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Posted on January 26, 2015, 05:39:11 PM by Mother of Dragons
Now Open, The Artisan's Gallery, Street of Clerisy!

The Artisan's Gallery...

We have a new board dedicated to crafts, and not so crafty hobbies! Whether it's model making, knitting, sewing, collecting, hiking - whatever it is, it has a home here. Come and add your favourite pastime!

Posted on January 12, 2015, 01:25:44 PM by Glaurung
Election Results: January 2015

Election Results: January 2015

BASILEUS (ratification of Son of the King (FIF))
vote in favour: 13
votes against: 1
There were 2 abstentions

Son of the King (FIF) is duly ratified as Basileus, taking over from The Khan (IDE)

Dripping D (FIF) received 4 votes
Othko97 (FIF) received 3 votes
Pentagathus (PP) received 1 vote
The Khan (IDE) received 7 votes
There was 1 abstention

The Khan (IDE) is duly elected as Sebastokrator, taking over from Dripping D (FIF)

Armadillo (FIF) received 9 votes
Dripping D (FIF) received 9 votes
Othko97 (FIF) received 8 votes
There were 2 abstentions

Armadillo (FIF) and Dripping D (FIF) are duly elected as Spatharioi, taking over from Othko97 (FIF) and Pentagathus (PP)

Pentagathus (PP) received 9 votes
The Khan (IDE) received 7 votes
Tom (IDE) received 9 votes
There were 2 abstentions

Pentagathus (PP) and Tom (IDE) are duly elected as Tribounoi, with Tom being re-elected and Pentagathus taking over from Armadillo (FIF)

Results By Party

PartyVotes% inc. abstentions% exc. abstentions% change inc. abstentions% change exc. abstentionsCandidacies
Turnout of 16 voters, 23% of citizenry

Posted on January 06, 2015, 12:32:35 AM by Jubal
New Staff Member!

Hello, all!

This is the announcement that we're welcoming Lizard onto staff as our new Chartophylax. This means Liz will be in charge of all of Exilian's e-learning resources at the Academy, and will help re-start that part of the forum to get new courses running and set up! Expect more announcements soon as planning continues to turn the Academy into a fully functional e-learning centre, with many more of us sharing old skills and learning new ones there.

But most importantly, congratulations and well done Liz, and welcome to staff!

Looking forward to bringing you all further developments here,
Jubal (Megadux)

Posted on January 04, 2015, 11:38:44 AM by Jubal
Exilian New Year Survey

Hello, all!

As part of my role in advertising and expanding the site, I want to do some research into the different ways we can advertise and reach out to people. As such, I've designed a survey! Yes, an actual survey of surveyness. Please do take a moment to fill it out, it only takes a minute and it'd be really helpful for us to know what both current and potential members think about the site.

Click here to take the Exilian survey

Posted on December 30, 2014, 12:34:54 AM by Jubal

As of this post, Exilian has had 20,000 posts in 2014, a new benchmark that we've never achieved before.

Hooray for us - and let's hope we can do even better next year!  :)