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Posted on July 17, 2014, 05:57:43 PM by Jubal
Hetairos Rulebook Released!


The Hetairos rulebook has been released as a freely downloadable PDF! Hetairos is a tabletop RPG-boardgame set in the Greek underworld, for 4-6 players. Each player controls a hero - one of a range of character archetypes, with varied special abilities - and then sets out to achieve a scenario-dependent goal by exploring a randomly generated tile-based map. Hades is a land of mysterious shrines, deadly traps, isolated villages, and dread monsters - all this and more can be discovered as you travel the tunnel systems. Scenarios range from simply who can survive longest to group tasks such as building the great automaton Talos and protecting an NPC from the wrath of the terrifying Furies.

The rules are downloadable, and the game can be played with no specialist equipment - we'd really like to encourage playtesting and feedback, so head over to the forum and start your journey into the dark depths of Greek myth and legend!

Find out more here!

Posted on July 09, 2014, 10:33:15 PM by Jubal
Election Results

Election Results: July 2014

A few notes should be taken into account on reading these results:

  • All IDE candidates were listed on the ballot paper as independents, as the party was formed during the election period
  • Whilst it would appear from the results that the Spatharios and Tribounos elections should have been re-run according to the 2012 election re-runs bill, this did not take place as the result of a motion passed ratifying the results as given

Armadillo, independent, received 2 votes
Pentagathus, independent, received 9 votes
The Khan of IDE received 11 votes
There was 1 abstention

The Khan (IDE) is the duly elected Basileus, taking over from Comrade_General (FIF)

Dripping D, independent, received 14 votes
Pentagathus, independent, received 3 votes
The Khan of IDE received 4 votes
There were 2 abstentions

Dripping D (FIF), the incumbent, is duly re-elected as Sebastokrator

Armadillo, independent, received 5 votes
Dripping D of FIF received 9 votes
Othko97 of FIF received 10 votes
Pentagathus, independent, received 10 votes
The Khan of IDE received 6 votes
There were two abstentions

Pentagathus (independent) and Othko97 (FIF) are the duly elected Spatharioi, with Othko97 (FIF) being re-elected and Pentagathus (independent) taking over from The Khan (IDE)

Armadillo, independent, received 6 votes
Othko97 of FIF received 13 votes
Pentagathus, independent, received 5 votes
Tom of IDE received 13 votes
The Khan of IDE received 2 votes
There were three abstentions

Armadillo (Independent) and Tom (IDE) are elected as Tribounoi, replacing Scarlet (FIF) and Pentagathus (Independent)

Results By Party
PartyVotes% inc. abstentions% exc. abstentions% change inc. abstentions% change exc. abstentionsCandidacies
Turnout of 23 voters, 36% of citizenry

Posted on July 04, 2014, 11:54:10 AM by Jubal
0AD Map Making Competition!

The Council of Modders on the Wildfire Games Forums are organising a mapping competition for the 5th anniversary of 0AD! The aim of Mapping Contest is to create a playable skirmish map that fits in one of the predefined themes. I'll elaborate the requirements further down the announcement.
The theme list for this contest is as following:
1. Northern Highlands:
In the lands where rocks and mountain rule the earth and snow and rain dominate the air, a few remnants of humanity dare to resist the supremacy of the forces of Nature.
2. Ancient Lands:
Once there was a highly civilized kingdom, now only pain and rocks. However, rumors say that great treasures are to be found beyond the walls of this destroyed city.
For more information look here: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18897

Posted on July 02, 2014, 06:03:58 PM by Jubal
Exilian Convention 2014

Unitarian Hall, Victoria Road, Cambridge - July 26, 2014

The first Exilian convention is at last officially happening! The innovative website and internet community dedicated to supporting independent and hobbyist creative (or otherwise interesting) projects is coming to Cambridge. We'll be showcasing game design & modification, programming, writing, and art, as well as having question and answer sessions and poetry readings through the day. Please come along and take a look!

If you want your project to come or you want a stand or a slot to sing or read poetry, please get in touch with megadux@exilian.co.uk.

Entry is free, though we will be accepting any donations very gratefully. Please use the FB event (linked below) to share the event with friends and invite more people along!

Go to the website
Find the event on Facebook

Posted on July 01, 2014, 11:01:40 PM by Jubal
Exilian Choose Your Own Adventure Launched!


This is, essentially, what it says on the tin!


In this ADVENTURE, you will traverse STRANGE LANDS and do STRANGE THINGS with STRANGERS and possibly even STRANGE QUARKS. Safe to say it will be a STRANGE EXPERIENCE.

Some of it might even be written without weird all-caps sections.

That's right, we're starting our very own CYOA, developed by all of Exilian collaboratively - and you can join in! We've set up a special subforum such that anyone can come along and collaborate in adding nodes and options to the story, with four strange starting characters who are just setting off on what promises to be a genuinely madcap adventure... Head over now and start adding to the bizarre and wacky adventure that we're starting to put together!

Find out more