Author Topic: An issue with Virtual Reality - people don't turn their heads!  (Read 85 times)


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Third and final part of my article spam for today, felt like this could be of interest to game designers etc:

Don't like twisting your neck while wearing a virtual reality headset? You're not alone.

Google has discovered that most people who watch VR videos rarely bother to turn their heads to view the full 360-degree experience. Research into how users view virtual reality videos on YouTube has shown that users spend most of their time looking at what is in front of them. Google has created heatmaps showing where in videos people focus the most.

Looking at the analytics for 360-degree videos posted on YouTube, Google found that people spent 75% of their time looking at the front 90 degrees of a video.


My main thought is "how often do humans actually change their viewpoint in real life"? I feel like someone ought to have done some studies on this; moving and looking forward most of the time and turning comparatively rarely *feels* like it ought to be the expected norm anyway, but I'm not sure.
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