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Good to see you again! I quite like the bounty hunter, as I am generally pro puns. Even if he did just tranquilise Val (given Val's track record I doubt that counts as an Evil action in any case...)
Yeah... She had it coming.
I'll probably be inactive for a few weeks as I finish up some school stuff but hope to get back to this troublesome trio shortly.

From what I see so far I'm liking it, it's quite focused on combat, but generally pretty lightweight and really aesthetically nice if you like polyhedral dice (a key system element is that you upgrade the die type rather than a stat number when you upgrade skills, so the worst is a d4 and the best is a d12 - gives quite a cool feeling as you get a physically different die the better you are).
Oh cool, I kind of like that idea. Might have to suggest it to the group I table top with.

How's the Savage Worlds system? I haven't tried it out myself but have heard good things.
I love playing a wizard  in most table top games but yeah, those magic systems take a good minute to  figure out.

Thanks, yeah, I think you're right. I've got some ideas for this character, but I need to hammer out a more solid villainous arc.

Yeah, he's just chilling out elsewhere while Bob uses his body.

Haha, I feel that that's exactly why I've avoided planning too much of this; I'll end up with more ideas than I have time to produce and then get overwhelmed by it all.

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