Author Topic: Village Monsters: Kickstarter goes live!  (Read 201 times)


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Village Monsters: Kickstarter goes live!
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:53:18 PM »
Village Monsters: Kickstarter goes live!

The Village Monsters kickstarter is out! This fantasy sim takes you into a world from some long forgotten adventure game that has been abandoned for many years. The monsters who would once have fought they player have long since settled down and built a village in what's left of their world - peaceful and harmonious, though damaged by glitches that block access to much of the map. This is the world you enter as the player: it's a rich, silly, funny environment where you interact with and get to know the monsters through festivals, picking up hobbies, completing tasks, and much more. The kickstarter will fund the remaining dev costs for what should be a really fantastic game - do go and check it out (and you can ask questions of the dev on his Exilian thread!).

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