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Posted on February 14, 2021, 11:14:33 AM by Jubal
Happy Cyril and Methodius Day 2021!

Happy Cyril and Methodius Day!

That's right, it's Cyril and Methodius Day, February 14 - the day each year when we celebrate language and learning for everyone around the world to take part in! It's easier to do in lockdown than any other festivals people might be celebrating, and it can do some good for the world as well - today's a day to read a good book, discover a new language, learn a new alphabet, and tell the linguists in your life how much you appreciate them. As usual, we're raising funds for Room to Read, and we hope you'll chip in to help bring the wonderful opportunities of writing and language to more people around the world. Have a wonderful day!

Posted on December 31, 2020, 09:58:39 PM by Leafly
Updates from the Forge 40: Winter 2020-21

Issue 40: Winter 2020-21


Season greetings to you all, winter is now here! Are you ready for the colder weather? Log fires, hot beverages, gingerbread, comfy clothing and all those winter warmers?  Grab a hot drink and throw on something warm and cosy and we will get to all the topics we've got for you this edition.

We've had lots of great stuff happening on the site recently, including releases for BagaturKhan's mods based on his own sci-fi universe, the successful Tourney Kickstarter for which many congratulations should go to Tusky, and the announcement of our upcoming Coding Medieval Worlds virtual workshop which will see historians and game developers team up to discuss challenges in medieval and fantasy gaming. Our ongoing Winter Creative Competition is still ongoing, too, and has excellent prizes for you to win. Do go and get your entries in soon!

What will you do this winter? With many areas of the world still in lockdown, there might be not very many options. But, that will not matter when you see how much we have for you this edition you won't be sorry!

We have lots to get to, please read on!

Always, make sure you: 'Enjoy your stay!'.


  • Editorial
  • Game Development
    • Devlog: Project Stormbringer - A Medieval Fantasy Action RPG
    • Son of a Witch - Succubi, Skinpacks, and more!
    • Epicinium - strategy wargame with environmental mechanics
    • Ahowl's Vanilla Extended, Version 19!
  • Arts & Writing
    • Jubal's Poems
    • Tusky's Drawings
    • Mountain Leopards Returns
  • Miscellany
    • Exilian Pub Quiz II!


Devlog: Project Stormbringer - A Medieval Fantasy Action RPG

Inspired by Gothic I, II & The Witcher 3! Project Stormbringer are bringing to you a Medieval Fatasy Action RPG. Setting the scene, on an isolated island that is tomormented by monsters and magical horrors, a survivior from a shipwreck must quaell an ancient God who will rise again to wipe out the insland's inhabitants.

This is Project Stormbringer's first dev log, which introduces the project:

Project Stormbringer are looking forward to hearing what you think!

Son of a Witch - Succubi, Skinpacks, and more!

Son of a Witch has some very exciting news coming up with the announcement of the upcoming Hell level expansion, which will include a whole new range of enemies to fight and provide an alternative route through the game. The new version will also include a skeletal Bloodmage as a player hero, minotaur cultists with a labyrinth to explore, imps, succubi, ifrits, and more besides.

Meanwhile we also have new skinpacks by Jubal which you can download, including Son of a Witcher, which transforms your knight hero into the suitably scarred, grumpy figure of Geralt of Rivia - with all these monsters and demons to defeat, sometimes you need to be able to call in a real professional. If you want something a bit more light-hearted, there's also one that transforms your stubborn boar pet into a more docile friend with the capybara mount skinpack, allowing you to ride the world's largest rodent through your goblin-bashing adventures. All that and more on Bigosaur's Exilian forum below!

Epicinium - strategy wargame with environmental mechanics

Epicinium has been on the game dev horizon since the 19th October 2020! What makes the game totally epic? Your overall tact in preserving the environment is factored in as you quest throughout the game, making it of an even more challenging strategy game. With an environmental focus, the game encourages you to be mindful of destruction or planned destruction by preserving the surroundings of your citizens by keeping their forests intact for example. This game gets you think about if less destructive approaches are possible and if you can afford to proceed with them. !If you win by having your enemy's half of the map ravaged by firestorm, did you really win at all! as put by Sander, one of the development team members creating Epicinium.

Food for thought there! 

Why not download this today and try out the game or join the discussion page to let us know what you think!

Ahowl's Vanilla Extended, Version 19!

Nearly ten years after he started modding Rome: Total War, Ahowl11 is still hard at work, with the latest release of his Vanilla Extended mod coming this month. The latest version includes major map changes and rebalances, reducing many of the northern and western factions to more historical single-province tribal starting systems, merging Rome into a single faction and using the historical Chremonidean League as the basis for an adapted Greek Cities faction.

The new factions permitted by merging Rome will be Nabatea, the Bosporan Kingdom, and Illyria, each of which has an exciting new unit roster available. Nabatea, a small buffer state based around the trading hub of Petra, sits uneasily alongside the Seleucids and Ptolemies as its bigger neighbours: the Illyrians, between Macedon and Rome, are based off the historic Ardiaean Kingdom and provide some similar challenges as a historically smaller state between some of the famed powers of the ancient world. The Bosporan Kingdom, a somewhat under-recorded realm on the north shores of the Black Sea, meanwhile adds new interest to the steppes and potentially also the Caucasus by presenting a new Greek power in the north.

With all this and more, there's plenty to check out in the new version and we hope you do so!


Jubal's Poems

Poetry is fitting for all seasons, but this one symbolises a distinct arrival and this gave Jubal his inspiration "I came up with the idea for this one after a friend of mine had a baby, to whom the song is dedicated. :) " Here are a few verses from the poem, fitting for the seasons of Autumn and Winter, please visit the link below to read the entire poem. You will be glad that you did!

Little Moorhen
Dedicated to Beatrice Catchpole-Simmons

And you shall find
That the world is wide
And full of flowers

See autumn fall,
Around you, nests of love and leaves
As you grow tall,
By those who helped your wings unfold,
And keep you when the world is cold

So that you can find,
That the world is wide
And full of flowers

Winters will come,
Garlanding the world in frost
A weary sun
Wilts, its petals fall but then
Your world turns and it blooms again

And you shall find,
That the world is wide
And full of flowers

Tusky's Drawings

What do you think of this excellent Christmassy themed drawing from Exilian's Tusky? His awesome artwork has been a regular feature in our Arts and Crafts section for many months now, but we've had some particularly cool new drawings lately.

Tusky's core work is as a game developer, in particular the mastermind behind games like Escape from Biostation and the upcoming medieval tournament simulator Tourney which was successfully kickstarted recently. His fantasy artwork, though, is a perfect reminder both that he is a man with many strings to his bow, and that creators and game designers so often have their work built not just on hyperfocused specialisation but a wide range of creative skills that allow them to realise their ideas in different ways.

Recent entries in the drawings thread include a stony-faced and yet somehow jolly dwarf sorceror, and discussions on how our different arty creatives do their graphical work. Talking to artists and creators is a great way to learn about their process and build your own skills, and thread's like Tusky's drawings are the perfect place to do that! Providing inspiration is equally a hugely important part of art, so even if you're not doing artwork yourself, maybe something for another poject will spring to mind - and of course, it's every bit as valid to just head over there, look at the cool artwork, and enjoy the show. Either way, this is one thread where it's very well worth taking a look.

Check out more at:

Mountain Leopards Returns

Just in time for this issue, we've had the first episoded of Jubal's webcomic Mountain Leopards out in many months! Mountain Leopards is a new take on the by now classic style of humorous fantasy adventuring webcomics, with a strong theme of Caucasus culture and mythology based on Jubal's background as a historian of the region throughout the comic. The story follows Botso K'akhaisdze, long-suffering cleric of the frustrating knowledge deity Otarid, on his travels through the mountain realm of Datvieti. On the way, he meets an eclectic range of characters and finds himself increasingly wrapped up in the machinations of foes he does not yet understand - whilst also having to contend with an annoying narrative voice with a mind of its own, unexpected porcupines, and night-time visits from Eurythmics and their pet cow.

Will Botso and his new allies work out what's going on and save the kingdom? The party seem to have reach new literal and metaphorical lows as they descend deeper into the caves in the latest episode, entitled "Into Darkness"...


Exilian Pub Quiz II!

Our own Tusky, besides his abovementioned skills as artist and game dev, has also taken it upon himself to be quizmaster for our new series of fiendish pub quizzes! Leaving some of Exilian's finest minds utterly baffled, the formidable range of knowledge needed for these questions, from medieval royalty to the princes of pop, ensures that everyone's knowledge is suitably put to the test. Florp's astounding victory on the latest one deserves much congratulation!

What's more, even if you missed the quiz, you can go back and play through it now - see the questions and answers at the links below to test your own skills and see how you'd have fared against the forum's finest. Good luck!

Seasons greetings to you all. However you spend your winter this year, please stay safe. It has been an action packed year at Exilian and we are hoping to bring you even more fun content next year. From all of us here, we know it has been a difficult year, there have been many challeges. Your Exilian community is always here and we send our thanks for your excellent support and hope that you stay safe. We will see you all next year, in the spring with more fun! Let us know what you thought of the newsletter in the comments below!

Posted on December 20, 2020, 02:52:45 PM by Jubal

Creative Competition: Aurora

It's time for another of our regular creative competitions, where we challenge members and friends to come up with the best creative response to a particular theme! This winter, the theme is that of the AURORA, the mysterious and beautiful Northern Lights. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

UPDATE 09/01: It's been a hectic start to the year and we know folks are finding it tricky to sit down and get things done. As such, we're extending the deadline to January 30th to maximise how many entries we get in - looking forward to seeing more of them!

The rules are as follows:
1. Produce your entry. It can be a game, artwork, story, poem, recipe, sculpture, dance piece, music, whatever - any sort of creative response to the theme.
2. PM your entry (or a link thereto) to Jubal, and post in this thread to say you've put your entry in. Entries that don't have both the post and PM in will not be considered, and you must not post your entry publicly during the contest (so as to ensure judging is name-blind).
3. Each person is allowed up to two entries.
4. Entries must be in by 23:59, January 30.
5. The judges will score each work out of ten on two grounds: how good a response to the prompt it was, and how well executed the result was.
6. Winners will be announced by January 20. All entries will then be posted in a public showcase.


Main Prize:
1x Squire Access to TOURNEY, the upcoming game by Tusky Games - including the game with DLC, Beta Access, and Soundtrack downloads, and getting to name one of the noble visitors to the tournies! As per the equivalent Kickstarter reward for more details.
1x copy of SON OF A WITCH, the roguelike/beat-'em-up by Bigosaur.
1x original song on a topic of your choice to be written by Jubal

If you'd like to donate a prize and thereby sponsor the competition, please get in touch :)


Marie-Therese Sauer is an Austrian writer and poet who as founder of the University of Vienna's creative writing society has also been the driving force behind a number of literary anthology publications. As well as her work encouraging up-and-coming writers, she is known for her love of Scotland, good mysteries to solve, and the Dragon Age series.

Samuel Cook is a British geographer and quizzing nerd who once wrote so many pieces for a Tolkien journal/magazine that they had to publish a whole issue of his content just to get through the backlog. He and his formidable general knowledge have appeared on TV shows such as University Challenge and Only Connect, and he has written a three part article for Exilian on cartography in SFF world-building.

Posted on December 19, 2020, 12:57:15 PM by Jubal
Warcraft III: World of Infinitas Release!

BagaturKhan's Warcraft III World of Infinitas Mod/Maps Released!

In a new release on Exilian we have details on, and a new Warcraft III realization of, the sci-fi universe by Alexander Krokhmal (BagaturKhan). This feature a range of battle and skirmish maps, and the chance to fight with a variety of alien enemies in different planets. The main backdrop is the futuristic Achaeronian War, a terrible intergalactic conflict in the 2590s AD, but the huge long-term setting and mod also includes the situation in the galaxy 20000 years earlier.

There are three main maps included. The first is Kurosagi-Prime, a cold and unfriendly planet in the Kurosagi star system. This land is under control of the mighty Farruh Empire, and now you must help them against the Achaeron League. You can play against 2 other players in multiplayer or single player for this scenario. Second is the Folkirk-III campaign map pack, the mission pack about the situation in 2595 AD. This covers a dangerous period for the whole Coalition in 2595, when you need to defeat the Achaeron League with a range of methods in a variety of scenarios. You will take part in defensive and assault missions, as well as a special extraction mission - helping battle captain get out from a perilous situation and save the lives of his warriors. The Folkirk III pack has almost 10 quality and large-scale maps. Third and last but not least, there is Infinitas Elite Map pack. Here is the list of more skirmish maps, then missions, but its interesting too. You will see the cold plains of Zakromah, desolations of Achaeron-Prime, oceans of Nargon, green pastures of Zaberghan and also many other interesting things from the universe of A.Krokhmal.

Gameplay information
Neutral Enemies: Agressive
Artefacts: All types
Gameplay level and conditions: Hard

Posted on November 27, 2020, 08:32:23 PM by Jubal
Announcing: Coding Medieval Worlds!