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  • Creator: Son Of The King
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Game Version Required: RTW BI 1.6
Celtic Hordes

Celtic Hordes is a mod for Barbarian Invasion which allows the Celts to form a horde. The idea came from a post on TWH, where someone said that the Celts should be able to form a horde. From there on, the mod quickly took shape, and was released soon after. I mainly did it to take a quick break from Britannia BC, which I then ended up doing hardly any work on for ages.

In the future, I intend to add more units to the Celts, both horde and non-horde. For example currently I have added Ireland as an AoR, to try making one before I need to make them in Britannia BC. Basically, this mod is what I will use to try things out that I may end up including in Britannia BC, to make sure that I can get them to work, and to learn how to do certain things, like make the damned campaign map work.

  • New region, Wales, and settlement, Deva (now Chester).
  • New region, Northern Ireland, and settlement, Cruacou.
  • Celts have the ability to form a horde when reduced to one settlement.
  • Horde Transport Ships so that the Celtic Horde has a means of getting off the British Isles. However, these ships are very weak in battle and will need an escort if travelling through dangerous or hostile waters.
  • New UI cards for Celtic horde units.
  • Provincial Campaign allowing Celts to horde from the outset of the game, by giving them only one starting settlement.
Current Celtic horde units:
  • Horde Gallowglasses
  • Celtic Horde Spearmen
  • Horde Chariots
  • Horde Kerns
  • Horde Crossbowmen