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Really weird issue, I am unable to recreate it on any machine. Can you try deleting the save file and restarting the game?

Can you share the content of (should be in the same folder as exe)?

Thanks for feedback. I will check these issues! Steam error message (should be) non issue. It logs that if it failed to connect to Steam API.

It just I usually test with Linux version so resolution might be Windows specific. I will test the game with my Windows machine to see if I find out the reason for this. What was the resolution of your Laptop?

Hello everyone!

I got suggested this forum for looking feedback. I am currently working on a game called Mushy Score. It is a 2D platformer where you fight against endless waves of enemies for high score. Use elemental power ups to improve your character and use flowers to protect your altar.

I am a solo developer so it would be helpful to get outside perspective on my game. If you want to help open source game development please try out my game and give any feedback. Video of gameplay would be best but any feedback is helpful! Thank you in advance!

Links to demo:

Other links:
Source code:

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