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Appreciate the front page announcement so much, with the looks of the charts and the progress that the marketing is bringing in, it does not look good, unfortunately.

But I have updated the Kickstarter page about this, I will be going to Patreon now for funding for the game and still continue to work on the game, will update the demo more and post devlogs and build the community up for people that does like the ARPG story that I have with the look and feel.

I love game development, and if this was not a passion, I am sure I would have given up completely by now, but in the end, I will rise up, this journey with Kickstarter has thought me so much and the experience that I have received from all of this is so valuable.

I fixed a few bugs today and added some nice audio changes and more things and I was just excited while doing all those fixes as I know this game will really be fun to play once all the pieces has been coded in and designed.

You miss every shot you don't take haha.  :caradilis:

You've done good work, and passionate work at that, I think as long as you have that love for your projects it'll definitely come through in the final product!

Also as I notice this is your first official post on the forums here, I'd like to extend an official welcome to the community - let me know if you have any questions or need help navigating the place, or feel free to open discussions in other forum sections with whatever crazy ideas you'd love to float!

Thank you for the warm welcome, it is indeed my passion to create games, and once you actually get to know everyone that are just as passionate, it just all gells together very nicely! Once I have a little bit more free time I will definitely share some crazy ideas around the forums haha.

It looks like great stuff, I look forwards to seeing it!

Thank you so much NanoTeq_RPG, been working on it for long and really glad that people actually like what they see.

Hi everyone! I'm Jannie Prinsloo and I am a solo indie developer with my studio Obsessive Games.
My Game is now on Kickstarter as it is the 19th of August! if you want to back the project, here is the Kickstarter link:

Action-packed RPG story, Hack n Slash all monsters in your wake. Build a town from scratch and research while gathering resources and leveling up by killing monsters in the area. Don't forget to delve into the dungeons and defend your created town from the Hordes of Monsters coming to destroy it. You can be any class with 1 character and level up each class to gain passives that can be used for other classes.

Here is the trailer:


  • In-Depth Story-Line: The RPG story line will tell you about the Histories of what happened in the Guild Hall and other events.
  • Broad character development: There are numerous classes in the game and your character can be every class in the game and level all of them on one character as you progress, each class gives a certain passive to the character once the level of the class has been reached if you run as a warrior until level 35 and gain the extra health passive FOR EXAMPLE, then you will have this extra health passive when changing to a level 1 ranger.
  • Races: There is 4 races in the game and subject to change. Humans, Demonkin, Wolfkin, Elven
  • Wide Loot Range: All enemies killed in the game has certain gear and loot they drop, each mob has different loot drops and there a lot. From gathering materials, crafting materials, items, gear, weapons to legendary upgrade gems and secret notes.
  • Crafting: You can craft a lot of gear and weapons and tools in the game to help you in your adventures. It takes a while to level your blacksmith to be able to craft the best of the best.
  • Monster Waves: You need to defend against the monster waves that spawns from the monster realm, if these waves get pass your wall defences and destroys your gate, then all your buildings lose a level and this causes loads of progress loss, the timer for these waves are only ticking down once in the game. Waves difficulty will be adjusted according to buildings built in your town. This feature is implemented with towers to be built, customize which towers you want on each slot to help you defend against each wave, if your towers are strong enough, then they can take on the waves themselves.
  • Repairing and Upgrading your OWN TOWN: You need to take care of the Guild Hall that the Heroes built up in the ancient times to defend the world against a massacre from the Demon world.
  • Secret Puzzles: For those that loves lore and finding legendary items, there is a place in this game for you. Find the clues and riddles across the world to find out the secrets that the godly beings have hidden from the world and find their Artifacts to delve into the ascended realms.
  • Dungeons: Dungeons are the key of getting pieces required to make rare to legendary gear or find pieces for research inside of the Guild Hall
  • Tower of Demon Lords: Delve into the tower of demon lords which contains floors of elite demons and elite bosses at the end of each floor, this tower needs to be completed to finish the story, find out why the floors are guarded the way they are, and see how far they go.
  • Gathering: Not every hack n slash has gathering, but this time you need to pick up your axe and mine that iron, or take up your axe to chop that wood, because a town can't repair itself, using your lumberyard to make the planks required for each building. Level your gathering skills as there are more than 1 skill that needs to be levelled up to reach the top.
  • Multiplayer mode: Play Multiplayer with your friends and take on the Hard-Core dungeons on together and clear the tower of demon lords together, difficulty will be increased tenfold and loot will be increased. Help each other defend your towns together and much more.
  • AI Recruitment: Want to fight more outside of town and want resources while killing mobs? Recruit a few peasants from the Guild Hall and give them the tools you created so that they can also level up in gathering and give you the resources you assign them to over time!
  • In Dept Questing System: Events happen over time across the world, every section that is attached to the Guild Hall has their own quests and extra quests that can happen at certain times or at random. Enjoy an adventure that is not going to stay generic.


-Windows but aiming for all platforms including console.


The game is not purchasable atm, but will be $20 when fully release.
Early backers can get the game for $15 on Kickstarter on the 19th of August.

More About Obsessive Games.

Obsessive Games is run by myself as a sole developer at this moment and hoping to get a team together after the funding period, I never wanted to finish a project before as I was content with the job I had and was happy in general since my dad passed away life has been very negative until I picked up game development again and started building a world of fantasy and get my mind in the things I found fun. Game Development took me back to my childhood days where I just wanted to sit in front of a console and play till the next morning, after getting my mind more positive and enjoying the work I was doing I decided that this is going to be the project that I will build my studio up with and continue created fun worlds for people to enjoy. So that they can feel a story that touches them in a way that they know some hardships that even they had and then become stronger in the game and just enjoy it for what it is.
I am making a studio and making games not just to have a fun experience in games, but to also tell a story and get a person's mind away from reality and into fantasy.

Thanks for reading and hope to have a nice chat with all of you!!
Super happy to be in the community and I hope I can contribute a lot!

Noteable Links to Follow the Game:

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