Author Topic: [Release Announcement] R2TR v3.0 has been released!  (Read 484 times)


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[Release Announcement] R2TR v3.0 has been released!
« on: November 06, 2016, 04:16:43 AM »

version 3.0


After a very log break i'm proud to present you our latest release for Rome 2 Total Realism. This mod came through some rough times, when it looked it will be never properly finished, yet now it rises from its ashes bringing new and improved features and tons of changes focused on gameplay and historical authenticity.

I've made this release to honor and thank all people who participated in the past with the Rome 2 Total Realism project. Hope some of them who still play Rome 2 time to time will like what i did with it.

I would also like to thank Magnar, for all his support and help he gave me while working on this release.



Greatly improved combat mechanics, introduced many new units for Rome, while altering and changing multiple units for other factions as well. Introducing completely reworked naval combat, with new Marine units, drastically changed how units work in battle,removed unit experience and replacing it with General and Army Legacy effects for much more challenging game-play and huge importance increase for Generals.

Completely overhauled Army stances with a lot of new important effects, adjusted Agent impact on campaign play, with changed dynamics how they work now.

Complete Building overhaul brings massively reworked building effects, optimized for 12 Turns per year with DLC Campaigns. Massive changes to political system, with both benefits and negatives high politics brings. Diplomacy and AI campaign behavior adjusted, for more active AI and more challenging gameplay. Campaign changes include Public order, Taxation, Food and Growth effects rework, which should bring some logical yet quite challenging dilemmas for the player.

Anyway you can read full changelog here with much more detailed info.

R2TR v3.0 Download

In order to download our mod, you will simply need to subscribe to it on our Steam page, located here. Log into your Steam account and press the 'subscribe' button, then the mod will automatically be downloaded the next time you launch the game. Make sure older versions are not enabled at the same time as this mod. Also some older submods might not work properly, due to containing obsolete file structure.


Rome 2 Total War team:

JaM, Maurits, LestaT, ^OvO^, Splenyi, Causeless, ahowl11, VINC.XXIII, Avetis, HouseofHam, Finn, Phalangitis, Mackles, La Tene, Kepper, Moacyr, H0CHM31573R, Muizer, pirro, Clearchus of Sparta, Bethencourt, T.C., DaVinci, Kelindi, Necronox, MCM, JCB206, Mausolos of Caria, Basileos Antiokhos Euergetes, anunnak, Mulattothrasher


Reasonable Public Order - credits to Magnar
New Armor models - credits to Kraut and Tea
New Scutum and quilted suburmalis - credits to Stealth4Health
Removed Victory points from encampments - credits to zowrath
Axe Animation Fragment Mod - credits to AggonyDuck.
Realistic Unit Names - credits to Splenyi.
Alii Colores Romae: Omnes Factiones - credits to Demokritos.
Closer Deployment Zones - credits to Sheridan.

We hope that you will enjoy our mod as much as we enjoy creating it. We will continue working to keep bringing you new challenges and an increased historical accuracy!


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Re: [Release Announcement] R2TR v3.0 has been released!
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2016, 09:18:27 PM »
Good to see this here, and once again welcome to Exilian :)
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