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Extended Factions / Re: The Portal to Another Realm
« on: June 21, 2013, 04:52:14 AM »
I've been watching this mod for a bit now, and am hugely excited for it, as I prefer mods that add to the original M&B, instead of completely over-hauling it. Also, I am massive Byzantine history nut, and of overly proud Scottish descent, so this mod has pretty much everything for me, haha. I hope it is going well, and hasn't been derailed by real life, or anything silly like that. Also, if you would like any help on anything that doesn't have to do coding (I know sadly nothing about coding for M&B) I would be happy to help. Heck, I would even go through everything and spell-check for yall, if it helped get this mod out there faster.  ;D

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