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I have now made two mockups from medium-weight unbleached cotton cloth (muslin, I forget the German name).  The second seems to be headed in the right direction.

Doublets in this period are sort of hybrid garments.  The upper half of the body fits fairly loosely and supports itself like the upper half of a suit coat / blazer / Sakko.  The lower half fits like a corset and holds up your hose like a modern trousers belt.  By the mid 15th century, when every man above a beggar is wearing a doublet, we sometimes see workers with the upper part pulled off and hanging below the waist like we knot a sweater.  The skirt is still enough to hold it closed.

In the late 14th century, doublets were more for young, fashionable, warlike men.  That might be one reason why the ideal silhouette was so extreme.

General Chatter - The Boozer / Re: An arboreal curiosity
« on: February 20, 2021, 06:30:32 AM »
I am glad you have your own little tree!  You could try getting a larger pot for the willow shoot.

Trees are amazing.

Hey, if they didn't want other people to play with their toys, they should have put their toys away when they were done with them!

I like the simple graphics.

I'm not sure about having a fireplace and a cookfire for a cauldron.  Its two separate fires to watch, and the one heating the cauldron will smoke up the room.  Using the same fire for heat and cooking lets you use the same wood twice.

My next project is drafting and making up a black fustian doublet from the same period.  Last time I was able to work on this project was before the plague and two years of unemployment and some changes to my body.  So while previously I was aiming for the typical male silhouette of the period:

I think I will have to aim for the masons and torturers of Christ we see in some 15th century art:

(One reason for that is that in the late 14th century, there were plenty of respectable garments for men which hung down to the mid-thigh or lower, so as you got more comfortable, and felt less need to impress the ladies with your shapely calves and bottom, you could invest in more expensive (= voluminous) clothing as well as better food and people do do the sweaty work for you and hide your belly under them.  There seems to have been a trend for the 15th century onwards for these to be relegated to very formal garments like gowns or specialty garments like rainwear).

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« on: February 14, 2021, 05:48:32 PM »
I've got 600 pages of French inventories, an Oxford Classical Text Epitoma rei militaris, and a scan of A.R. George's edition of the epic of Gilgameš ... lets do this

As seen by trecento eyes ... (Morgan MS. G.54 Der Wälsche Gaste folio 6r see also

and by the unfeeling crystal gaze of a camera during the first real snowfall of the winter.

Yes, its interesting how different concepts reoccur in different cultures, from the basic 'blanket with a slit in the weave to put your head through' to a cut-and-sewed garment with its own hood.  There are versions of this idea in the 16th century where the back half is more than half a circle for extra ploofyness!


The collar is embroidered ...

And set into the cape, lined with more duppioni, and joined to the lining of the cape which is anchored to the neck opening.  HIC · SUNT · II · DRACONES!

“As a strong Black woman, I didn’t think you needed help.”  Hahaha that sounds like something I'd expect Steven Crowder or Milo Yanopolis to come out with.
I am glad I am picking some amusing things to link!  I try not to be serious all the time, because politics is pretty silly. 

One long-term issue for the Liberal party is that their current revival is centered around Justin Trudeau, and he will almost certainly step down as party leader sometime this decade.

Just to add to the excitement after the mass shooting in New Brunswick, the woman who was living with the shooter is one of three people being charged with providing him with ammunition after his ban on possessing a firearm.   :o  That could be a case of a spouse abuser sending abusees on errands, or even more complicated.

There was that team vs. team game with an engineer and an assassin and a big freya-ing gun wasn't there?  Each has 2 or 3 options for weapons.  And those Battlefield WW II simulators also have primary and secondary weapons for each character type.  The Goldeneye or ... what was that Star Wars FPS where you start out with a little pistol and end up with a lightsabre and a concussion rifle? quick-swap between an arsenal of weapons can be a lot of fun though!

Matt Easton has a handy video on why people rarely carried more than a staff weapon and a shield or a bow and arrows  Computer games and some roleplaying games ignore the practical difficulties and the interesting decisions to make.  If one character in the party is the big axe guy, and another is the crossbowman, those are niches where their players can take the spotlight while the others watch and hold their breath! 

The only thing I would add is that in some places in the last few hundred years, we do see people who wandered around with say a long gun, a sword and shield, and some knives or pistols.  Men in Norway were dutifully following the old law which said they always had to carry their spear in public into the 17th century!  And travellers were very keen to get a donkey or a pack-horse or a mule or a camel, and there were baggage-animals for a wide range of budgets.  But he gives some good rules of thumb for the video-gamey instantaneous weapons swap.

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« on: February 07, 2021, 11:04:43 PM »
BagaturKhan, I also do not know you or any of the people who are making these attacks.

I am not neurotypical.  I have learned that some people like to become central in an organization and then start to exclude and insult others for the feeling of power it gives them.  Eventually people around them figure out what they are doing, and either they are thrown out or they are left ruling over a clique of sycophants and failures.  It is not worth understanding, just dealing with, the way you deal with a broken sewer pipe or a fallen power line by stopping it spreading and making sure nobody you care about wanders in to it by accident (some people who you care about may listen to your warning and run straight in and grab the live wire, and there is nothing more you can do).  The sewer pipe does not care whether its just that your basement is flooded the month after you lost your job, the power line does not care whether its just that you have no power when you are about to videoconference with your sick grandmother.

That is just what a Christian would call sin, like the way people rape or murder or rich people squeeze money out of poor people.  Its rooted in millions of years of evolution which are nothing to do with morality: morals are a human construct, evolution just care which traits tend to lead to a trait share increasing in a population over time.  Trying to understand it in moral terms is like trying to understand those wasps which lay eggs on living prey to devour them alive in moral terms, or trying to understand an earthquake in moral terms.

A woman in California named Violet Blue has books and blog posts (click "mental health") on methods of surviving online harassment which worked for her as a very US person, but I do not know you or where you live or what kind of brain you have so what works for her might or might not be right for you.

I cannot see the linked forum post since it is members-only and I am not a member.

Part 2 of the series explains a practical problem: identiites can be very important for living people we know personally, but because they are internal and subjective they are hard to access in the ancient world

Jubal, if you ever have energy I would like to know what unambiguous term you use for sentences of the form "Lloyd was born near Mt. Snowdon but identifies as European" or "after escaping from the small religious community where he grew up, J now identifies as male and is pursing his first degree in accounting."  I think that having unambiguous, well-defined terms is much more important than which terms someone uses

Unambiguous as in different from "Lloyd is Welsh," "Lloyd is a  British citizen and no longer part of the EU," or "J is male in gender" or "J's friends know him as male" (or for that matter "Musa's income puts him in the census' working class, but he identifies as middle class"

BC has decided to continue (not change) its "work and public school goes on but no mixing households" pandemic restrictions indefinitely.  The trouble with that strategy is that numbers of cases are no longer dropping and the more infectious variants have appeared in western Canada.  Its asking the population to spend another six months in isolation until enough people are vaccinated.

The reservist who broke into the grounds of Rideau Hall with a M-14, two shotguns, and two handguns has pleaded guilty to several charges.

One of the marginalized MPs who left the federal Liberal caucus before the last election has come out with a gossipy memoir.  I have to say that I do not see or hear about intense anti-black racism in western Canada, the way First Nations and Métis friends tell me they get followed around stores by suspicious staff, but its possible that things are different in Ontario and she is certainly entitled to describe her experiences. 

On the latest essay on Thoughts of Progress, columnist Paul Wells also accuses the current Canadian federal government of being too reactive and focused on headlines.  But I never found a way to get anything useful out of that kind of talk by self-professed insiders and People who Know People, they just are not basically trustworthy people and they don't provide evidence so you can decide who to trust.  As I said elsewhere, my impression is that Justin Trudeau used up all his ideas of THINGS TO CHANGE in his first term, is not interested in keeping fighting for the ones he didn't achieve then, and is groping around for new ideas that he can actually achieve; Canada is also caught in some nasty political forks like China vs. USA, indigenous rights vs. the way things have been done since 1763, and the established oil industry vs. not killing most life on earth (right now, most biomass 1 kg and up is humans and our cattle and fowl, so if industrial civilization dies that is most of the animal mass gone even without the current Great Extinction).

The NDP also have trouble expressing a vision of how their Canada would be different, and many people don't seem to understand that the Green movement is about reorganizing society around sustainability not about individual environmental issues.

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