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General Gaming - The Arcade / Space Hulk: Deathwing
« on: May 18, 2016, 01:31:39 AM »
Everyone here knows what Space Hulk is so there's no need to explain it.

This game (unlike the one released in 2014 and then re-released in 2015 with 1 years worth of patches to circumvent negative reviews) looks pretty portugaling sick.

Look at the gothic...ness of it! Very WH40k, looks like it plays like Vermintide, which is pretty awesome btw if you've played that.

General Chatter - The Boozer / What video games are you playing?
« on: May 10, 2016, 02:20:25 PM »

What are you playing at the moment?

I keep a few going at a time, Dawn of War: Soulstorm, Might and Magic VIII, Overwatch, beta stops today :( and Heroes of the Storm.

Marvel/DC / Marvel/DC hero comparison
« on: March 31, 2016, 06:07:33 PM »

Hero comparison DC/Marvel. I don't like these damn fandom wars people start but this is actually interesting. And the artwork is great.

Marvel/DC / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
« on: March 26, 2016, 11:39:28 PM »

No spoilers in this post.

First off, the action was phenomenal. If you want to see spectacle and visual FX this movie has it in spades, possibly the best ever. Unfortunately, for me anyway, the movie did not deliver on a cohesive story and when the movie did try that it did so clumsily half the time. The film suffered from being too short, or trying to do too much too quickly. There are a lot of what seem to be either cut or perhaps purposefully fragmented scenes, if it's the former, I go back to it being too short and if the latter then I'd say it's bad editing/directing.

Ben Affleck as Batman and Wayne was fantastic in both roles. He must have bulked up a ton for this role and looks like he could very well go toe-to-toe with the man of steel, gadgets or no. His bat-suit is the best of any batman movie hands down and he used gadgets and weapons ton which is fair enough considering who he's up against but his stand-out scene is when he's fighting unarmed, Synder is just fantastic at making the fight scenes look like they really goddamn hurt. As far as character development goes for batman, I think they did great for the time the film spent on him. The opening scene does a fantastic job of setting up motivation for the movies premise which takes about 15 mins maybe. He has some weird scenes but I can't go into that without a spoiler tag.

Cavill once again plays a great Superman, no surprise there the guy is fantastic, and layers a lot more character on top of what he did in Man of Steel. Once again his morality is more ambiguous than the comics or other portrayals but it's just another direction to go with him, I don't mind it at all as I've never really liked pure white-knight characters anyway. But I understand that a lot of fans are still annoyed about that.

Jesse Eisenberg was horrendously miscast though. I think that his was the weakest performance by far, I wasn't a fan of how he portrays Lex it's almost like they wanted to cast someone as Joker but didn't want to be compared to the Nolan movies. He plays the character like he's moderately insane, a few ticks and thoughts getting out of control but with logical motivations and goals as opposed to Jokers wanton mayhem.

The other characters did fine, Amy Adams had a decent amount of screen time and did fine as an intrepid reporter, repeatedly moving the plot forwards and cluing the audience in on what's going on. Gal Gadot looked amazing as Wonder Woman, her scenes were brief but she's got screen presence but I could probably write a paragraph or two on her character despite this because you get a good sense of who her character is from the nuance.

However there are plot holes which are blindingly obvious, it's annoying because it seems like there's a lot of other material to play with rather than trying to shoehorn something which doesn't fit and doesn't quite make sense. Despite this, the amount of nuance in this film altogether is, in my opinion, highly underrated. There are so many visual and atmospheric clues in this film as to whats been going on in this DC universe. Snyder isn't a director known for light touches and fairly so, but he is good at painting a picture with very few strokes. It really, really pays to keep a sharp eye open or perhaps another viewing.

On the whole, I liked the movie but I'd really like to love it.


More terrorist BS and again it was muslims. And at least one of them was let through the border despite being inspected because we aren't taking a hard enough stance against them.

Omerta - City of Gangsters could do with all of these. It's a great game at heart but the graphics are bad for when it was released (2013), the imbalances are kind of insane and random graphical glitches happen all the time and level breaking bugs happen only commonly. The expac seemed to exacerbate this for some reason.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2! New graphics would be nice but it look as you'd expect for a game of its age but the game is buggy as armadillo. Crashes on loading screens, quest dialogue out of place, quests not triggering properly, cutscenes not triggering properly, game not working well in fullscreen mode. Daaamn. Plus I'd really love a balancing of force power. Force push should do some good damage really to give LS players an option of going for consular without being gimped for spending points in wisdom :/

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic! Same sort of problems and using old DnD ruleset means that finesse melee attacks aren't a thing unfortunately.

Satellite Reign! I've never seen a game launch with so many bugs (and I played Rome 2, Fallout 4 and XCOM 2 at launch). Quests don't always trigger and when they do they aren't always complete-able when they do, xp and money progress is so weird it's done over time so you're incentivised to stand around doing nothing until you get power enough to take on challenges instead of out-thinking or out-playing the game.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines! My favourite game is not without its share of bugs, fortunately Wesp5 has done a stellar job of squashing them but still. The graphics are dated nowadays and yeah some skills are near useless but that's part of the roleplaying, sometimes you want to roll a character that is good at things that come up rarely in the scope of the game.

Evil Genius! The Theme Hospital-esque game where you play the part of a campy villain and henchmen trying to build an evil lair to do evil things. However I literally can't complete the game because of how bad the bugs and balance is. I could deal with a really hard game or an average game that takes away mouse use but I can't deal with one that spikes to really hard AND takes away mouse use :D Still an enormously fun game and one I keep coming back to despite it being broken.

Freedom Force! One of my top 5 games but again not without problems. For one, a graphics overhaul would be lovely and the ability to play it on an OS later than Windows 7 would be great! The problem is that it doesn't work with dwm (desktop window manager) which is required always on for Windows 8+.

EDIT: Download the GoG .exe (on their forum free for download) if you have any other version and it works on later OS.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Web Shows
« on: March 05, 2016, 05:12:15 PM »
Could have sworn I made a thread about this before but I can't find it :/

Anyway I've been watching a lot of RollPlay on itmeJP's channel. He's got multiple RPG shows, Swan Song is Firefly-esque, Mirrorshades is Shadowrun, there's a couple of DnD ones, warhammer 40k, Star Wars, probably 6 or 7 others. The shows start slow for the most part but as the players get more comfortable it gets better and better.

So far I've seen Sagas of the Icelanders which is about Norwegians settling in Iceland and trials and tribulations associated.The Mirrorshades campaign I was obsessed with was absolutely fantastic, sad it's over but it ended so freakin well it tempers the anguish that it's gone. I also saw the Star Wars one, which is done over 2 days (8 episodes). Everyone was in cosplay and is very much a star wars short story by itself. The combat in that game is really well done too.

The one I'm currently watching (60 or so episodes in) is called West Marches which is typical DnD 5th. It has a load of people on it as opposed to Mirrorshades and Sagas using the same 4 people, which works well in the setting.

There's always a ton of energy and what looks like genuine excitement to play, people get into their roles. It's great, would recommend a lot.

Here's a link to all the shows:

Thematic mechanical abstraction!

I believe youtuber John 'TB' Bain coined the phrase. What it refers to is taking a set of mechanics and slapping a different theme over the top. For example take the assassins creed mechanics and slap LotR over the top and you get Shadows of Mordor.

If anyone has a great idea to slap different skins over existing game mechanics I'd love to hear it :D

I like the idea of Jedi Knight themed Arkham City, detective work, fluid combat more in line with the prequals than the originals.

Also DnD themed XCOM for obvious reasons. The Mordheim PC game still isn't good unfortunately.

An image I posted was taken down on 26/02/2016 in the thread Funny Picture Thread by moderator Gmd. Reason given is section 4 of ToS - Spamming.

Under the definition I can't have been spamming because it would require intentionally antagonising another member or for personal gain. I could have gained nothing other than post count which clearly isn't the issue because part of the post is still there and I haven't obviously antagonised anyone because there hasn't been an angry response post which would be an indicator.

The post was not unsuitable for the thread, it was obviously a funny picture.
It wasn't political.
It wasn't unintelligible.
It was in English.
It was a single post.
I have never cared about post count as supported by my lack of participation in post-count-boosting forum games.
There was no malicious intent to incite flame/forum wars. Indeed, no replies to it were made other than a removal.
I wasn't advertising anything.
It wasn't parasitic.
It didn't contain a link to a product.

Marvel/DC / Deadpool
« on: February 13, 2016, 09:14:42 AM »

No spoilers here.

Saw this yesterday and I thought it was great. Humour was on point, the sex scene was particularly funny, watch for that if nothing else as well as the in-jokes if you like that sort of thing (jokes aimed at Ryan Reynolds, the green lantern and wolverine origins movies etc). The violence I was expecting to be a lot heavier than it was to be honest but there was perhaps only one scene that was bloody violence and the rest was comedic or too fast paced to really have an impact.

One of the things I found a little off-putting was the amount of visual noise on screen at times. Every now and then there was a scene where there was simply too much going on too fast to be able to really see all of it which made a couple of action segments a little harder to follow than I'd have liked.

Standout performances were Ed Skrein and Brianna Hildebrand. I can't really say Reynolds was a standout performance because I get the feeling he's just playing himself....So to speak. But he was enjoyable to watch regardless.

General Gaming - The Arcade / Really Bad Game Sequels
« on: February 01, 2016, 11:38:23 PM »
I've been playing through Max Payne 3 again. While I disliked it first time around for not being set in NY with Max chasing after some sort of femme fatale, I dislike it now because it's just an awful game.

The most obvious and inexcusable reason why it's bad is the level design. We all know that the slo-mo bullet time is the signature feature of Max Payne, apparently Rockstar's level designers don't. Bullet time is best used to complete multiple actions simultaneously which would be difficult to do at regular speed, these sorts of things include, multiple takedowns when in the open, dodging bullets and running for cover. Or all three at the same time. The levels provide almost no space to do these things, there is cover absolutely everywhere and the times where there isn't, it's scripted so that you take less damage and very conveniently the enemies take a lot more.

It's an example of bad level design which alone is enough to break a game. But being a die hard Max Payne fan, that would not have stopped me from loving it if it wasn't for them doing what seems to be ever more fashionable - ultra-seriousismness. The original MP games were set in a serious tone about a guy who's been dealt a really crappy hand. However the dialogue from Max himself while interacting with things made it obvious the devs weren't taking the game as a whole too seriously. There were instances of Max breaking the fourth wall, commenting on game mechanics and design for example in 2 there was a comment about how he was practically a new man (they got a different actor).

So not only was it a bad shooter but it was also a bad Max Payne game.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Speakers
« on: January 31, 2016, 12:27:59 PM »
Anyone know which are good? I've been looking at Logitech Z333 and Z623. I have budget for either but is there a huge difference? I prefer logitech because a) they're reliable, had my current ones for...7 years maybe? b) they look good on the desktop and c) they sound good with a decent amount of bass.

However I'm not so hung up on them I'd not switch brand with good reason.

Tabletop Games - The Game Room / Shadowrun 3E
« on: January 31, 2016, 10:48:49 AM »
I got a digital third edition of Shadowrun and have been going through it over about a week. Already being familiar with Shadowrun setting and to a very lesser extent, lore, it was pretty simple to understand. I did not expect this to tell the truth, so many people say it's overly complicated but hey, whatever.

The ruleset is very open to DM and player interpretation. Not to say that there aren't flat rules but when it comes to character creation you can have any skill or knowledge you like and it'll probably have a use at some point during a campaign. In shadowrun you roll against a target number for skill checks and so slightly related skills can provide a small reduction to the target number and the exact skill can provide larger reductions with specializations providing larger reductions still.

E.g. My mechanic has the repair skill specialized in drone repair, I'd get a small bonus to deactivating a cyberlimb due to it being mechanically related, I'd get a decent bonus to repairing a microwave and I'd get a large bonus to repairing a drone.

I don't know how standard that is for an RPG as I only played an early version of DnD and can't remember that being part of it.

Anyway the mechanics are sound and the setting is fantastic.

Here's the start of a playthrough of 1E but it's similar to 3E. 4 and 5E are noticeably different though.

General Gaming - The Arcade / Battletech!
« on: January 24, 2016, 03:16:27 AM »
What is Battletech?

 You've probably heard of the classic game Mech Warrior? It's that universe but in turn based, mech crunching format instead of realtime mech crunching format.

Well the geniuses at HBS (Harebrained Schemes: Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall, Hong Kong) are making another turn based game! And y'all know how much I love turn based combat. Like a fat man loves a fry up.

That doesn't help, what is Battletech?

In the medium distant future after multiple terrible civil wars 5 houses, noble in name, fight for the right to rule over humanity. Their weapons of choice? Giant mechs kitted out with as much demolition hardware as possible! If you're a noble in a planetwide firefight, may as well look badass, right?

Where can I find more?

Or check out the steam group Battletech(2017) I created for updates.

It was successfully kickstarted a while ago but I didn't really see it until now. It's slated for a 1-2Q 2017 release so only a year or 2 to wait.

General Gaming - The Arcade / Why I love - The Darkness II
« on: January 21, 2016, 02:52:36 AM »
I went into the game with no knowledge of The Darkness, I didn't play TDI and I didn't read the comics.

The player character is Jackie Estacado, a standard italian-american gangster with all the tropes. The character is pretty vanilla in other words and doesn't make a great impression but the drawn art style is catchy enough to make me want to see the rest of the level at least. The intro starts with a slow tour of a restaurant introducing various mobsters in your employ until you're thinking 'Yeah okay, I get it, he's a boss.' Jackie seems like an uninterested everyman. However by the end of the level Jackie gets possessed by an ancient evil called The Darkness which manifests itself as black snake like heads sprouting from each shoulder and armadillo starts to get pretty cool.

The action had most definitely commenced and I forget all about Jackie. I'm slicing people in half with snake heads, I've got engraved M1911s, things are looking up. For the most part it's an average shooter with snake heads as an interesting extra mechanic. Then something truly great happens. Out of nowhere a girl runs down an alley and he shouts 'Jenny!', suddenly Jackie has some history. He thinks he's seen a ghost and is going crazy but he knows Jenny. Later on (after some more carnage) he takes a shortcut through this beat up diner and inside the diner looks great and the lights are on and is Jenny is the only person in it, cleaning tables with the radio on. This is where you get the first glimpse of what kind of a person Jenny is, she makes the most of things, has fun where and when she can. Jenny sees Jackie and runs over to him giving him a hug and calling him by the affectionate nickname rat-face. Jackie reacts by saying more or less 'I don't care if this isn't real'. The song on the radio changes and Jenny drags you to the centre of the diner to dance with her and you get choice to kiss her or to wait until the song finishes. She invites you back into the kitchen either way and the vision vanishes and the diner is back to lights off and run down.

Jenny's character grows the more of these maybe-flashbacks-maybe-hallucinations and as hers does, so does Jackies. If you play through the game the ending is just so damn perfect. It's both a great example of how to grow a relatively blank slate character through interaction with other people and just a fantastic love story.

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