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Title: Captain's Poems
Post by: CaptainNips on November 16, 2014, 12:33:12 PM
A lot of these I just jot down, not caring for rhyme much at first. If I can't think of a tune for it, I call it poetry. XD I like to play with my stuff visually as well. XD Enjoy, here are some I've done in the past. All comments and advice are very welcome.

The Dreamer

The Dreamer,
Mind lost
           out the window

                         Into an endless tomorrow.

The monotonous shades
Of black-white                         invisible,

                                        To the miraculous
                                        Of his imagination.

All watch with
Tamed eye,
Capturing the moment in
      Sickled hands
                        Sharp as ambition.
The Dreamer sees.
Goes forward,

The Stars are Dead

The Stars were dead
And nobody knew it.
All lay in fluffed beds
Not worried a single bit.

The Stars were dead.
Not even the scientists knew.
All went on day to day,
Trapped to their lives and work like glue.
No one had to worry
About what drifted

Nobody knew
The Stars were dead until
All was Black.
Swept in a pastoral darkness
So thick
Not even the warmest life
Could puncture it.

The Stars are dead.


Just walk.
To move is to live and to stay
Is to die.

The road is barren
Trees are staring
The very air choking and burning
Your very lungs.

The night is near
Though nothing is here.
Not even the stars,
Clouded by tar.

The sides of the street
Padded with feet
Are filled with
Just staring at Them
You know that they did not

A Knock

A knock
At the door.
Two men broad with frowns
And downcast eyes.
Uniforms adorned with color and metal
                              The American flag.

You drop the letter.
The very envelope weighted like stones.
Words from mocking mouths and false sympathies:
                             He fought for his country.

You cannot hear more
Knowing that there will be no more
Birthdays or smiles or joy
Or your own baby boy.
Shutting the door,
                                Lies lies lies.

Title: Re: Captain's Poems
Post by: Jubal on November 16, 2014, 04:43:41 PM
If I can't think of a tune for it, I call it poetry.

This happens a lot to me :P

I like all of these - walk is probably my favourite, though somehow breaking into a rhyme scheme felt kind of odd given the relatively disjointed start to the poem.

But yes - yaaaaaaay moderately grim poetry! :D
Title: Re: Captain's Poems
Post by: Cuddly Khan on November 16, 2014, 08:00:06 PM
I liked The Dreamer, it was very abstract and creative, but yet, still made sense. They're all great, it's good to have some new poetry to read on here.
Title: Re: Captain's Poems
Post by: CaptainNips on November 16, 2014, 10:58:51 PM
Haha, thanks guys. Jubal, now that you mention it, yes, the sudden rhyme scheme does feel kinda weird. Might change it up later...