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Hello! I bring to you the first version of my mod that will enhance the vanilla experience!
 My goals for this mod are:
 1) Keep vanilla look and feel intact
 2) Keep Vanilla factions, but enhance them and fix historical inaccuracies
 3) Make a better, well rounded game
 4) Add immersion without killing original feel.
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 To Install:
 One thing that I need to be clear on, is this mod runs on the Alexander.exe not the regular Rome Total War exe. Please make sure you use an Alexander Install.
 If you have the last version of the mod, simply extract into the same location and overwrite your files. Make sure to delete the map.rwm file in HRTW/data/world/maps/base folder.
 If this is your first crack at my mod then follow these instructions:
 To Install, simply extract HRTW into your Rome Total War Directory,  or if you use steam, your Rome Total War Alexander Directory. when making  a shortcut, use the Alexander.exe or in steam go to Launch options and  include this: -show_err -mod:HRTW
 Features listed in the forum or the latest article, once approved!

Rome - Total Realism / Overhauling The Recruitment System
« on: December 15, 2016, 09:44:40 PM »
Okay so after testing 3.0 the recruitment is all messed up, with many factions recruiting peasants. So for 3.5 along with all the bug fixes etc, we will focus on fixing our recruitment system before we go on to 4.0. The goal is to have this released on Christmas day. Today I tackled the two most difficult factions: Seleucids, Egypt.
Our barracks system is based on factions and cultures, so most factions will have their own barracks line. The line is split into two parts: 'cs' for client state, where you can get local troops and 'an' for annexation where you can build factional troops.
In the past I wanted to limit the troop selection with the 'an' to basically the historical homeland regions. However, this makes the game restricted, and if you were to expand past your historical territory it was impossible to ever recruit your factional troops. We must change this to where it IS possible, but not the same as your homeland. So if playing as Macedon, you take a holding in Iberia, you could go with the 'an' line. However you will only be able to receive your most basic troops such as Psiloi, Levy Phalangites and Archers, and the higher tiers of that building line will not be available to build.
Anyways the game start also needs an overhaul, so we will need to place a better building in each region so that 'Peasants' aren't the only recruitable unit. This will also help with revolts.

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Rome - Total Realism / Git Changes
« on: November 20, 2016, 04:09:20 PM »
Hey everyone, Git has changed.

If you were previously integrated then you should have received an email from RTR Project Gitlab.
Once you get into the site, read this PDF and you should be set. This isn't very hard. Just don't rush through it and you'll be set up. If you need help, comment here, in slack, or message me at steam.

Rome - Total Realism / Faction unit pics for Menu
« on: October 31, 2016, 06:50:31 AM »
Rome: Early Legionary First Cohort
Carthage: Citizen Cavalry
Macedon: Hetairoi
Seleucid: Agyraspides Thorakitai
Egypt: Machimoi Phalangites
Parthia: Parthian Cataphracts
Pontus: Bronze Shield Pikemen
Armenia: Heavy Spearmen
Numidia: Numidian Cavalry
Gauls: Chosen Swordsmen
Germans: Berserkers
Dacia: Falxmen
Illyria: Illyrian Sicklemen
Celtic Tribes: Celtic Chariots
Iberia: Bull Warriors
Sarmatia: Sarmatian Noble Horse Archers
Hellenic Kingdoms: Xystophoroi
Greek Cities: Spartan Hoplites
Nabataeans: Desert Chieftain
Saka: Saka Horse Archers

Rome - Total Realism / An Eastern AoR Journey with Arjos
« on: October 28, 2016, 08:54:47 PM »
Hello, Arjos and I have spent the past few days with a Q&A session about the troop types in the eastern and steppe regions. We are now finished! I am posting this here for reference.

Area - Anatolia
Anatolian Spearmen - Cap, oval shield, spear
Anatolian Highlanders
Anatolian Slingers
Anatolian Mounted Skirmishers - Our Eastern Light Cavalry
Anatolian Cavalry - javelins, spear, helmet, linthorax
Bithynia - Nicomedia
Bithynian Infantry - similar to Thracian Infantry
Bithynian Peltasts - similar to Thureophoroi but with Round Shields (reform unit)

Paphlagonia - Heraclea Pontica
Paphlagonian Cavalry - Shield and Spear

Phrygia - Pessinus, Galatia - Ancyra
Galatian Swordsmen
Galatian Raiders
Galatian Spearmen
Galatian Nobles

Mysia - Pergamum
Mysian Highlanders
Mysian Archers
Galatian Spearmen

Lydia - Sardis
Lydian Cavalry - Lancers without Shields

Caria - Halicarnassus
Carian Warband - Javelins and Swords

Lycia - Patara, Pisidia - Sagalassus, Pamphylia - Side, Lyaconia - Iconium
Southern Anatolian Warband - similar in equipment to the Hoplitai, but with a Pelte shield, more mobile and with javelins

Cilicia - Tarsus
Cilician Light Infantry- Labelled ''Cilician Pirates'' in other mods, light swordsmen (see RTR VII)
Armenia Minor - Trapezus
Caucasian Skirmishers
Chalybian Infantry - Swordsmen
Lesser Armenian Cavalry - Shields and bows, heavily equipped

Pontus - Amida, Sinope
Pontic Infantry - influenced by Galatians; Sword, Mail, Thureos Shield (reform unit) (Pontus, Armenia, Seleucid only)
Pontic Cavalry - theuros, javelins, sword (reform unit) (Pontus only)

Cappadocia - Amasia, Mazaka
Cappadocian Infantry - similar to the Pontic Infantry, but with spear instead (reform unit) (Pontus, Armenia, Seleucid only)
Cappadocian Cavalry - we already have this unit in

Area - Caucasus
Caucasian Skirmishers - Representing the tribes in the area (not in Albania)
Caucasian Lancers

Colchis - Kotais
Colchian Infantry - hoplite shield and spear, but native equipment, fights independently, not in phalanx

Iberia - Mtshketa
Kartvelian Infantry - Spearmen with native equipment
Kartvelian Cavalry - Skirmisher Cavalry
Kartvelian Royal Guard - Javelins and Sword (XGM's Georgian Swordsmen comes to mind)

Albania - Gatara
Albanian Infantry - Skirmisher/Spearmen
Albanian Cavalry - Skirmisher/Cavalry

Area - Armenia
Armenian Spearmen
Armenian Archers
Armenian Mounted Skirmishers
Armenian Horse Archers

Area - Mesopatamia
Aramean Infantry - Similar to hoplites but with scaled armor and maces
Aramean Phalangites - Levy Pikemen

Camel Archer-Spearmen

Assyria - Nisibis
Syrian Archers

Area - Levant
Aramean Infantry
Aramean Phalangites

Syria - Antioch
Syrian Archers

Judea - Jerusalem
Judean Infantry - Small round shield, javelins, spear
Idumean Archers

Area - Iran
Iranian Cavalry - Medium Cavalry with Spear
Iranian Skirmishers - Our Eastern Skirmishers unit

Media - Gazaca, Ecbatana, Rhagai
Mardian Archers - Have them, only in Media Atropatene/Gazaca
Cadusian Skirmishers - Have them
Cyrtian Axemen
Median Cavalry
Median Kardakes - Our Eastern Infantry unit, not in Media Atropatene/Gazaca

Persia -Susa, Istakhr
Persian Archers
Persian Cavalry
Persian Kardakes - Our Persian Spearmen

Hyrcania - Zadracarta
Hyrcanian Axemen

Parthia - Hekotompylus
Parthian Thureophoroi - Reform unit

Area - Eastern Iran
Eastern Archer Spearmen - Our Persian Archer Spearmen unit, no shield
Eastern Cavalry - Our Barcanian Horsemen unit with javelins (not in Gedrosia/Pura)
Eastern Skirmishers - Our Bactrian Skirmishers

Arachosia - Alexandropolis
Arachosian Cavalry - Our Hyrcanian Cavalry

Bactria - Bactra-Zariaspa
Bactrian Cavalry - Have it

Area - Eastern Steppe
Steppe Horse Archers - Have it
Steppe Foot Archers - Have it
Steppe Lancers - Have it
Steppe Spearmen - Have it

Chorasmia - Toprak
Chorasmian Spearmen - Spearmen with Round Shield

Dahae - Igdi
Dahae Nobles - Armoured Cavalry with Horse Guard
Parni Horse Archers

Area - Western Steppe
Steppe Horse Archers - Have it
Steppe Foot Archers - Have it
Steppe Lancers - Have it

Scythia - Olbia, Amadoca, Gelonus, Gerrhos
Scythian Horse Archers
Scythian Foot Archers
Scythian Nobles

Sarmatia - Tanais, Uspe, Roxanace
Sarmatian Horse Archers
Sarmatian Foot Archers
Sarmatian Nobles

Bosporus - Chersonesus, Panticapaeum, Phanagoria
Bosporan Infantry - Theuros, Spear, Light to no armor
Taurian Skirmishers - A fierce native tribe in the Cimmerian Bosporus. They were known for their raiding and piracy. (Only In Panticapeaum, Chersonesus)
Machairaphoroi - The Machaira was the most popular sword in the region, followed by the Scythian Dagger or Akinakes. Of course it would be used by the hoplites, but it seems as if once the hoplites faded away that a more standard unit with swords were used. This unit would have a chalcidian helmet, a cape, and probably scythian scaled armor. I doubt they were used in mass, so we could lower the troop count. Not an elite unit, but probably a pretty good one.
Bosporan Cavalry - Would be the general's unit as well as nobility that fought. Armed in Scythian style gear, and more than likely were the Scythian Aristocracy that resided in the Kingdom.

Maeotis - Tanais
Maeotian Infantry - Would make these guys spearmen, or we could make them archers. The natives (Tauri, Sindi, Maeotae) were not heavy troops but instead quick and light.

Sindica - Phanagoria
Sindian Infantry - Across the strait of Kerch, near Phanagoria is where the Sindians resided. They were of Maeotian Stock but were heavily hellenized. A mix of native and greek gear along with javelins would make this unit.
Sindian Cavalry - Would be a jav-cav unit.

Olbian Hoplites - Lighter equipped and quicker, had good account against Scythians in 2nd Century

Slavic Spearmen - Simple warrior with spear

Rome - Total Realism / Ancient Regions Research: Latium
« on: October 24, 2016, 06:09:54 PM »
Okay so I will start our new research project off by beginning with Latium. From my knowledge, Latium at our time (280-270BC) is dominated by Rome. The Latins are no longer independent but they do have two main cities that provide troops for Rome, and they are Tibur and Praeneste. They supplied about the equal amount of troops as Rome did at this time, if I am not mistaken and they were equipped in similar fashion as well. It's possible that we can make a few units from them. Obviously the major city in the area is Rome, and it's port is at Ostia. As far as economy and resources are concerned, I have no clue as I have never studied it. Now I know there is probably a good number of unique buildings that can be in place and or built as the game goes on, so we can look into that as well.

For Questions and information on each category, refer to the Home Thread

- Climate: Mediterranean
- Faction Ownership: Rome
- Culture: Roman; Barbarian - 0 Western Civilized - 100 Eastern Civilized - 0
- Major City: Rome
- Port: Ostia
- Minor Cities: Tibur, Praeneste
- Resources: grain, iron, olive_oil, textiles, slaves
- Farming Value: 3
- Hidden Resources: Rome (Hardcode), Italy (Hardcode), Zone01, Region01, trade_hub, farm3
- Special Features: TBD
- Ancillaries: TBD
- Unique Units: Latin Infantry

Rome - Total Realism / Ancient Regions Research Home Thread
« on: October 24, 2016, 05:47:01 PM »
Today starts our region research.. I think for all these regions we need to keep the focus on how we can take information and input it into RTR. Here are the areas where we need to focus on:

- Climate
Climate is based on a two building system that EmoDude created. The climate feature has the following effects: 1. It can be a negative or positive factor in population growth; 2. It has an effect on generals in the region.
- Faction Ownership
Obviously, it's just to tell which faction is in control of this region at gamestart.
- Culture
This is more interesting as it effects public order.
- Major City (Only 1) and it's features.
The main city shown in game
- Port (If applicable)
The name of the port shown in game, we need to find a way to represent the port name!
- Minor Cities
Possible forts or model/resource feature that we will show on campaign map.
- Resources
All the trade resources that are shown in game.
- Farming Value (We use a scale of 1-3 based of ExRM)
The lower the farming value, the lower the farming income and population growth
- Hidden Resources
Rome - (defines location of Roma)(NOTE: must have to prevent CTD around 66BC)
Italy - (defines area for building of imperial palace for Marian Reforms event to occur)
Zone01 etc - defines AoR area e.g. Italy, Iberia
Region01 etc - defines AoR region e.g. Latium, Lusitania
- Special Features (Landmarks, historical sites, temples etc.)
- Ancillaries (Priests, philosophers, concubines etc that cannot be represented by characters, but instead could be picked up in conquest
- Unique units (Both mercenary and AoR)
Anything else?

Regions List
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Rome - Total Realism / Reskins Complete
« on: October 18, 2016, 08:37:31 AM »
I am half awake at 12:35am but all unit textures are complete.

To Do:
Add the rest of Xeofoxes units, and change the Saka unit names and roster.
Edit DMB so there are no bugs with battles.

Can someone please do me a favor and test ALL units, and post every single error here? Then when I get up, I will fix all errors. Also please post every vanilla unit or officer that you find.

After errors are fixed, units are finished except for their unit cards.

Rome - Total Realism / Screenshots, Campaign Progress and Empires Thread
« on: October 16, 2016, 08:43:03 AM »
If you are enjoying a campaign of RTR, or have some screenshots to share, please post them here!

Rome - Total Realism / RTR on M2TWK
« on: October 10, 2016, 07:24:11 AM »
Yes, the title is real. For a few months now, the thought has been in and out of my head and today I decided we should AT LEAST TRY IT.

Currently installing it all as I type, Gigantus has helped me understand what we could potentially do with this. So below are a list of thoughts and ideas, and facts.

1. This will be an attempt to port as many RTW features over to the M2TWK engine as possible. Hopefully the game will feel like RTW, instead of M2TW. This means: UI, units, animations, music, sounds, etc need to be RTW and not M2TW.

2. Some features: 31 factions, 7 cultures, 10 religions, unlimited DMB, 500 edu, 200 regions, loyalty, hording, shadow_factions, better ai, better scripting, merchants and other agents, permanent stone forts, video messages etc

3. No we will not focus on multiple textures and models for one unit. It will be like RTW for right now, one model, one texture.

4. Remember we are just testing this. Gigantus is the best of the best when it comes to M2TW modding and he even ported RoTK mod from RTW to M2TW, so he knows what to do, we just need to follow his instructions.

5. Please leave comments below. We can discuss faction list, etc once we get something ported.

The Thermopolium - Communication & Chat / Ahowl11's Comm thread
« on: October 08, 2016, 05:16:26 PM »
Hello everyone, this is my comm thread. Use it to ask any questions or contact me. This will also be a place where I post my daily doings, whether it's modding, research, an idea, or something I read. I will try to make this an example of what everyone should be doing with their Comm threads. It's supposed to be your public journal or blog and people follow it to see what you are doing to contribute.

Rome - Total Realism / Cultures
« on: October 08, 2016, 05:12:20 PM »
So in RTW we are allowed a grand total of just 7 cultures, and on top of that we are allowed 3 working religion slots.

Our cultures:
Roman - Rome
Greek - Greek Cities, Macedon, Seleucid, Hellenic Kingdoms
Eastern - Parthia, Pontus, Armenia, Nabataea
Carthaginian - Carthage, Numidia
Egyptian - Egypt
Barbarian - Gauls, Celtic Tribes, Germans, Dacians, Iberians, Illyrians
Nomad - Sarmatia, Saka

Our religions (culture in-game):
Western Civilized
Eastern Civilized

Okay so religions are not assigned to factions, but instead to characters, buildings, and regions. So Rome can have a barbarian region, but have a Western Civilized Governor, which would mean unrest. We can add more religions or 'cultures' to be more diverse but they do not have the same hard coded effects. For them to be effective, they'd need to have traits I believe.
So if we want to add more we can, but for now the 3 we have are pretty good.

Now for the 7 cultures, I have a few ideas before we move on from them.

1. Change Carthage to Eastern, keep Numidia as Carthaginian which would be changed to African. There are Numidian Portraits available, and the African culture can represent Numidia, Mauretania, Gaetulia, Garamantia, Libya, and Ethiopia.

2. Keep Carthage as Carthaginian, but add Iberia to be Carthaginian. Make Egypt Greek, and turn Egyptian to African. Then make Numidia African for same concept.

3. (Best Proposal imho) Make Egypt Greek, and Illyria Greek. Make Carthage Eastern. Have Numidia be African. Make Gauls & Celtic Tribes, Celtic. Make Parthia nomad. Would end up looking like:
Roman - Rome
Nomad - Sarmatia, Saka, Parthia
Greek - Greek Cities, Seleucid, Macedon, Egypt, Hellenic Kingdoms, Illyria
Eastern - Carthage, Pontus, Armenia, Nabataea
African - Numidia
Celtic - Celtic Tribes, Gauls
Barbarian - Dacia, Iberia, Germania

Now Illyria can still be barbarian, Dacia could be Celtic. Parthia can still be eastern. None of those changes really change anything. But having an African culture and splitting up the Barbarians does change it. This would mean that Carthage will have a culture penalty in Africa dealing with the Numidians, and it means that the Gauls and Celts will be surrounded by a different culture making a clash with Germans and Iberians inevitable. This adds flavor to the game as we can make the 'Dislikes Celts' trait etc.

The only thing I dislike, is the fact that I just feel like Iberia and Illyria are semi-civilized and they just don't fit anywhere.

If anyone opposes let me know, otherwise I think we should give it a shot.

Rome - Total Realism / A New Map?
« on: September 16, 2016, 08:49:59 AM »
Okay so in the past few days, I have had conversations with Gigantus, and Muizer, who both are presumably going to join this discussion.
Basically, our current map whether its the smaller version or blown up version, isn't really that great. There are a lot of issues with terrain, and placement of mountains. Also, our experiment to blow up the map has not gone well, as Gigantus and I concluded this morning (sorry Emodude, it's just not looking right, and the ai will be effected as well :/). Muizer also has some ideas. Basically it seems as if the best idea is to make a new map, but is that what we want to do? Here are some key features that it'd need to have regardless.

- Stretch to Western India & Tarim Basin so Saka have an impact. We have to include the Saka, Xeofox has dedicated a lot to this mod specifically for them, so the map needs to extend to where they were.

- Have proper projection in Eastern Portion of Map

- It needs to extend south to include all of Arabia as the trade was so important back then, and I'd like to emulate that in RTR.

- I vote to keep my regions, which Gigantus and Muizer both seem to agree on.

- We have the resources researched by Suppanut on TWC, shouldn't be hard to port, they were made for the Fortuna Orbis Map.

- Even though EmoDude isn't as active, he put a lot of time into the climates as well as the textures for the map. I'd like to keep those as best we could. Also, because of our climate building feature, we need to keep them as intact as we can.

- What do you all think on having the major rivers Navigable?

Here is an example map that Muizer showed me today.

Okay, so Gigantus, Muizer, Emodude.. The floor is yours. Let's do what is best for the team and make sure we have the best map possible.

Rome - Total Realism / Minor Cities Project
« on: August 09, 2016, 06:43:24 PM »
This is where our research will be stored for our minor cities project. For discussion on the topic, let me know and I'll invite you to our discussion on slack.

Rome - Total Realism / The BETA 3 Unit Improvement Thread
« on: July 23, 2016, 08:21:07 AM »
This is the thread where I will give all of the current units with better skins and models.

Since Rome is basically the easiest faction I will go ahead and replace their skins and models first amongst the rest of the factions. Here is their current roster. I will post an image of each unit with its new look once they are complete.

Oscan Infantry
General's Bodyguard

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