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Bigosaur / RogueBit: a hacking puzzle game
« on: September 22, 2018, 08:38:10 AM »
Here's a small project of mine that I have been working on and off for months:

You play as a single bit of computer memory which became sentient and decided to escape from digital into the real world. Explore RAM, modify bytes and hack machine code and CPU registers to set it free.

More details and screenshots on the Steam store page:

I will soon have a beta build ready for testing. If anyone is interested in trying it out and giving some feedback, e-mail me at for a free Steam key.

Bigosaur / Son of a Witch - about page
« on: September 18, 2017, 07:23:14 PM »
Son of a Witch is an action adventure game for PC in a fantasy setting. 1-4 players can select one of 7 different character classes and play a challenging and fun beat 'em up game with cartoonish graphics. To make it more interesting and replayable, the game features roguelike elements like permadeath, random enemy encounters, random maze generation and many different items and weapons.

The official game's website is here:

You can get the game from Steam here:

Beside the media on Steam, you can find high quality screenshots and a little bit about the game history here:

This is the latest official trailer:

For news, watch the Steam announcement section, my blog and the twitter account:

Discussion on current and future features is done here on Exilian and also on Steam discussion forums:

Questions and Suggestions - The High Court / E-mail problems / hosting
« on: September 02, 2017, 09:05:05 AM »
I put SoaW in Updates again:

I completely missed that. I just checked, and for some reason google e-mail servers categorized the Exilian "News & June Elections" e-mail message as spam.

I checked the sending email server IP ( against some spam databases and it is listed (for example in SORBS: So, it's possible that e-mail doesn't go through to everyone or gets classified as spam. Did the recent webhost migration also include changing the e-mail sending servers?

Does Exilian have a dedicated server or it's using shared hosting? If it's the former, maybe something could be done to remove the IP listing.

Bigosaur / Son of a Witch: Devlog and general discussion
« on: March 16, 2016, 05:28:40 PM »

In the past 7 months I have been planning a new game to make. It will be a multiplayer action brawler like Castle Crashers with cartoony graphics. The main problem I have with CC is that once you complete it, there's no incentive to play more. So, I decided to combine the brawler mechanics with roguelike elements: permadeath, procedural generation of levels, items, enemies, etc. and non-modal gameplay (esp. imporant if you have 4 players playing).

I have most of the concepts on paper and spreadsheets and some 60% of the graphics is ready (still need to work on animations and special effects a lot). Current plan includes: 12 heroes, 44 monsters, 16 bosses and 6 different environments (forest, battlements, castle, dungeon, catacombs and a special ice level). Additionally, 50+ different weapons and items will be available to loot and use for the first version, and more planned later.

There will be 3 distinct play styles available, focusing on melee, ranged or magic combat. The player's starting class would determine the proficiency (i.e. base damage and effect modifiers) but the player can upgrade during the game and become multi-class if desired (and RNG does not get in the way). Melee combat is going to work similar to Castle Crashers with additional "rage" mechanics, which is a meter that fills up and you can use a special attack then.

The levels will be laid out like rooms in the Binding of Isaac with boss fight at the end of each level. The mana system and magic items will work like batteries in Isaac (i.e. you need to complete a couple of rooms before reusing the special magic) and the regular magic users can constantly shoot various weak projectiles similar to tears in Isaac.

I plan to post my progress every day, so stay tuned :)

Latest cool .gif:

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