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Title: Danaan
Post by: Jubal on January 12, 2009, 10:02:47 PM
This is for discussing ideas and info on the Tuatha de Danaan.

Based on and named after a genuine Irish myth, the Danaan are semi-magical beings who brought culture and light to the lands before being killed off by younger races. They are constantly engaged in a spirit war with the only semi-existent Fomorians, the eldest race who they vanqushed in long times past. Fomorian raids are unexpected events and will pose a randomised danger to the Danaan in-game. As well as the Danaan warriors, highly skilled (but also vindictive and aggressive, not to mention totally untrustworthy if you're not a Danaan) the Danaan can call on many greater creatures or spirits to aid them. However. they are the hardest race to grow with, and they will grow and advance agonisingly slow compared with even the Dzongka. When they reach their full power, they are a race few would relish attacking, though.
Title: Danaan
Post by: Jubal on February 23, 2009, 08:41:49 PM
Unusually for elves, these guys have some serious heavy hitters;
A celtic look is common among the Danaan;
The Danaan are capricious, violent and with little care for the lives of those not in their town or tribe, making them some of the most aggressive raiders in Ithrala.
Title: Danaan
Post by: Jubal on March 06, 2009, 09:39:42 PM

Right, I'm going to try and do these and Humans as the first 2 factions.

Danaan will have a very diverse troop tree I hope, with a lot of options as to playstyle. They can be agressive and dynamic, or peaceful and hidden. A lot of the choices come in that, and also in deciding what the nature of the Danaan really is - will you embrace the darkness of your faction for glory and gain, or renounce it at all costs? Will you build mighty cities, or become almost at one with nture? Each choice will bring more of the most wierd and wonderful units in the game. Nature aligned danaan will gain almost animalistic troops, such as the horned and furred wild kin, whereas the night raiders use the spirit realm to create ambushes and strategies of great complexity, but at what cost? The Danaan must also be wary of the Shadow War - the Formorians, thier kin who seek nothing but to return from the shadow and take revenge...

Unit ideas appreciated! Note that each player will be able to get perhaps 10 unit types, the tree will be very much based around choosing what is best for you rather than expanding to get as many troop types as possible.

First Level
Axe Warriors

Second Level
Spearmen (light armed, spears+javelins)

Third Level
Wild Hunters
War Wains
Xanae (low level magic)

Fourth level
Wild Kin
Sword Singers
Night Hunters (wings+bows)
Alicorniae (riders)

Fifth Level
Ojancano (giant)
Ayalga Guardians
Spirit Warriors
Night Raiders