunteer editor for Exilian's articles and newsletter, so if you think that could be you, please get in touch! As ever, do also let us know in the comments, by PM, or on Social Media whether you liked this issue and what you think we could improve for next time. See you then!