Author Topic: Creative Competiton 2023-24: Hibernation!  (Read 5700 times)


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Creative Competiton 2023-24: Hibernation!
« on: December 31, 2023, 11:39:22 PM »
Creative Competition: Hibernation

It's time for another of our winter creative competitions! Moving on from last year's SNOWSTORM, this year we hide away from the harshest parts of the winter chill to reach a new topic of HIBERNATION - it's time to keep out of the cold and get as cosy as possible, dreaming away the long nights as the snow falls above. Hibernation can be short or long term, it can be reality or metaphor, a state of stasis or a time of dreams and change. However you choose to bring the long sleep into your creativity, this competition is here for your most creative hibernatory works!

The rules are as follows:
1. Produce your entry. It can be a game, artwork, story, poem, recipe,  rules supplement, sculpture, dance piece, music, whatever - any sort of creative response to the theme.
2. PM your entry (or a link thereto) to Jubal, or send it by email to, and post in this thread to say you've put your entry in. Entries that don't have both the post and PM in will not be considered, and you must not post your entry publicly during the contest (so as to ensure judging is name-blind).
3. Each person is allowed up to two entries.
4. Entries must be in by 23:59 GMT, February 10, 2024.
5. The judges will score each work out of ten on two grounds: how good a response to the prompt it was, and how well executed the result was.
6. Winners will be announced by or before February 29. All entries will then be posted in a public showcase.


Main Prize:
1x copy of UNDER THE YOKE, the peasant life simulator by Priory Games
1x copy of ROCKPOOL, the tabletop role-playing game about life on the shoreline by Jubal

If you'd like to donate a prize and thereby sponsor the competition, please get in touch :)


Yvonne Zivkovic is a Croatian poet and literature scholar whose work focuses on the ways that migrant cultures, identity, and memory work together and how they construct ideas of heritage and belonging. Having grown up in Germany and currently living in Austria, she speaks German, Serbo-croatian, Italian and French, but writes her poems in English, somewhere in the eye of the linguistic storm between them.

Daniel Burke is a game developer and academic translator from Perth, Australia currently developing the fantasy inn management and occasional robbery simulator Innkeep, in which the player accidentally becomes master of an out-of-the-way tavern and gets caught up in much deeper issues while trying to survive thereafter. He also specialises in Japanese-to-English translation with a particular interest in philosophy and the way that words and meanings change between contexts.
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Re: Creative Competiton 2023-24: Hibernation!
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2024, 02:33:19 PM »
I have supplied an entry indeed.


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Re: Creative Competiton 2023-24: Hibernation!
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2024, 09:56:03 AM »
I have submitted an entry
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Re: Creative Competiton 2023-24: Hibernation!
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2024, 04:12:57 PM »
I have also duly submitted my entry :)