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Posted on September 01, 2014, 10:45:50 PM by Jubal
New Forum Areas!

New Forum Areas For 2014

This is to announce some board rearrangements, including two major new site areas and several minor ones. We're pretty excited to officially unveil these, with new areas to cater for both project works and the community...

The Senet House - Tabletop Game Design

2014 has been a good year for Exilian's tabletop gaming - with two new games published and new work in the pipeline on others! As such we've opened a new area specifically for designing tabletop games, now separate from the discussion zone. The new area - the Senet House - is now open to provide forum hosting and discussion for hobbyist boardgame developers, and will work in tandem with our affiliates project which can provide free hosting for commercially developed games. The Senet House has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the tabletop design community, and as such includes a subforum specifically for polls to test out new ideas.

Visit the Senet House

The Secret Garden - Fandoms

Exilian's core community often get pretty excited about major TV, film, and book franchises, things that exist in multiple formats and haven't historically fitted well into the various areas of the site. We've finally addressed that with a new area to deal with the big fandoms, where you can all geek out to your heart's content.

So far, the fandoms with forums are:
  • Doctor Who
  • MSPA & Homestuck
  • Tolkien and LOTR
  • Star Trek

But more can and will be added - if you're part of a major fandom and you want space to discuss it, we want to hear from you so we can get this area providing the discussion areas that people need. Happy fanpeople-ing!

Visit the Secret Garden

...and more!

Yes, even that's not all! The Exilian Folk Club is just starting to offer a new space to folk and world music fans to share reviews, lyrics, YT videos, and more. There's also the new Comic Central area for fans of everything from Batman to The Order of the Stick - and along with the new tabletop game design area a historical boardgames forum has been created as part of the old tabletop discussion area. With the site so brimming with new areas, there are more options for what to chat about on Exilian than ever before.

Of course the rest of the site is still very much open for business, and as always if you have a creative project or idea that you want to discuss or get hosting for we very much want to hear from you - hope to see you all around!

Jubal (Megadux)

Posted on July 29, 2014, 11:18:14 AM by Jubal
ExiliCon - The Aftermath

The first ever Exilian convention happened on Saturday in Cambridge, UK! Thanks to everyone who came - it was a really fun day all round and we're very glad to have organised it. We'll be getting feedback over the next few days and weeks to look at what we can improve for future conventions. It's an exciting new departure for us and we were overwhelmed by the positivity and enthusiasm we found.

On a personal note, it was also great meeting some old friends who I'd never seen in realspace before (Comrade_General wins the dedication award for coming over from Ohio) and also making new friends among the convention-goers. Hopefully I managed not to send too many people to sleep with storytelling...

If you want to see more convention photos, head to our facebook or look at the thread here.

Looking forward to many more events in future!

Thanks, all,

Jubal (Megadux)

Posted on July 23, 2014, 04:39:50 AM by Mars
Steam update relating to RTW / M2TW

As per http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/132208, anyone who happens to have a physical copy of Rome Total War or Medieval Total War II can now redeem their physical copies of the game on Steam. All that is required is that you enter the CD-KEY, and the game should turn up in your library.

Posted on July 17, 2014, 05:57:43 PM by Jubal
Hetairos Rulebook Released!


The Hetairos rulebook has been released as a freely downloadable PDF! Hetairos is a tabletop RPG-boardgame set in the Greek underworld, for 4-6 players. Each player controls a hero - one of a range of character archetypes, with varied special abilities - and then sets out to achieve a scenario-dependent goal by exploring a randomly generated tile-based map. Hades is a land of mysterious shrines, deadly traps, isolated villages, and dread monsters - all this and more can be discovered as you travel the tunnel systems. Scenarios range from simply who can survive longest to group tasks such as building the great automaton Talos and protecting an NPC from the wrath of the terrifying Furies.

The rules are downloadable, and the game can be played with no specialist equipment - we'd really like to encourage playtesting and feedback, so head over to the forum and start your journey into the dark depths of Greek myth and legend!

Find out more here!

Posted on July 09, 2014, 10:33:15 PM by Jubal
Election Results

Election Results: July 2014

A few notes should be taken into account on reading these results:

  • All IDE candidates were listed on the ballot paper as independents, as the party was formed during the election period
  • Whilst it would appear from the results that the Spatharios and Tribounos elections should have been re-run according to the 2012 election re-runs bill, this did not take place as the result of a motion passed ratifying the results as given

Armadillo, independent, received 2 votes
Pentagathus, independent, received 9 votes
The Khan of IDE received 11 votes
There was 1 abstention

The Khan (IDE) is the duly elected Basileus, taking over from Comrade_General (FIF)

Dripping D, independent, received 14 votes
Pentagathus, independent, received 3 votes
The Khan of IDE received 4 votes
There were 2 abstentions

Dripping D (FIF), the incumbent, is duly re-elected as Sebastokrator

Armadillo, independent, received 5 votes
Dripping D of FIF received 9 votes
Othko97 of FIF received 10 votes
Pentagathus, independent, received 10 votes
The Khan of IDE received 6 votes
There were two abstentions

Pentagathus (independent) and Othko97 (FIF) are the duly elected Spatharioi, with Othko97 (FIF) being re-elected and Pentagathus (independent) taking over from The Khan (IDE)

Armadillo, independent, received 6 votes
Othko97 of FIF received 13 votes
Pentagathus, independent, received 5 votes
Tom of IDE received 13 votes
The Khan of IDE received 2 votes
There were three abstentions

Armadillo (Independent) and Tom (IDE) are elected as Tribounoi, replacing Scarlet (FIF) and Pentagathus (Independent)

Results By Party
PartyVotes% inc. abstentions% exc. abstentions% change inc. abstentions% change exc. abstentionsCandidacies
Turnout of 23 voters, 36% of citizenry