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Making Some Badrijani

So, I made badrijani (ბადრიჯანი) today - a traditional Georgian dish, often used as a starter though I just had it as a meal.

Recipe here:

Unfortunately I didn't think to start taking photos until partway through the process - but here's the paste I made. I didn't have some of the suggested spices so this is walnuts, white wine vinegar, garlic, salt, paprika and powdered rosemary. It was nice - had what for me was a reasonable paprika kick, though that probably would make it extremely mild for most people's taste. The big struggle was getting it paste-y enough: the walnut was chopped fairly fine, I have a little rotating-handle chopper which is good, but it never fully got to paste consistency and I suspect one really needs a good pestle and mortar or maybe a really fine food blender.

Then it was time to cut some aubergine, I got one from the farmers' market down the road a few days ago (white rather than the purple I'm used to associating with them, but as far as I know the colour doesn't make much difference) :

And then I fried the aubergine and added the paste:

Then added some tomato bits as a garnish/addition. This was random based on what I had available but actually worked very well - the tomato and paprika flavours go fairly well and the coolness of the tomato countered out the spice kick quite nicely.

Then I put it in the fridge for a bit until the aubergine had cooled down, then I ate it. It was quite nice, I should make this more often. I might try cutting the aubergine thinner, trying to get the paste more consistent, and maybe roasting rather than frying the aubergine next time as apparently that works just as well.

Announcements! The Town Crier! / Epicinium Released!
« on: October 19, 2020, 04:59:18 PM »

Is it worth winning a war when nothing but ash remains? That's the question that looms at the heart of new strategy game Epicinium by our friends at A Bunch of Hacks, which we're excited to say has now had a full release! In Epicinium, a strategy game with a simultaneous turn-based order execution system is complicated by the fact that, as you fight, the game's environment gets into a progressively worse state.  Building trenches, flatting forest with your tanks, accelerating climate change with your factories - all of it ultimately reduces the winner's endgame score, meaning that total war for victory can sometimes not be the best option for success.

You can currently get Epicinium FREE on Steam! In the team's Exilian release post you can also find links to the game's code and assets which will be a huge bonus for anyone who want to do more with the exciting engine that A Bunch of Hacks have created. After years of development it's really exciting to see this awesome project come to fruition - do take a look and find out more.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Pubmoot III - Oct 29?
« on: October 09, 2020, 11:43:06 AM »
Thinking this might be good for our next one? Shifts from a Tue to a Thurs because I'm playing in a D&D scenario of James Holloway's on Tuesdays at the moment. How would this suit people?

Announcements! The Town Crier! / Updates from the Forge 39: Autumn 2020
« on: September 30, 2020, 07:29:46 PM »
Issue 39: Autumn 2020


Dear reader, hopefully everyone is well, healthy and making the most of the current situation we are all going through. There's lots of great reads for you this autumn, or as some may refer to it, fall.

Great game development, musical tracks, and Exilian exclusives too - that have been designed to share with you all! There are even a few light reading articles and did you know interesting reads as well. Phoenixguard09 has released an all exclusive, find the article here on Exilian two weeks - before it is posted anywhere else: Seven Stones and a Pale Shadow - A Norbayne Campaign Log. Do not forget to let us know what you think in the comments!

Tusky announced the winner of Exilian's pub quiz as: Clockwork! Congratulations to you - your award looks excellent! If you would like to take part in the next pub quiz, Tusky plans to set another one up in autumn. Feel free to participate, Exilian users and visitors, enjoyed the last quiz - we hope you will too.

We have lots to get to, please read on!

Always, make sure you: 'Enjoy your stay!'.


  • Editorial
  • Game Development
    • Game Development
    • The Game Is ON
    • Balbor’s Tides of the Old World
    • Warcrafthero’s Iazyges mod
    • New updates on Tourney
    • KurdishNomad’s Prince Caspian units
  • Arts & Writing
    • Seven Stones and a Pale Shadow – A Norbayne Campaign Log
    • Sharing My Music and Sound Effects – Over 2000 Tracks by Eric Matyas
  • Miscellany
    • And Another Thing (Silly/Quirky News Thread)
    • Cool things on the Open Web


The Game is ON

What English idiom might involve a warning sign, a gale, and a tall building? Or how about a set of four boats and a large pile of peaches? Can you work out what number to phone to get some rest at the end of a shift, or what order a set of night-time photos should go in? You can find the answers to all of these and more in the Game is ON!

In this new project from Bigosaur, creator of great games like Son of a Witch and Windmill Kings. In this new game, Boris, a confused southeastern European trying to learn English, needs your help to discover English idioms cunningly hidden through a range of quirky puzzle levels. As you play through the game you will also be able to find puzzle pieces cunningly hidden in each level, enough of which will unlock even more idiom puzzles for you to discover. Some puzzles also have tricks that allow you to complete them in more or fewer moves, which can unlock even more puzzle piece options. The Game is ON!

Balbor's Tides of the Old World

In this awesome new project, Balbor is working on a big new rules supplement and expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying's Second Edition, to allow players a great deal more fun and adventure on the high seas! Rather than sea travel just being a route from point A to point B, there are a great number of perils out on the ocean from sea monsters to dark elf corsairs and Lucciniese pirate companies, and different characters and their vessels may have a wide range of ways to deal with them.

The eventual project is hoped to include naval rules for all the major factions in the Warhammer world, as well as the detailed rules for naval combat which are at the heart of the game and possible later expansions to allow aerial combat and dragons to interact with the ship combat rules. If you're a WFRP player, or if you want inspiration for how to do ship combat in any other RPG setting that you favour, this project will be well worth checking out.

Warcrafthero's Iazyges mod

Yet another new project in this issue, from the old Rome Total War mod forges. A number of planned factions were cut from the original plans for Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion, notably the White Huns and the Moors - but there were also a few files left in for three additional factions: the Iazyges, Marcomanni and Quadi.

The Izayges, the easternmost of these, were a Sarmatian people with many mounted warriors who migrated west to the Danube, and fought with Rome in Trajan's wars against Dacia before a number of wars with Rome in the second and third centuries. The Marcomanni, who had a powerful kingdom in what is now Bohemia, fought against Rome in the time of Marcus Aurelius, making them the presumed enemy in the battle at the start of Gladiator: they Christianised in the fourth century but are little heard of thereafter. The Quadi, meanwhile, occupied an area somewhat southeast of the Marcomanni and were closely associated with them, and were likely among the many Germanic peopls who crossed the Danube and founded new kingdoms in the fifth century.

Warcrafthero has worked to add these factions back to the game, replacing the Burgundii, Langobards and Roxolani. They have full unit rosters and appropriate starting locations, and allow players to replay the later history of these fascinating and oft forgotten peoples. There are a number of other minor changes in this mod too including the ability for Alemanni, Celts and Saxons to become a horde and a new repurposed model for the Celtic Kerns. Click below to find out more!

New Updates from Tourney

Tourney, the indie jousting sim from Tusky, continues to grow and take shape! In this game, you get to design your tournament field, host competitions - perhaps with a finger on the scales here or there - and watch as knights prosper or fail, prove their worth or slink off in embarrassment. Along the way there will be apothecaries, roast hogs, cheering peasants, jesters, shrubberies, and everything else you'd expect from a proper contest of chivalry and honour.

Recent updates have included the lovely new stables shown above, as well as a new improved armour type for knights, and a new event management menu to help you keep track of the archery, melee, and jousting contests that you set off around your tournament ground. The environment design for new levels has also begun with a hilltop castle for the Avalon location which will be revealed in the coming months, so there's tons yet to look forward too. The devlog thread also contains numerous interesting side-pontifications from our resident medievalists so if you're interested in seeing how ideas about the medieval and games fit together, or just want to watch this brilliant and very funny game come into shape, it's very well worth a look!

KurdishNomad's Prince Caspian units

Jubal's Narnia: Total War is one of the most in-depth and complete fantasy mods for Rome Total War 1.5 - and now, new Exilian member KurdishNomad has stepped in to create a new Prince Caspian Units Patch for the game. He's working to produce a more filmic experience by providing alternative unit skins and models that match those in the Prince Caspian movie. This has included a number of beautiful new creations, including not only adapted centaurs and satyrs but also fauns and even a mighty gryphon to allow the Narnians to truly rule the skies.

These epic additions will make one of the most lovingly crafted mod additions to the Rome: Total War engine even mroe beautiful, and will allow players to experience the movie-style battles and experiences far better than in any previous versions. If you're a fan of fantasy and of Total War, this is definitely one patch not to miss.


Exclusive - only at Exilian: Seven Stones and a Pale Shadow - A Norbayne Campaign Log

This is session three of this brilliant series. Set in a mystical and carefully described land, there are a group of people travelling. But where to? What for? The excellent authors behind this story did not envision the direction the storyline took but were really happy with the final story " I guess part of this may be down to how the character dynamic developed in an opposite fashion in this one. In the previous two sessions, the characters were separate and then met and came together. In this game however, all three were well known to each other, and then spent most of the session pursuing their own individual goals.". Each character is described in colour and really show their true qualities amongst their otherwise tough exteriors. The authors have even hinted an opinion "As an aside, I love _______. What an absolute nightmare of a character." - can you guess which character this is?

Check out the full story here....

Sharing My Music and Sound Effects - Over 2000 Tracks by Eric Matyas

There are so many different music media providers, with subscription fees and sample tracks - but Exilian's Eric Matyas will create his music and share it with you for free. From futuristic sounds to carefully pieced together clips which you can listen to and share with others. There are looped songs that you can listen to because we know you'll really enjoy these sounds. From Winter In An Alien City to Dreaming in Digital - there is absolutely something here for you. If you like the tracks, be sure to let us know in the comments below and on Eric's website!

On Eric's Fantasy 11 page:

On Eric's History page:

And Eric's my Sci-Fi 9 page:


And Another Thing (Silly / Quirky News Thread)

Across the internet, there are so many unusual stories out there. Jubal recently posted one on our "And Another Thing" (Silly/Quirky News Thread). In the digital world, security is everything. So is access to confidential data, worth...absolutely priceless amounts. On September 15th 2020, Jubal found an article about the former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott - and how his passport number was found on the most unlikely places there are...
Did you know that a boarding pass is not only a door to your destination, but also contains data a hacker could use to identify the most sensitive data which belongs to you? Unknowingly, Tony Abbott posted his boarding pass with a caption, to Instagram for his followers. Finding data from the boarding pass, such as the booking reference: this was used to log in to manage flights etc. A hacker known as "Alex" is able to find out all of your booking details, just by accessing your boarding pass and logging into your account with the flight provider.

And please, when you are on Instagram or any other social media channel: be sure to protect your data. All it takes is one piece of information to intercept even a former Prime Minister!

Cool things on the Open Web

Gardening is a big hobby at the moment for many people! It is a great way to get involved with nature, make a better environment for you and all kinds of animals. Here is a fantastic blog about the different varieties of flowers, creative ways to grow produce using plastic bottles, and even recipes!

If you've never really been into gardening, now is the time to get growing! No matter what space you have available, there are so many things you can plant and grow - such as herbs, flowers, even watercress for your meals!

At times when you might not know what to do, visiting this blog could unlock several ideas for you. And do not forget, Exilian has its own gardening and food forums to visit! Happy gardening!

It is now Autumn, unbelievably so. We will see you soon, in Winter. We're looking forward to it, hopefully you've enjoyed the newsletter and we look forward to the next edition! Stay well!

The World of Kavis / Songs and Poems from Kavis
« on: September 13, 2020, 01:03:36 PM »
These I guess should arguably be elsewhere on the forum, but ah well, this keeps all the Kavis stuff in one place.

The Girl of Dagomir's Bridge

I once spied a girl down near Dagomir's bridge,
A fine and fair maid who my heart did bewitch,
She by the old willows and I looking down from the ridge.

She'd hair like the autumn leaves, golden and fine,
But her father the farmer was no friend of mine,
With her voice like soft honey and lips that were red as the wine.

I spoke what I wished for and spoke it so free,
But her father the farmer was no friend of me,
And he cursed me and told me that married we never would be.

So down to his farmstead I stole through the night
There were clouds o'er the stars and no moon to give light
But the flames like the autumn leaves rose, red and gold burning bright.

So now I'm a wand'rer from town unto town,
I'll never return back to Dagomir's ground,
Where once stood a farmstead and now only ruins are found.

Perhaps now she's married, perhaps now she's dead,
While I wander for work and I steal for my bread,
And when I must sleep it's the autumn leaves make up my bed,
And of my sad tale all that's there to be said I have said,
So of her and of Dagomir's Bridge I'll dream, resting my head.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Exilian Pubmoot - Sep 22nd?
« on: September 08, 2020, 07:30:18 PM »
Would this be a good day for our second pubmoot? Tuesday seemed to work well last time.

General Gaming - The Arcade / What are you playing?
« on: September 01, 2020, 08:40:53 PM »
Thought this should be a regular thread to go with what are you reading and equivalents.

My most recent playing attempt was psychonauts, which I found find but I just don't like platforming that much that I want to do a whole game of it, I think. Pillars of Eternity is probably next on the list, though I may buy CK3 as that's out and meant to be good.

The World of Kavis / Setting History: Chardil
« on: August 16, 2020, 12:29:09 AM »
So I'm not that keen on strictly timeline-ing Kavis, though I may do it at some point to get my thoughts more in order. However, generally I wanted to sketch the outline. This is for Chardil, the northwestern pseudo-European continent which I'm starting with writing.

It is about three hundred years since the very last of the Heirophancy's armies left Chardil. The small, northerly continent was never more than an afterthought on the edge of the greater realms to its south, a shadowy region best suited for slave-taking. Nonetheless, the warm waters of the Starlit Sea and the Oak Island archipelago at its western end made good locations for producing olives, cork, cheeses, and some other produce.

The heirophancy was not an Empire in the conventional sense: in legal theory it was an alliance of cities, though far from an equal one, and it was primarily bound together by shared, public religious ritual, though ritual that was very much confined to an elite priestly caste in its actual participants. Their dualist theology never really broke through into popular perception in Chardil proper, though dualist groups. They never truly secured control over the Oak Islands, though they had a string of ports around south and east Chardil: in the west, the two city-states of Tabnire and Kesrata took turns leading and forming alliances against them.

Eventually, the heirophancy began to lose its wars as cities broke away, internal warfare broke trade routes down, and mercenaries began to turn into local potentates. Troops were withdrawn and cities left to fend for themselves. The post-heirophancy cities in some cases maintained nominal loyalty, but this broke down as over the course of two centuries the northern shore's ports fell under the sway of more inland rulers, especially the Alasians and Sternish in the west (and a dizzying array of smaller polities in the more mountainous south east of Chardil).

The Alasians were a tribe of riders from the plains north of some of the Heirophancy's northern ports, who saw wide use as mercenaries and ultimately replaced their former paymasters, as well as splinter groups laying claim to odd bits of land far to the south and east where they had been brought to fight in other wars. The Sternish meanwhile were mostly beyond the Heirophancy's reach in the west, and were largely client peoples of the Tabirenes and Kesratans, with their Kesratan-influenced elites breaking away as the great cities diminished in power. Neither of these processes was bloodless, and a lot of people streamed out of the old cities into monastic communities and villages, and the cities themselves often transformed from tightly run, heirarchical creations to having their wider streets filled in, argumentative political factions becoming the norm, and a range of deities becoming the foci of popular piety movements.

Further north, beyond the reach of the Heirophancy, lies the Sea of Shipwrecks, and beyond that the long peninsula along which is the land of Cenica. Cenica has a High King, and has done since time immemorial, though their power is often somewhat nominal and reliant on particular tribes and chieftains pledging individual loyalty. The marshy land of Serraty connects Cenica and the rest of Chardil: it was briefly claimed as a kingdom by a Cenican noble clan, was then taken over by some Alasian mercenaries, and has since slipped into being a constested realm. The northeast of the continent is mostly mountainous, and dwarves and goblins are more common than humans as the major sapient peoples there: the more westerly dwarves are increasingly part of the Alasian realm, the high dwarves of the far northeast are, and much of the rest is a land of small villages, ancient mines and caves, and deep valleys.

A number of present conflicts have emerged from all of this. Fighting over the Oak Islands, which are largely the wealthiest part of the continent now, is increasingly a bizarre multi-dimensional political game between a variety of northern rulers who want to extend their power into the maritime world, the Oak Island city-states themselves who are major players in their own right as key trading ports, and the Tabirenes and Kesratans. In the rugged east of the Chardil, small lordships led by dwarves, humans and occasionally goblins frequently (though rarely effectually) skirmish, with shifting allegiances and few permanent victors. In Serraty, the increasing ability of both Cenica and Alasia to project power has led to both coming into conflict in the deep marshes as they try to present their preferred claimants for a throne that barely ever existed in a unified state.

South of Chardil, the Heirophancy has largely lost its status as a maritime power, and a line of Sternish freebooters have become the rulers of Starshore, the south-east coastal region of the Starlit sea. However, it has not disappeared, and the regions of the south and east are fabled in Chardil as being great sources of wealth and power. More on them in some future post.

The World of Kavis / Faith, Religion, Priests and Monks
« on: August 15, 2020, 10:46:46 PM »
So, a thread about how faith works in this setting. There'll be a separate thread about the actual individual deities that tend to be worshipped, this is more about how worship itself works.


Most people in Kavis do not pray directly to their deities. Rather, they will have preferred intercessors - generally the dead - who they pray to in the hope that they will intercede with the actual gods. It would be seen as an immense act of hubris to pray directly to a deity for most mortals, and probably something that would call down bad luck (and deeply offend one's intercessor, which has its own raft of potential problems). Family intercessors are the most common example of such, but those with a family intercessor can also pray to other intercessors in particular cases - some locations will have shrines to a particular sprit who can act as intercessor, for example.

The exception to this rule are priests, who usually do pray directly to a deity (though some groups of priests do pray to particularly powerful/notable intercessors themselves). The binding of priest to deity is seen socially as being both a power and a vulnerability for the priest: whilst they have the high favour of their particular deity, their lack of a more general intercessor means that they may find it harder to gain the favour of any other deity when it's needed. There is no real centrality to the priesthood: individual temples are part of civic or village life and jealously guard their local privileges, with most priests being local and apprenticed to previous ones.

There has been a shift towards more centralisation of faith over the past century or so as rulers have become more interested in taking sacred anointing and other symbolism as part of the trappings of their rulership. This is especially the case in Alasia, where the royal dynasty is increasingly promoting the cult of their preferred deity, Chith, and sponsoring building new temples to him in major townships which maintain their connections to senior priests and the royal chaplaincy.

Death and the Afterlife

There are a range of beliefs about what happens after one dies, but the common belief across most of the continent is that the departed spirits of the dead are collected by the god of death, and then taken to wherever they will spend eternity, which is the god's choosing. There is no "land of the dead", and no "heaven": the dead are assumed to very much live amongst the living, although their places may be concealed or inaccessible to the living: homes that are only visible on moonlit nights, ghosts who live among the tree-tops in the village, rabbit-trails that if followed would open out to whole valleys not visible otherwise.

Monasticism & Asceticism

Monks are another thing entirely. Monastic communities can be dedicated to a particular deity, though often this will be a very minor local one, or dedicated to the monastery's founder who is treated as intercessor and spiritual parent to all the monks there, or equally they may be dedicated to a philosophical position that is not necessarily primarily centred on deities. For an example of this last, there are monks and hermits who believe that asceticism is the route to a perfect ordering of society in accordance with nature. Monastic pratice is as varied as monastic philosophy. Some monk groups are ascetics, others more devoted to prayer, others devoted to attempting other forms of perfection in learning or physical prowess.

Monasteries often exist either in close connection with a town, often providing schooling, gaining donations from merchants, etc, or end up being landowners themselves developing regions far outside the best agricultural areas: they can be economically dynamic and politically important players. Larger monasteries can effectively own entire towns, hold markets, and provide the core of a small region's infrastructure. Monasteries are frequently gifted goods, either because someone joining the monastery hands over their previous possessions, or via donors making bequests. In urban areas, monasteries and temples can compete with one another for funding and indeed over philsophical or theological issues to some extent.

Outside monasteries, hermits and wandering individual ascetics can often be found. They are fortune-tellers, sometimes wandering craftsmen or warriors,

The World of Kavis / Magic
« on: August 15, 2020, 08:24:43 PM »
The system of magic in Kavis is pretty loosely defined, but the following is perhaps the easiest way of conceptualising it and how it works.

Some key mechanical points:
  • There is no sort of "power storage": magic is not a case of a magic user having power and using power like a tool. It may be thought of more as a negotiation with the fundamental forces of nature - a skill with unpredictable outcomes, but not dependent on the inherent power of the magician in any sense.
  • There are fundamental limitations upon what magic can do - most notably, dead people are dead.

The best concept to explain all this further is that of what I'm calling numina: spirit or divine presences that exist in just about everything. Numina are as varied as the world itself, many tied to particular objects but others just floating wild. Numina are not themselves independently sentient or sapient, but are a fundamental driving force behind those things: in general, more active and complex world processes tend to attract and bind more and more complex numina. When bound to parts of the world, numina can have physical impacts upon it, though they are not corporeal themselves.

Whilst all magic is fundamentally the same in terms of process, there are different types of magic based on the precise (or, more usually, imprecise) methods and rituals learned to permit magic to be used. Note that most magicians, and most player characters, will not necessarily have this full an understanding of the systems involved, and may attribute their magical powers to entirely other things (especially in the case of sulic magic which is most usually wielded by priests and which many of its users understand as a gift from their deities). There are three major forms that are of interest here.

Jadocrine magic is the closest to what might be thought of as standard arcane magic. It generally involves taking the numina already involved in the world around or in a particular thing and then forming them into patterns that can magnify or amplify what's going on. Given the importance of location to their magic, given that it relies on drawing from surrounding numina, Jadocrine magicians usually either specialise in a very small number of spellcasting techniques or tend to be quite sedentary.

Ostatic magic is the magic of binding new numina into an object, in order to empower it in some way or, in extreme cases, provide it with sentience or sapience. This often requires being able to find or summon numina with particular properties in order to make the binding work. Duskfolk alchemy and the crafting of magic weaponry are both, in different ways, ostatic magical processes.

Indeed all duskfolk are the products of ostatic magic, being created by a particular binding between alchemical ingredients and numina (as opposed to most other creatures, where numina progressively collect around and bind to them in the earliest stages of their life cycle).

Sulic magic is linked to ostatic magic, but specifically focuses on the narrow problem of the very most complex bindings - those between numen and living body. Rather than creating those bindings as ostatic magic might do, Sulic magic is about fairly subtle manipulations of them. Manipulating these bindings can for example accelerate healing or improve other bodily functions. Severing those bindings can also be achieved, which can be deeply painful and, especially to duskfolk, fatal. This sort of magic was largely developed by particular groups of monks and priests.

Dev Notes

The magic in Kavis in many ways tries to slightly systematise the basic division of spellcasting common to fantasty RPG settings, but does it in a different way to normal. Jadocrine magic roughly fits to arcane and Sulic to divine spellcasting in other settings, where Ostatic deals with crafting magical items, golems, etc etc.

Bigosaur / The Buddhist Monk Skinpack
« on: July 27, 2020, 04:29:15 PM »
The Buddhist Monk Skinpack

I've been reading The Outlaws of the Marsh, the classic Chinese outlaw novel recently, and decided it would be fun to be able to represent some of the wizard-monk and warrior-monk characters from that in SoaW. Whilst of course Buddhism is largely a religion that has a strong focus on peace, the warrior-monk has a long history both in reality and in folklore and literature as a character type. For example Outlaws of the Marsh brings us Sagacious Lu, who becomes a Buddhist monk to shake off the police after killing an abusive loan shark in a fight, gets thrown out of one monastery for being drunk and disorderly, gets chased out of a second by corrupt officials, and then turns bandit. Definitely the sort of decidedly chaotic energy that beat 'em up protagonists ought to have!
Scroll to the bottom for install instructions.


Vanquishing evil spirits is a good pastime for a good monk.

In the turbulent years and bitter corruption of the later Song dynasty, even good men must sometimes turn to banditry.

A close-combat staff is the perfect weapon for a monk, allowing much righteous striking of enemy monsters.

Install Instructions

1. Navigate to: Steam/steamapps/common/Son of A Witch/
2. MAKE A COPY of the "shaman.png" file (call it something like shaman_normal)
3. Paste the shaman-monk.png contained in the zip file (attached to this post, below) into the folder, and rename it to "shaman.png".
4. If you want to switch back to the normal character, just switch the filenames back round.

As with all modpacks this is an unofficial project, released for free and downloaded/used entirely at the user's own risk.

Bigosaur / Merlin Skinpack (for the Fire Mage)
« on: July 20, 2020, 04:39:44 PM »
The Merlin Skinpack

The standard wizards in Son of a Witch are all pretty young strapping types - but what if you want to run with a venerable sage or crotchety old man who's out for one last adventure? An ancient mage displaying the mighty magical powers he's achieved after a lifetime of mysterious study in a secluded tower and occasionally providing advice on removing swords from rocks? I bring you the Merlin Skinpack, which adds a hood, white hair/beard, and a blue aesthetic to the Fire Mage, so you can be just the elderly mage your heart desires!
Scroll to the bottom for install instructions.


A wise old sage is something of an asset on your side at court...

Sometimes, a mighty duel of wizards is inevitable: a great sage and master of magic will allow no lesser threats to their power.

Install Instructions

1. Navigate to: Steam/steamapps/common/Son of A Witch/
2. MAKE A COPY of the "firemage.png" file (call it something like firemage_main)
3. Paste the firemage-merlin.png contained in the zip file (attached to this post, below) into the folder, and rename it to "firemage.png".
4. If you want to switch back to the normal blue knight, just switch the filenames back round.

As with all modpacks this is an unofficial project, released for free and downloaded/used entirely at the user's own risk.

General Gaming - The Arcade / What should I play next?
« on: July 13, 2020, 12:24:30 PM »
In case anyone has thoughts. Not planning to do more Bannerlord for now, the combat glitchyness is getting to me too much.

Main options under consideration:
  • Buy & play Dragon Age II - big downside is that this will cost money, and also I have DA1 on GOG which doesn't sell DA2.
  • Buy & play Skyrim. Will also cost coin. I've not played any TES games, which makes it probably the biggest RPG franchise I've never tried, and maybe I should do? But it seems a huge undertaking and I'm not sure how worth it I'd find it.
  • Play Shadowrun Returns or Shadowrun Hong Kong (probably Returns first?)
  • Have another go with The Witcher 2. I stopped it because I absolutely hated the combat compared to Witcher 1 but maybe I should give it another try.
  • I also have Pillars of Eternity, Heroes of Might & Magic 3, The Witness, Psychonauts, and Mable and the Wood on my to play list.

Fandom Discussion - The Secret Garden / Narnian/Rowlingian realities
« on: July 09, 2020, 12:30:21 PM »
Narnia is real or the wizarding world from Harry Potter is real?

Mod note: early posts in this thread are copied or moved from the "would you rather?" thread.

Announcements! The Town Crier! / Election Results, June 2020
« on: July 05, 2020, 11:27:11 AM »
Election Results

This month in our regular six-monthly election round all of our current regularly elected team were ratified in post. The full election results were as follows:

Regularly Elected Staff

Jubal (FIF) re-elected unopposed as Basileus (Chair of Exilian), 5 votes to 0 with 2 abstentions
Tusky (Ind) re-elected unopposed as Sebastokrator (Voting Members' Officer), 6 votes to 0 with 1 abstentions
GMD (Ind) re-elected unopposed as Spatharios (Senior Moderator), 5 votes to 0 with 1 abstentions

The post of Tribounos was uncontested and remains vacant.

Thanks to everyone who voted and to all our staff: the next regular elections will be in December, with opportunities for joining the staff team in the meantime likely to be announced in the Questions & Suggestions forum.

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