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Exilian Articles!
« on: September 09, 2017, 11:02:39 PM »

Announcing Exilian Articles!

We've recently opened a new area of the site, Exilian Articles, where we'll be posting weekly doses of creative geekery from a range of creators and writers! We aim to provide advice,
 inspiration, relief, and ideas to support exciting and eclectic projects of the sort that Exilian is great at. Our first two articles are already up, including some thoughts from game dev BeerDrinkingBurke (creator of the excellent Innkeep) on how to start making a game, and a history article from Jubal (that's me!) taking us on a tour to the half-forgotten medieval Empire of Trebizond, a tiny realm which perched on the Black Sea shores for 250 years.

We've got plenty more coming up, too: if you want to read about how to evoke different cultures in writing, how to explain different Greek city-states via a man with two cows, or how spoken storytelling can link to game design, we're going to have you covered right here. We'll have an exciting range of writers, both old Exilian hands and new faces, and we hope you enjoy this new adventure as much as we're doing already!

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