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M&B Mods - The Explorer's Society / Rise of the clones
« on: December 19, 2008, 04:43:46 PM »
This is a MnB mod about the Clone Wars, made by waraelm and the team. The story of the mod is the following:

The infamous Clone wars are raging through the galaxy.Like a great fire, it has engulfed millions of lives on countless worlds of the Republic and CIS.The Republic, counting thousand of core worlds, has the biggest threat to its existence since its founding.The CIS, a separatist group wishing led by the mysterius Count Dooku, want independance and are prepared to fight for it with an army of battle droids.The Republic must respond with the recently acquired Clone army, and the conflict goes on.Droids are produced faster, and with their numbers the separatists slowly gain an advantage against the core worlds.The Senate must take immediate action, and in agreement with the cloners of Kamino, the new ARC clone troopers are being produced, in the hope of rebalancing the tides of war.The jedi generals must make new tactics with the given reinforcements, and decide to establish a base on a remote planet which holds a great droid factory..The tides of this great battle may very well decide the outcome of the clone wars, as well as the fate of the galaxy.

The factions (in the first release) will be

The Republic
The CIS (The Confederacy of Independent Systems)

The Team:

waraelm (leader and coder)

kavien (coder)

telapicus (coder)

Barf (modeler)

Thorgils (modeler)

Lt Tower (research)

vadermath (story and dialogue writing)

A few pics will be up soon.

A few clones

A B1-droid

One of the clone guns

Jango Fett custom face

Another gun (note that positioning has been fixed)

Rigged Clone ingame

Another gun :D                                                      

Not finished Ion Blaster

Three Blaster Pistols

Elector Staff for magna guards

More Blasters, used by the Clone ARC Troopers

Since Clone Lancers will be ingame with speeder bikes, here is the lance

D-17 Blaster

AT blaster


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