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Posted on June 10, 2016, 03:24:40 PM by Jubal
June: Updates from the forge


Welcome to the second Updates From The Forge! This is our highlights reel of smaller releases, work updates and projects from over the course of May & early June. Do browse through, explore projects and ideas you haven't seen before; maybe travelling off the beaten path will bring you new ideas for the future!

For the first time in a long while we've got an active RPG running on the forum, with new member BearKnight doing sterling work running Deeper & Darker, a fantasy adventure that's just beginning as some dwarves and men sit in the Hunky Hogg Inn and plan their travels. All are welcome, so come along and join in! The map and starting ideas are full of promise for what looks to be a fun and exciting adventure for all involved. Click on the map to head over and enter the game!

We've also been intrigued by the trailer for ObsessiveScience's new intrigue - Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze! With a huge amount of storyline variation and a range of different possibly culprits, this light-hearted steampunk mystery looks set to be great fun. Currently in final testing stages, it should be released sometime in the next few weeks. Check out the trailer:

Ask questions of the devs and find out more about the game in the Indie Laboratories, by clicking here.

CG has been building some gorgeous rockets, which you can head over and discuss in his Exilian Missile Agency thread. These are beautifully made reconstructions of classic rocket designs, several of which we've also got launch videos of for your entertainment and delight!

As one example, here's the lovingly constructed Mercury Redstone:

Head over to the Artisans' Guilds and find out more!

Finally, we're very pleased to welcome Brunelleschi: Age of Architects, a renaissance-fantasy game in which you can build up cities in a multiplayer world, offering complex diplomacy and mechanics. You can check out their wonderful trailer below:

That's the highlights for another month folks - hope you enjoyed the read, and hope to see you again with more great stuff next time round!

~ Jubal

Posted on May 21, 2016, 01:48:53 PM by Jubal
Word Association hits 1000 Pages

That's right!

This is a short announcement to say that our Word Association game, which has been running since 2008, has hit a thousand pages in length! This prodigious achievement is a testament to the absurd amount of time we've spent associating words and the ridiculous replayability of Word Association. We would like to take this opportunity to suggest that everyone celebrates by associating yet more words with one another so as to reach future milestones even more quickly!

Play Word Association Here

Posted on May 10, 2016, 12:28:18 AM by Jubal
May: Updates From The Forge

Hello, all!

This newspost (which may become a regular monthly thing if there's demand) is just to keep everyone up to date with some of the exciting stuff going on around Exilian recently:

In the Indie Labs, bigosaur has been continuing to press on with the development of the cartoonish fantasy adventure "My Mom's A Witch". We've been watching goblins of varying types get subjected to more and more varied and exciting death options, and also more and more challenges emerging from the player from the risk of burning on a campfire to a very large, very angry monstrous matriarch...

Discuss the game and find out more here.

Also in the Indie Labs, we've got discussion kicking off about the demo version of highly detailed, highly adaptable new RPG Isles of Arthanos, which encourages players to build and play through their own miniature fantasy adventures. Whist still at early stages, the game is already looking extremely classy:

There's a lot more to come, there's a demo to play with, and kickstarter and greenlight campaigns to take a look at - this is definitely one to watch!

Step onto the Isles of Arthanos here.

Stormwell has as usual been pumping out backstories and background for the world of Frozen Skies at an almost alarming rate, and Utherwald Press recently had an outing to Norwich's Diceni gaming convention.

To give you some snippets of the latest exploration post, bringing the Tyland Free State to life:

No other nation in Darmonica has played such a major role in its history and ended up falling so low. For nearly a decade it has endured occupation and humiliation whilst harbouring a strong regret of all that has been lost. It is also a dangerous place where gunfights in the streets and bombings aren't unheard of.


Much like the Holy Sodkan Empire, the Tylanders were devout followers of the deity known as 'The Great Maker' but there were theological differences between the two that often led to conflict. The two nations warred on and off over the centuries until the early 1700s when their differences in religious doctrine were put to one side, bonds between them were further strengthened in 1738 when an arranged marriage linked the Sodkan and Tylander royal families. Plans for a Darmonican superstate devoted to the Great Maker were beginning to bear fruit, especially after the United Provinces had been conquered.

Then the Tyland-Artian War broke out.

Want to find out more?

Take a look at the Utherwald Press forum.

Flamekebab recently decided to enter one of YakTribe's sculpting and art competitions, by building a Frankenork based on artwork by Clayton Tait. The monster is completed, and recently showed up in our paintings, sculpts and conversions thread looking utterly fantastic! Take a look below:

Discuss minis and gaming in the Game Room.

Whilst May's often a quiet time of year for us, there's still plenty going on around the site! We'll have more project announcements coming out soon no doubt - until then, take a look around and enjoy discussing the awesome stuff people are making round here!

'til next time,

~ Jubal

Posted on April 15, 2016, 03:57:49 PM by Jubal


Saturday 22nd October
St. Andrew’s Baptist Church, Cambridge, UK

Yes, ExiliCon is back for its third year! We're very excited to announce that we've got the venue and date sorted - we're back in the heart of the beautiful city of Cambridge, and this year we'll be back in the St Andrew's Street Baptist Church - but with the main church rather than the upper hall as our core venue, so we'll be opening far more directly onto the street. Now the real work of putting together the day is starting - if you, or anyone you know, would like to buy stand space, give a talk, volunteer, or just turn up and enjoy the day, please do let them know. We had a brilliant programme last year, and we hope we can put on just as high quality an event in 2016. Please get in touch with megadux@exilian.co.uk or PM me (Jubal) if you want to ask questions or reserve spaces - pricing lists for trade stands will be released in the next few days.

Looking forward to seeing a good many of you in October!

Convention Site
Discussion forum

Posted on April 09, 2016, 09:54:53 PM by comrade_general
Valar Morghulis - Total War Released!

>>> Watch the Trailer <<<

Mod Info and Download

Winter is here!