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Tabletop Games - The Game Room / Re: So what is Warhammer?
« on: May 28, 2020, 02:17:28 PM »
I'm way into SAGA and warmahordes at the moment for my tabletop wargaming/skirmish game, if anyone's interested I could write a little about that?

General Gaming - The Arcade / Re: Dragon Age
« on: May 21, 2020, 03:56:58 PM »
Hi Jub,

Got your facebook notification today (not been checking my emails :P)

Hope things are going well and everything :)

Just a couple things about Origins in general, might be interesting, might not.

When it came out there was nothing like it. Older gamers loved it as a clear throwback to BG, NWN, IWD type game and newer gamers loved it as a fresh take on medieval fantasy (for those that don't read a ton of this style fantasy anyway as writers have been doing it for years, esp Pillars of the Earth novels). It was gritty, 'political' and subverted *most* tropes.

At that time, Bioware had a ton of credibility and EA were even in a bit of a hate-slump, they hadn't portugaled up royally in at least 10 minutes.

Everything looked real and characters felt realistic, especially as the previous big western RPG was Oblivion where the characters felt flat and insipid for the most part.

It was most definitely the right moment for the game to be released. Since then there's been a glut of old-school rpgs, dragon age imitators and not least of all, more dragon age games (DA: II, mobile games, clicker games, TBT game, card game, DA:I. In addition to this, DA:O spawned comics, a web series, a tabletop game, six novels and three lore books. Game of Thrones has it beat in terms of popular take-up and probably length and breadth of lore as well, politics has become much more mainstream in gaming since 2009. None of what it does is now unique, nor is it's package of things it does unique.

Having said that; it's a solid game with really fun character progression and a ton of great dialogue both to and from your player. Most of what you say is just flavour text and has the same outcome but it's that thing that shapes your character in your own head. The options to really play into your ideas is great for a video game RPG.

Ah okay I see. Things like the trade cart in AoE2 getting more money for longer trips, the squalor mechanics in Rome Total War and importance of political marriages in Crusader Kings?

What kind of models are you thinking of? Doesn't need to be fully fleshed out ideas, just curious :P

Also, how would you compare the mechanics of showing progression in Age of Empires 2 vs Rise of Nations vs Civ (any but I guess I'm most familiar with 3 and 5). Always been curious to ask someone that but it's never felt appropriate until now lol

EDIT: Also if you ever want a skype brainstorming session, hit me up ;)

A professor of crime and punishment history (whom I knew very well), used to be attached to Leicester De Montfort, categorically did not want his name on any research he provided or listed as a historical source for the BBC because they valued things other than historical accuracy. They're well aware that they depict inaccuracies, it's just that usually gameplay/watchability overrides accuracy. I very much doubt that historians are going to get any higher priority in production, regardless of research done into it, as interesting as it may be. The classroom model and games as homework though, that could catch on nicely ;)

Not that they're any use but my ideas would be that games as a medium for getting people to properly engage in history outside of the game are phenomenal. But that's where it ends. If the games are sacrificing playability for historical accuracy then it's self defeating.

I take it you've seen this but I'll link it anyway in case not some of the studies linked might be helpful?

Discussion and Debate - The Philosopher's Plaza / Re: UK politics 2019
« on: September 12, 2019, 12:36:11 AM »
portugals sake, literally nothing will happen overall. People affected include: EU farmers, UK citizens living in the EU currently, UK folks with a vested interest in the EU making money. However:

Middlesbrough council house families, less competition for jobs, less modern slavery.

Northampton council house families, less competition for jobs, less modern slavery, fewer illegal firearms (portugal anyone disputing this, I've lived it and recently. Who has the guns here? Polish gangs, portugal the portugal off if y'all are like 'nah man, EU brings so many nurses to northants' yeah pull the other one ya dickhead who ends up in hospital, yeah, gangsters).

Asian and African farmers: Holy armadillo the CAP is gone for the UK, maybe I can them sell armadillo for a decent price and not get blocked by EU dickheadery.

portugal your conglomerate, portugal your confederation and portugal your European one state policy.

UK service industry: Well armadillo, now I can sell this to everyone and change prices to compete with different markets...

UK trade industry: Well... armadillo. Guess I'll have to move this to another market, yikes, china and india are difficult sells ofc...

UK marketing industry: What's this brexit bollocks?

UK music industry: Wha's dis Braxit ballicks?

56% Uk export market: wuts dat breakfast bolox?

Corruption in EU: Uk at 20% better on average than other EU countries.
All the growth is in EU... Oh wait... No, 90% of it it isn't.

The EU is just armadillo, economically, it's armadillo. It's stable, but armadillo, growth is armadillo, economic policy is armadillo. Politically, it's ridiculous, even more ridiculous than the nonsense that's going on in UK politics. Why the ever living portugal do we have most politicians still campaigning for remaining when most people voted for leaving the EU? Who feels this is a good example of parliamentary democracy? Anyone who feels like a referendum isn't actionable democracy.

And to be fair, even though I voted leave, I don't give a flying portugal for anyone's notion of nationalism, sovereignty, who's being 'let in' the country (portugal off, if you tried half as hard to get in to Sweden, you'd see what I mean), it's goddamn difficult to get into a country legally which is better than your own, Uk economy (portugal right off again, floating currency combined with music industry, film industry, english language as soft currency and tourism, it literally doesn't matter), 'English exceptionalism' if that even exists or whatever the portugal nonsense.

It's literally no issue. Get on with whatever you're doing, Brexit might not even happen. It doesn't matter either way, nothing will change.

Much love,

I agree re TV episodes, but I think in games the problem is not space, it's point of view. You can't ask a player to actually inhabit a character who's expected to have really fundamentally different sympathies from themselves. You can, if you're a good game writer, develop NPCs who effectively and empathetically portray radically different viewpoints though, I think games are a potentially good medium for that if you can get over or circumvent the issues with the player character and their moral code.

For an example of the above see Caesar of Caesar's Legion in Fallout: New Vegas. The dude is an absolute monster but his rationale is very logical and whatever. You still go away from meeting him thinking 'Wow, he's a psychopath' but also there's the understanding of where that kind of cruelty and drive for obedience comes from.

Further reading:

You might well think it's idiocy on a slogan and economic suicide, but that's not the whole picture - bailing very quickly would actually have kept up the same supply lines that were in effect but with the imposition of WTO trade rules including paying like 30% more for dinner in the short term. In my opinion the disparity and trade negotiations would have been much more easily worked out from there as it creates a definite base to work from instead of this ludicrous limbo. The time it takes the EU to do anything is a universal weakness of theirs, it's literally the value proposition for that level of democracy, capitalising on it would have been the smart move, it's not that ridiculous.

WTO rules on their own aren't that much of a demon anyway tbqh they've been blown way out of proportion.

Norway option wasn't an option I thought? EU was against it, Norway was definitely against it. I thought it was one the conservative moderates were saying but it never went in front of EU because they'd just burn it?

I think the main mistake that was made was assuming that nobody could pick up our trading needs if we left. It seems to have been the assumption that ~50% of our total trade, the bit we do with the eu is just gone, bamfed out of existence. It doesn't really work like that, we still have that money to spend, just whoever wants the business gets it and we either lose out in quality or we have to take a bad import for a good import. E.g. If Indonesia were to sell us cheap beef in exchange for us buying a frankly overpriced and under-performing 5G infrastructure from them.

Exilian Articles / Re: The Betrayal of the Card
« on: May 06, 2019, 07:58:38 PM »
I have some friends who are dedicated LARP'ers and they have a blast with it! I think one has 5 separate LARP on atm?

My first thought is

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Exilian Articles / Re: The Betrayal of the Card
« on: May 06, 2019, 12:37:22 AM »
Yeah this sort of thing is prevalent is the one-shots they do in MK (Milton Keynes, UK... I mean they probably do them in this style elsewhere but... ehhhh...) which are all apocalypse level events that the players go through and not all of them turn out to be on the side that's helping stop it. All epic from what I've heard though I've never been to one!

Congrats to Lib Dems! A very thorough well done to them :)

@Penty - UKIP have been toast for a while, since Farage left they became increasingly racist with that ex-army guy and the other one with gerard batten appointing tommy robinson as his advisor.

Brexit party is the real deal though taking members and support from both liberals and conservatives. Even if their slogan is dumb. I was at the March 29 rally because I said I'd accompany someone there and so many card carrying rednecks saying 'Brexit means Brexit'... to which my response was usually: 'Crayfish means crayfish'. And this is still the party I guess I'd be voting for if given the chance.

I agree with most* analysts saying that it's because both main parties have royally screwed brexit and (in my opinion) diminished the benefits of brexit by not breaking away quickly and early. In addition, tinfoil hatting a bit, I think huawei getting the contract is because a trade negotiation with china said that was a condition.

*maybe loudest/on bcc most/times/telegraph

Exilian Articles / Re: The Betrayal of the Card
« on: May 03, 2019, 06:23:26 PM »
Oh yeah it's his full time 9-5+ job. It would be a great thing to do with a host of DMs but then you're creating a monstrosity of a game and probably will end up managing that! :P

Hi CheeseChipMansion, welcome to E,

I realise you're new but this particular forum is open for all kinds of debate so prepare to be argued with here, no matter the topic or stance, as my friend and frequent partner in what I hope can be called debate Jub will tell you, I'm an asshat with strongly held notions  :)

I'll take a stab here and believe for the moment you're most familiar with the world-enriching USA or booming African continent as Christianity is certainly not prevalent insomuch as declining in Europe and not increasing at any significant rate anywhere than the aforementioned.

Also being somewhat familiar with Freud, Jung, a philosophical, theological and psychological layman - As you say, ego is the self but isn't the ego an obstacle to overcome in eastern religion? I thought that you had to 'get over yourself' to find true compassion and whatnot? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I disagree with your idea that someone exhibiting anti-normative behaviours is at least part of the cause of anxiety and depression. Just anecdotal evidence from me I'm afraid but the (self-titled, in somesuch language anyhow) flaming queens I've known have not thought of being any other way and as such it doesn't cause them distress.

In addition to this, femininity in males or masculinity in females doesn't mean necessarily that their identity is confused. Personally speaking, I am an effeminate male in at least some respects and my sister is a more masculine female than all I've come across but both of us are very comfortable in our male/female gender respectively.

I also didn't quite say that the terms stand to cause conflict, I actually (perhaps erroneously) think that the terms arise because people don't think through objectively enough what they mean to say because they're already to close to the issue but that's a whole other kettle of fish. I agree it's a slight difference but it's important enough to me to make the distinction.

There are many reasons for a society to favour the victim, usually because of balance of power favours the victimiser which gives them the confidence to create victims. Punishment is great, two consenting adults, a feather and a cat-o-nine-tails, go for it. But in a justice system? Justice is about redressing the balance, how badly did someone portugal someone else? $40,00 worth? Okay we can work with that. Since time immemorial and unto time everlasting, what society thinks doesn't matter to the individual (in a 'do I actually care what someone tells me I should be'). They can blame that, sure, they can cry injustice and protest but in the end it doesn't matter, who we love and what they think matters. And it's about finding people with compassion and the time to show you that the small does matter. All opinion but I've yet to meet anyone who lives actually by what society thinks of them and not what they've read or watched which gives them a false notion from a small group of people that this is the ideal they should be working towards. And yes I think this is largely because I've so far only had any major interactions across Europe.

Just my 2c as well  ;)


Exilian Articles / Re: The Betrayal of the Card
« on: April 30, 2019, 11:56:27 PM »
Ahhh okay, if you check out Adam Koebels DM turns for Far Verona (Stars Without Number system), there's that. 12? maybe factions each with their own discord server influencing the game being played at the table. There's battle theatres, economics, social maneuvering, politics etc. Like a game of diplomacy in the background, crowdsourced.

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