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The Beer Cellar - Forum Games! / Re: Word Association
« on: May 05, 2018, 03:49:24 PM »
underrated superhero and movie. Also leet page :P


This may or may not be helpful but recent total wars have given the leaders and their bodyguard a ton of melee defence but relatively low attack for the tier they're supposed to be.

I agree that injuries can easily lead to frustration and immortality a)doesn't suit a lot of games and b) yeah not having another game over condition would lower the stakes dramatically.

If you have ration or upkeep mechanics then those could be lose conditions? Or could the hero literally have to be the last piece of the army to die?


I mildly disagree on your use of the term 'warband games', those are not particularly defined but usually I've seen that term used to describe games like Mordheim: City of the Damned (PC and TT), Warband (PC), Battle Brothers, Templar Battleforce. Games in which the party and/or encounters of said party are at least mostly randomly generated at some level. This is in contrast with Chroma Squad, JRPGS, Dragon Age which have definite characters even though a fair amount of the combat/encounters can be random.

Having said that - I also don't like the term I use for the type of games you mean: Legion RPGs but I use that because they have a lot more troops than what I call warband games.

With my unnecessary bs out the way: it depends what vibe you're going for. High fantasy usually has heroes only die to plot and in low, anyone with a pitchfork and racism can kill the main character (hey witcher fans).

Would HOMM be better with killable heroes? No. HOMM 4 did that and it's almost exclusively regarded as the worst in the series.
Would Disciples (another prominent Legion RPG, mid fantasy, heroes are randomly named warrior, mage, rogue or merchant) be better if heroes were immortal? Not sure, the facelessness of them means that you aren't as invested in them when they die.

Theme of the game plays another part - if the game is supposed to be hard, heroes dying adds difficulty as it basically removes a 'try again' button.

If other gamers are anything like me then an injury system has to be interesting - lose an arm: no shield/2h/ranged but +1 to attack with single handed and +1 AC etc. without the bonus coming from injury, re-rolling the character just seems like a better option.

Norbayne / Re: Norbayne Timeline
« on: March 13, 2018, 07:14:58 PM »

Bear in mind I am that one guy that eats all the lore you lay down.

Happy birthday buddy, 24 is okay but 25 is actually decent so like, good things ahead :D

Exilian Articles / Re: Vampires & Music
« on: February 19, 2018, 07:37:57 PM »
Ah I love them, aloof, effortless, feckless, lazy, a disarming aura, an air of mystery. Beautiful decadence, prideful narcissism. Prone to flights of fancy, stunned by beauty, innately more 'human' than most creatures of darkness.

They're very much 'twilight/true blood' vampires which gives them a bad rap. Having said that I love playing this super casual being with sudden bursts of energy and glaring weakness ;)

Musically I'd have to find something that just sounds good and it's innately cool without trying. Loathe to say it but Beatles maybe? I'll look into it.

Exilian Articles / Re: Vampires & Music
« on: February 19, 2018, 12:30:59 AM »
Yeah exactly! To me that style of a distracting foreground ringing above a backline is how I play my Malks :) Although I based my own loon off the Malk progenitor from VtM:B video game who had a very sound mind but episodes of insanity. Also mixes with what I've personally witnessed of mental illness because great RP is based on real life :P

If you're curious, Toreador is my favoured type, Malk is a very close second though!

Exilian Articles / Re: Vampires & Music
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:58:49 AM »
I like it, Sabbat is the official title for the antagonists in english version (even though it is the same word and origin as sabbath).

I love both your ideas on Malkavian musical taste. For me; I'd play one song on top of another. Something like: In the House, In a Heartbeat - John Murphy underneath Invaders Must Die - Prodigy because to me one of the hallmarks of playing a Malkavain is being of two (or more) minds. A constant background element of some affliction, be it visions, a great plan, voices while at the same time being very much in the present with your other half screaming, fighting, painting, laughing, crying.

Or even an audio book version of Paradise Lost over Clubbed to Death - Matrix Soundtrack.

I like and approve this message, was generally my thoughts on him as well.

Overall I think I agree with him on most things and yeah the bible stuff he does is *fascinating*.

I do however think that because a lot of what he says is logically complicated and requires almost by definition a combination of abstractions and rational analytic thinking, that his message can be misinterpreted by people especially if they fall into the trap he's trying to prevent of liking or hating him too much.

Yeah no problem, thanks for your input Jub, I really appreciate it :) I know I pushed a little but I kinda really want to know both sides of what he's talking about because yes, he is a pedagogue as far as I can tell but also seems to say some smart things. I can't tell if his thing is a cult or sense, I guess I have to make up my own mind in the end but I wanted a rebuttal, so thank you :)

What critiques is he making of historical theories? Do you mean his hatred of Marxism and the like or something else?

And what's his version of modern humanities faculties? I don't think I've seen him talk about either especially.

His lectures I've seen have been anti-communist, anti-socialist, anti-sjw, anti-postmodernist and cites research done into animal behaviour, how hierarchies are stable, that equal outcome is undesirable in a civilised country but equal opportunity and fairness is eminently desirable and a lot of stuff tied to religion, music, humanism etc.

There is both more and less to the C16 thing than just C16 where Peterson is concerned. It's the most talked about thing about him so forgive me if you already know this but I feel like it's crucial context. In one of the Canadian universities (Toronto I think, where he has tenure, not sure) he was giving a speech about whatever, doesn't matter, and during the questions he was asked what he'd do if he was fined for not calling someone by their choice of pronoun, he said he wouldn't pay it and face jail time. He would have been doing something illegal but not criminal, under their laws. Again, not taking a side but he's not wrong that he could face sanctions for not using xe etc.

He's of the mind that his discipline is a social science and he's a big fan of sociology and history, he has a great knowledge of 1900s history especially so I don't think it's fair to say he dismisses social science or humanities :/

Given his usage of the terms I took it for granted he was talking about social structures, I get the impression he doesn't subscribe to political stances because he's all about defining people by what they have, where they are, how successful the are, their personality types and not at all concerned with how people describe themselves or even seemingly peoples potential. I don't think he's wrong and I don't think it's even that extreme of a view but it's not 'nice'. And I don't mean that disparagingly either, being nice is really important.

No idea why I went on a binge watch of his stuff, I feel like I learned something about directness and logic.

Interesting. Not saying I agree or disagree with either him or you but I think you've misheard or been misled about a couple of his points.

He doesn't ignore socialisation as an effect on character traits, he actively addresses it with his look into Scandinavia and how despite their highest level of equality and such that males are 20:1 of engineers and females are 20:1 of nurses or similar statistic, that a trend towards equality maximises gender differences (taken this from another video of his at a university).

I also disagree that he he's merging the two; he states that the two traits which indicate competence (intelligence and conscientiousness) are the traits which lead to higher paid jobs, backed by his studies (disagree on whether his studies are valid if you like) but he doesn't say competence at an individual job leads to higher pay at that job. Game theory (if I'm using the same LSE version you are) requires that people always maximise outcome and that all players know all the rules; he states that people with a higher agreeableness trait don't, they don't know how to get a 'best' outcome. Again, not saying I agree with him or not (not made up my mind yet) but that I seem to be getting a different message.

He's definitely not inconsistent I really don't think you can apply that to him at all. His stance has always been that legislation should not tell us which language we have to use. This has a very important distinction (one which he's forced to make repeatedly) from language we can't use (racial slurs etc.). One can certainly make a case that trans people need pronouns and he's wrong to wholly dismiss all of them.

I can also tell you where he gets his ideas of postmodernism from, Jaques Derrida, who was a marxist and later a postmodernist. Peterson believes that the link between the two is that marxists were/are in favour of empowering the oppressed working class to rise up against the capitalist class and that Jaques Derrida changed the language but not the sentiment. Instead of economic situation he called it power and instead of working class vs capitalist class he calls them oppressed vs oppressor. - loosely paraphrased from various videos. I believe that he's comparing similarities because he sees them both as authoritarian left *in this instance with regards to activists who are pro-article c16*.

I think it's a little unkind to not give him more credit, the guy is a genius to some degree. His analytical skills a phenomenal (even if you disagree with his ideas that come about from the analytics he does). I have to admit I find him a very captivating speaker but he's speaking on things I have, at the moment, limited experience of and as such I find it difficult to wholly agree or disagree with him.

Have a gander at this one dudes and let me know what you think. Gender pay gap, postmodernism and lobsters.

Wb penty :)

Yeah I'm usually against no platforming also, with the same general stipulations. I still think Jews are targeted unfairly by UK media especially indie groups and I think some people are too quick to claim anti-zionism when they're being anti-semetic. Also I'm pro-state of israel so hey I'm biased. I don't think unis should be fined. Basically I don't think that the people who decide on who gets a platform would care if the uni was fined or not.

Surely if you really wanted to damage someones image you'd let them speak and just record the lack of audience or the awkward questions they can't answer. Idk.

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