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Marfur-Nirari war from the side of Impeccable Empire.

The most powerful invasion of the Immaculate Empire by Marfur-Nirari.
Continuation of the chronicle "Marfur-Nirari. War.", Written on January 30, 2021.

The Impeccable Empire, led by Emperor Azis Excelsior, just like Hyperborea, experienced the full fury of the invasion of Marfur-Nirari. Since the beginning of standard March (20,000 BC), the invasion of the galaxy has been in full swing. The armies of Marfur-Nirari attack every state. While Hyperborea and the rest of the countries bravely fight the enemy, the Impeccable Empire fights with the same ferocity. Azis repeals the contract army law in honor of the invasion and conducts a general mobilization. All young men and women over 17 years old who are capable of holding weapons are enrolled in the army. In parallel, the legendary mechanized troops of the empire are used.

The worst was the Eastern Galactic Sector of the Impeccable Empire, where the flotilla of diamond-shaped ships of Marfur-Nirari could not be stopped. The attack is taking place across all star systems.

Standard March
Week 1
The new armada of Marfur-Nirari, nicknamed "Hades", breaks through the defenses of a dozen worlds of the Impeccable Empire. A surprise attack on Nippur, a planet too close to the capital of a great power. The attack is repulsed, but panic begins in the central worlds of the empire. The "Hades" armada merges with the second "Wormtongue" armada and begins a massive offensive. A council of satraps convened by Azis and his brother Zoran are alarmed by the deteriorating situation. The "Wormtongue" Flotilla appears near Itinhatijan, the second planet of the Nargon star system. The battle is successful, and the ships of the Marfur-Nirari are destroyed by the newest ships of Impeccability (using Elfurr technology). However, the "Hades" armada is destroying life on the planet Kistvaal at the same time. The local population is killed by viral weapons. The number of deaths during new attacks is more than ten billion

2 week
Admiral Artavazd, along with the empire's elite special forces, are fighting fiercely against the enemy. The "Hades" flotilla, led by Lich High Admiral Zilanzotl, breaks into the Air system. The hardest battle is taking place. Groups of Artavazd and 2nd rank admiral Anunashakar destroy the flagship of Zilanzotl. Armada "Hades" was defeated, but almost half of Artavazd's ships were destroyed. Sons of Impeccability who died in the battle - up to two million people. The Air system has been completely cleared of the forces of Marfur-Nirari. Soon, Marfur-Nirari directs ships into the Gulstot system, but the armada is stopped by an allied fleet of aliens friendly to the Impeccable Empire. Emperor Azis Excelsior talks about researching the technology of extinct races and improving fleets. The Council of Satraps actively supports the autocrat's aspirations to renew the army. Members of the Ho-Nari race also offer their assistance to the Impeccable Empire in the fight against a common threat.
3 week
Intelligence of the Impeccable Empire discovered the secret weapon of Marfur-Nirari on one of the captured planets. Found a whole laboratory with a large number of living dead on the planet Karunka. By order of Azis Excelsior, the monstrous creatures are destroyed by "cleansing fire". Flamethrowers are recognized as the best weapon against zombie hordes. Soon after the cleansing of Karunka, alarms are heard on the planet Carbonarr. Agents of Marfur-Nirari use a secret weapon that forces corpses to rise to their feet and kill enemies. Artavazda's groups are directed to clean up Carbonarr. Only complete burning out of orbit saves the planet. The zombie threat has been destroyed at the cost of losing an entire colony. In addition, Marfur-Nirari attacks the Ho-Nari state using the allied hive fleet of Ara-Nii. Ara-Nii lead Ho-Nari out of the war. Insect-like creatures can no longer help the Impeccable Empire.

4 week
Marfur-Nirari makes a pact with the Ga-TT Collective, ruled by a race of cephalopods. Ga-Tt immediately attack the Impeccable Empire. The Tartess star system is under siege. Admirals Artavazd and Semiramis (the only female admiral of the empire) organize a punitive attack. The Flotilla of Impeccable empire invades Tartess. Ga-TT were defeated in the Monstrous Battle. Their armadas retreat back to their homeworlds. Thus, the Empire manages to destroy the allies of Marfur-Nirari. The Great Tach-Klan-Kkla, the supreme ruler of Ga-TT, perishes in the battle. But the alien attack turns out to be just a common flanking maneuver. While the best admirals in the Empire dealt with the cephalopods, most of the Marfur-Nirari "Kerberos" fleet captured 20 star systems. The fleets were immediately recalled to the Nargon system.
Marfur-Nirari is desperate to strike a decisive blow against the Impeccable Empire. A large armada of enemies, mostly Madi-Lims (four-eyed allies of Darkness Lord), destroys the planet Mardonius-3 with the help of the Obliterator, a secret energy weapon. Shortly thereafter, the Marfur-Nirari army attacks the Nargon system in an attempt to take over Azis' home planet, but the operation ends in fiasco. On Nargon are the elite units of the Empire in full combat strength. Draconian and Kinos armadas rescue people in Nargon and destroy the Kerberos flotilla in orbit. But after a few hours, a new force appears. Marfur-Nirari summons the most powerful ancient creatures such as Kurolisk, Kokatrisk and Henatrisk to help. Powerful fire-breathing monsters are raiding hundreds of worlds of the Impeccable Empire, and they are also appearing on Nargon. With the help of Firestorm, they destroy the ancient capital of the empire. Then Azis orders a retreat from the Nargon system. The situation is hopeless.

Standard April
1st half of 1st week
Marfur-Nirari besieges Nargon. But he no longer wants to destroy the planet with the help of monsters. Monsters have been sent to other worlds in the galaxy. Nargon is fired from all sides from guns. For several days the residents endure shelling and massive bombing. But the Nargon Resistance is not giving up. They continue to fight with all their might. Fight to the last.

The rest of the information you again can read in the story "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness". This is described in some detail in my recently completed book. There will be no more spoilers.

Zero Hour - is the best game for realizations of the some periods of my universe. But the most cool engine is Warcraft III.

And also, i uploaded all World of Infinitas maps to the one archive.
Now you can download it from here.

Install as always. Its need to put all maps to the My documents\Zero Hour\Maps folder. Activate from skirmish.

Most likely this Warcraft project will have a continuation. And soon you will see new maps and minor campaigns. I still want to make a campaign with a full storyline and videos. I’m thinking about this question. Fortunately, there are a lot of stories on this topic in my universe.

This is mod is one of my favourites, because of vanilla style and interesting gameplay of new 3 factions.

Amazing Alexander 2020 - Kings and Gods

Small, but interesting project for Rome TW Alexander. Don`t connect it with my other Alexander projects. Its a standalone mod.
Main author is BagaturKhan.

The main idea of the modification is to transform the Alexander add-on into something adequate and normal. I must say right away that there are no new models here, as well as a new campaign map. But in terms of gameplay, factions style and balance, everything has been redone. I just fixed all the flaws that the CA people had to fix. It turned out in the end - what you see.

Main changes of the latest version (Amazing Alex 2020):

- 3 campaign factions: Macedon, Scythia and Persia
- India is now in the campaign map (not playable, but exists in the map)
- Way to India is now free (no block paths).
- New balance changes for all game factions
- More powerful Rebels, they also have some new units
- More good situation for Macedon (more chances for the glory way)
- New units for Macedon, Persia, Dahae and Scythia
- Other interesting changes.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Main links
Moddb thread
Cloud.mail link of mod

Install it to your alexander folder and overwrite all files. This is for ALL language versions.

Here is what is known about the large-scale attack of Marfur-Nirari in 20,000 BC. The Hyperborean Chronicles clearly speak of this. The Hyperboreans did not know about our era or BC. They kept the chronology from the birth of Emperor Telbert, the unifier of their mighty state. Therefore, chronology will be built here in a different way.

3815 year - War of the Five Colonies in the Hyperborean Empire. Agents of Marfur-Nirari are dispatched to many colonies. Provocations and revolts against Emperor Beorning IV. Massive suppression of uprisings, hundreds of thousands of dead rebels. Separation of several colonies, and then subsequent punitive strikes on the rebellious provinces. The return of the rebellious worlds to the Hyperborean Empire. The civil war lasted only six standard months, but it claimed the lives of five billion people.

3816 year - Agents of Marfur-Nirari are conducting a series of sabotage of the religious buildings of Hyperborea on several worlds. The damage was done in tens of billions of Hyperborean denarii. The Temple of Lightning was blown up on Mitgard (Earth), the planetary capital of Hyperborea. The terrorists committed suicide, and it was not possible to identify their identities. The empire speculates about the followers of fanatics from the War of the Five Colonies.

year 3817
1st half of the year - Frontier conflict between Hyperborea and Elf'urr Domination. By mistake, a Hyperborean ship opens fire on Domination's merchant ships. A fight ensues. Subsequently, it turns out that an unknown virus took possession of the Hyperborean ship, causing the systems to rebel. The virus was soon purified by the best cybernetics specialists. Soon they found one of the signalmen who had committed suicide. There was an unknown symbol on his skull. Subsequent reconciliation of Domination and Hyperborea.
Second half of the year - Agents of Marfur-Nirari from among the fanatical people conduct a new series of sabotage in the Impeccable Empire (the second most powerful human state in the galaxy), destroying military bases on the satellites of several worlds. Atomic warheads exploded. The dead are more than thirty million in all planets. In addition, seven experimental ships of the empire were annihilated, already ready to be launched. Losses amounted to up to three tens of billions of denarii. The fanatics were never found. Emperor Azis I organizes a search for them, but all operations are unsuccessful.

year 3819 - Strange events in the Elfurr Domination. The great king Huptrai found a strange mistress, an incredibly beautiful maiden from his people. Where it came from is not exactly known. Huptrai's wife, Queen Amenhatarit, for unknown reasons, falls from the balcony and crashes on the coastal reefs. Huptrai continues to spend time with his mysterious mistress, not paying attention to anything. Literally after the funeral of the queen, loud screams of orgasm are heard throughout the palace. The courtiers suspect something was wrong and begin to discuss the behavior of the king. Huptrai behaves very strange and unnatural, as if delirious. Soon, the mistress begins to disappear from the royal palace. Huptrai continues to behave as if under the influence of witchcraft. A crisis is brewing in the empire.

year 3820
Standard January - Unknown ships (the Marfur-Nirari flotillas) begin to spawn in the vicinity of many worlds in the Farrukh Empire. They do not make contact. Admiral Guangjinjong is the first to try to contact the unknown aliens, but the invaders open fire. The admiral and the entire squadron are destroyed near the Xuan star system. The subsequent attack on the five major planets of the Xuan system and the destruction of all life. Dead up to twelve billion living beings. In parallel, Marfur-Nirari begins a full-scale war throughout the universe.
Standard February - Terrorist provocation, followed by Rise of the Machines in the Zabergan system. Marfur-Nirari uses the "Tulotron" Overmind AI to enslave millions of mechanisms around the worlds. The machines start attacking organic creatures. The Hyperborean Empire announces an alarm for all colonies. Soldiers engage in fierce battles with robots. In parallel, the same thing is happening in the nearby Immaculate Empire. In the Impeccable Empire, Azis I activates Killer-Virus, a special program that destroys all malicious machines in controlled systems. The Hyperboreans also manage to destroy the machine troops. The Imperial Flotilla smashes the armada captured by the Tulotron AI in several star systems. But the enemy does not retreat. The defense holds, but is weakening. The enemy continues to push with all his might. In Nicomedia, the ruler Kuakhtemok completely obeys the will of Marfur-Nirari and destroys his home planet with the help of the Core Shaker. Before that, he transfers the Nicomedian fleet to the disposal of Marfur-Nirari.

Standard March
1st week
Machines significantly weaken galactic defenses. But this is the end. The invasion is just beginning. Marfur-Nirari brings several large fleets from the worlds of Hell. It is controlled by copies of the Tulotron AI. Each of the diamond-shaped ships carries up to 90,000 crew members. Among them are robots, clones, demons, fallen representatives of other races and all kinds of monsters. God Cerberum gives Marfur-Nirari his blessing to conquer the galaxy. Elfurrian power does not go to war. The ruler Huptrai, seduced by a beautiful sorceress maiden, recalls all the troops and orders them not to leave the kingdom. Admiral Kerberit, cyborg naval commander of Marfur-Nirari, attacks the Gendering star system within the Hyperborean Empire. He orders Gendering's troops to surrender. The governor of the system gives up despite the allies' statements, but after the surrender, the Marfur-Nirari fleet opens fire and destroys the planet Gendering Prime with atomic weapons. The alien invasion continues and is in full swing.

2nd week
The attacks of Marfur-Nirari take place across thousands of star systems. Enemies appear in many galactic states. The Draskov Empire (another human state) is under attack by overwhelming enemy forces. The Tarraco commune is under attack by the forces of evil. Many other human powers are also under the crushing attack. Hyperboreans calling to alien allies for help. Domination Elf'urr refuses help. The Farrukh empire expels a smaller part of the fleet, citing fanatical attacks within the state. Most of the support comes from the Draconians and the Impeccable Empire. The rest of the allies are also trying to help humanity. Battles are breaking out on thousands of planets. Plus, Marfur-Nirari fanatics from among the people are actively acting and carry out terrorist attacks in many densely populated worlds.
The siege of Caporetto and Legnano begins. Admiral Kerberit, general of Cerberum, strikes at Caporetto Prime. The battle groups of the psi-special forces of Hyperborea are directed to battle. As a result of a deliberate strike and sabotage, Admiral Kerberit's flagship is destroyed by a group of specialists. Most of the Marfur-Nirari ships have been disabled by planetary weapons. The first victory of Hyperborea at Caporetto. Subsequent blow to the occupying forces of Legnano. The flotilla of the 1st rank enemy admiral Zheng-Gu was driven out of Legnano. The admiral was destroyed by a proton torpedo. The second major victory of Hyperborea.
3rd week
The war with Marfur-Nirari continues. The Draskov empire (another human state) managed to free itself from the siege and launched a counteroffensive, crushing the armada of the Archdruid General Bloodbringer. Warlord of Marfur-Nirari fell in battle. In addition, heated battles with other fleets of Marfur-Nirari continue. The forces become equal. The Hyperboreans win multiple battles. But at the same time, Marfur-Nirari carries out an attack and appears in the Castambolus system. The ensuing battle leads to the burning of Castambolus, the death of nine billion people, but also to victory over the Cerberum fleet. Another Marfur-Nirari Admiral named Jokas the Ripper is killed in an explosion on his flagship. Fierce battles continue on all other planets. A particularly serious attack is taking place on the Mensei Guapalamo system. There the enemies plan to use the Atmosphere Drinker, but their main weapon is destroyed by the sabotage of the Hyperboreans.
4th week
Siege of Irbagan Prime in the Impeccable Empire. Warlock General Jorrgith the Buster uses chemical weapons in the planetary capital system. Fatalities up to six billion. Emperor Azis forms a special group to confront the enemy. She flies with the flotilla of Warlord Sargon urgently to the Irbagan system. As a result of a heavy battle, the armada of Marfur-Nirari is defeated. Jorrgith the Buster is killed by damage to the flagship's Dark Reactor. In Hyperborea, meanwhile, a Military Council is held with the participation of aliens, at which they decide to find a way to stop the invasion. The Viceroy of the Empire, Darius Hornfirth, suggests that all the admirals of the enemy who died are Marfur-Nirari. Many are inclined to believe that Marfur-Nirari is able to split his soul into several parts, like the Lich. Warlords, including the Emperor himself, agree with Hornfirth. As a result, the advisors come to the conclusion that it is necessary to find the real Marfur-Nirari, the Central Source. Allies from the alien races offer any assistance in creating a supergroup to destroy the central Source

Standard April
1st half of 1st week
- The Hyperborean group of General Parakkin is directed to the destruction of a commander named Assarhaddon. He is entrenched on the planet Zamolxis, where the local population is mercilessly tortured and executed. General Parakkin sneaks onto Assarhaddon's ship and kills the monster in a hard battle. After the death of the monster, his body dissolves into air, which confirms the fears of the Hyperboreans about the Lich. Marfur-Nirari loses another particle of his soul and chaos reigns on his ships. An armada of allies from the Impeccable Empire strikes at the Marfur-Nirari flotilla. The Battle of Zamolxis is won by Hyperborea. Parakkin receives the Honorary Order of Woten from the emperor himself. But soon luck turns away from the Hyperboreans. The huge fleet of Marfur-Nirari approaches Earth. Much of the solar system's defenses are destroyed by massive cannon fire. On the side of the people, the Kinos Kingdom and its army, consisting of wolf-like intelligent creatures, join. But the movie theaters cannot contain such a massive pressure. They retreat to Earth and are entrenched in continental fortresses.

2nd half of 1st week
- Rebellions of followers of Marfur-Nirari begin. One of them takes place on Caporetto. The groups of the best General Enver the Black, famous for their cruelty to enemies, are sent to suppress. Enver the Black and his army destroy up to hundreds of thousands of civilians with chemical weapons. But then one of the adjutants reveals that Enver is another part (philacterium) of Marfur-Nirari`s soul. When he trying to destroy a monster, the Lich explodes a soul energy. A powerful magical impulse causes catastrophic destruction on Caporetto. The planet is no longer habitable. The entire population is killed. The planet's satellite is also destroyed due to a powerful shock wave. Meanwhile, a massive battle for Earth begins. The defense of Hyperborea repels up to 20 attacks from Marfur-Nirari. But fleets keep arriving. Marfur-Nirari orders to strike the Moon with the Cannon of Song. Thanks to a mysterious energy storm, all Hyperborean military bases on the moon are destroyed. The Earth (Geos or Mitgard) remains virtually defenseless. Humanity is on the brink of extinction.

The rest of the information you can read in the work "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness". This is described in some detail in my recently completed book. There will be no more spoilers.

Best regards, Alexander Krokhmal aka BagaturKhan

Marfur-Nirari`s Threat

estimated guise of Marfur-Nirari (in elfurr male form)

I. Short information
Marfur-Nirari is one of the most mysterious entities in the universe. Its origin is completely unknown. Also, information about the belonging of this creature to one or another race is unknown. It is only known that there are references to Marfur-Nirari in almost every legend. His face or appearance was completely different. He can change it in one minute. Almost every intelligent civilization that exists in the universe has ever encountered this mysterious demigod. As eyewitnesses say, Marfur-Nirari possessed truly divine power, could destroy entire continents and restore them, could change matter and energy, and control the movements of planetary nuclei. Most civilizations considered him the greatest threat. It is also known that it was Marfur-Nirari, along with other kings, who founded the city of Eridu about 90,000 years BC on the planet Earth (Geos). Many people feared him and took him for a god. He bestowed his technologies on many civilizations, but in return, he demanded that they worship and build ziggurats in honor of him and the god Cerberum. Cerberum was considered by Marfur-Nirar to be a higher being than himself. In any case, the threat from these entities is very real. According to some reports, they destroyed at least 20 advanced civilizations in the universe.

estimated guise of Marfur-Nirari (in daemonic form)

II. Truth information
Marfur-Nirari is one of the most mysterious characters in the Infinitas setting. It is believed that it is he who is the key to unlocking the secret about the Great Evil of the Worlds. As for the Great Evil itself, in my universe it is called the Cerberum The Chaotic. It is a kind of superintelligence, super-intellect of Hell, which is constantly destroying worlds. Many researchers from different races believed that Marfur-Nirari and Cerberum are a single organism. But later it was found out that it turns out that this is a completely different creature, although at the same time it is associated with Cerberum. If Cerberum the Chaotic is something like the great deity of Hell, then Marfur-Nirari is his highest messenger or herald, who speaks on his behalf and makes many civilizations play by the rules of their master.

To which race does Marfur-Nirari belong is unknown. Many researchers make thousands of guesses. According to some sources, he may belong to the Mirovia race, which existed in the galaxy 1.5 billion years ago. According to others, this is a representative of H-Shangaara, which ruled among the stars hundreds of millions of years ago. There is even a version about the primary Elfurr (the Elfurr Race was once called Shinge, and with the help of the Songs of Creation helped H-Shangaara create stars). But overall, the exact origin of Marfur-Nirari remains unclear. Moreover, in many worlds his name sounds different. He is known to have come into contact with the Elfurr race. He is well aware of their civilization and development, and is fluent in Forgotten Elfurr. This language, by the way, is over a million years old.

estimated guise of Marfur-Nirari (in the darkness phantom form)

The age of Marfur-Nirari is also legendary. According to some sources, it is more than 1 million years old. According to others - 80,000. According to third sources, its age exceeds 65 million years. And according to the most ancient chronicles, its age is 2 billion years. He is mentioned in almost all mythologies. Moreover, these myths belong to completely different civilizations and cultures. In human mythologies, he is mentioned as the daemon-king and builder of the City of Eridu in the future Mesopotamia. It is also said that he may be guilty of the destruction of three human cultures at once that existed tens of thousands of years ago. As for his appearance, many speak differently. Some saw him in the guise of a beautiful, effeminate young man, others in the guise of a terrible monster (or even a phantom), and still others in the guise of a wonderful elfurr girl, so beautiful that everyone wanted to fall on her knees in front of her. It is also said that he is capable of both destroying worlds and creating them anew. At the same time, he is able to create a planet in a few minutes, and then destroy it with the same success.

Elfurr mentions in the Forbidden Archives that Marfur-Nirari visited their ruler Huptrai 20,000 BC. He turned into a beautiful maiden and seduced King of Elfurr. After that Huptrai began to act only at the behest of Marfur-Nirari. With the same success he seduced the king Tikulti-Ninurta, the ruler of the Nargon Empire. He all the time took the guise of real beauties with an unsurpassed gift of charm. With the help of such power, he subdued many rulers, and then safely destroyed their civilizations. It is believed that Marfur-Nirari may be the culprit of the Acheronian War in the galaxy, which took place already in the 26th century. Despite the fact that many warriors tried to kill Marfur-Nirari millions of times, he survived all the time. Nowhere is there a guarantee that he could have died 20,000 BC.

There is a possibility that he managed to resurrect in the 26th century AD and provoke a global conflict between major galactic alliances. (Read about this in the thread New Universe. Development. It is not far from here).

estimated guise of Marfur-Nirari (in elfurr beauty female form)

The famous names of Marfur-Nirari, in addition to the main one: Jarisai, Jarisael the Handsome, Amortiel the Beautiful, Mahrian the Adorable, Proteus, Allargar, Assarhaddon, Astaroth, Guapalamo, Enver the Black, Cerberit.

Nicknames of Marfur-Nirari: Subjugator, Destroyer of Worlds, Changer of Universes, Planetary Builder, Lich-Sorcerer, Necro-King, Lich King (not to be confused with Warcraft), Phantom King, Phantom Sovereign, Genocidal Lord, Reanimator, Dark Mensei, Hell's Angel, Beautiful Lady, Lady of Delights, Lady West, Queen of Pain, Queen of Suffering, Queen of Blackness.

Marfur-Nirari is responsible for the massive invasion of the Hyperborean Empire and the rest of the galaxy. It happened 20,000 years before our era. The book "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness" tells about this in great detail. I have already published the translated excerpts on the TWcenter, but I can also here, with the permission of the administrators.

Best regards A.K.Krokhmal

Stories and AARs / Re: "New Universe" main information
« on: January 28, 2021, 10:52:27 PM »
Super, my friend! i`ll try your game, it looks amazing, to be honest ;)

Now about racism. In fact, most humans in my universe tend to have relationships with women from other races. This is a fairly popular phenomenon. Among the Elfurr race, for example, there are no ugly creatures at all, there are no those with flaws. Essentially, every elfurr girl looks like a rank 1 supermodel. Moreover, Elfurr do not age yet. They only die at 500-600 years old. In old age, their skin turns yellow a little, but does not wrinkle. Their beauty is forever. In addition, they have almost limitless sexual abilities (they can control the child born also, and can control the whole process of it). Elfurr girls attract million humans.
This is what makes many human fanatics scream in rage. Racist organizations regard marriages with aliens as heresy and betrayal of humanity. Therefore, they are ruthless towards other world species and hybrids. The Great Coalition of the Galaxy condemns the actions of extremists and imprisons them. But they still keep appearing.

Stories and AARs / Re: "New Universe" main information
« on: January 27, 2021, 03:46:07 PM »
Racism problems in the Age of 2596 AD

There have always been problems with racism. Accordingly, they also affected the era of the 26th century. The main difficulty lies in the fact that many representatives of individual civilizations prefer copulation with aliens. Because of this, sometimes there is a danger of the appearance of hybrid forms.
For example, long before the Acheronian War, the inhabitants of the planet Tratorius, consisting mainly of humans, preferred to have relationships with representatives of the lizard-like Draconid race. As a result, this led to the emergence of a hybrid race - the Tratorians. Not everyone favors the Tratorians. They look like people overgrown with thorns, scales and, in some cases, horns. They are considered mutants by most of the galactic community. But still, the Tratorians are part of the Draconian Empire, and in the event of a global war, they are ready to speak for the Coalition.
There were also connections between the Draconid races and the wolf-like Kinos. This led to the creation of the Drakokinos race. They live in the Philistine star system and are always ready to speak for the Coalition. But despite the fact that the Drakokinos are in fact also mutants, the attitude towards them from the galactic community is softer. But when people have relationships with aliens, this is most of all perceived with hostility.

Humans also very often make relationships with Elfurr and marry their representatives. (Elfurr has the most beautiful women.) But still, Elfurr are almost similar to humans form, and stand out only by their tall stature, sharp ears and psi-abilities. In principle, this is treated with understanding.

Naturally, there are organizations in the galaxy that are opposed to racial mixing. Most of these communities are prevalent in the human world. One such organization calls itself the "High Race". It was created from people-fanatics who believe that God commanded all his children not to indulge in fornication and to love only the representatives of their race. Fanatics attack all mutants and hybrids. They are also known for their terrorist attacks. That is why the Coalition has listed this organization as extremist. There are also many more groups created from all sorts of monastic orders and fanatical cults. All of them are strongly opposed to interracial relations. Some even consider all aliens to be "demons".

Stories and AARs / Re: "New Universe" main information
« on: January 25, 2021, 09:41:54 PM »
Illis Compound

The Illis race were native to the planet Tlunaklatli. They were octopus-like humanoids who lived mainly in water bodies. They preferred to stay away from the rest of the universe. Their only allies were Ga-TT, a race of intelligent ammonites from the planet Chlalaka. In ancient times, Illis was nearly slaughtered by the Narwalingen (humanoid whales) race. But miraculously managed to survive the invasion. Illis is distrustful of all outsiders. They do not have close ties with other races, with the exception of Ga-TT. For a long time, they preferred not to contact the galactic community at all. The Illis preferred to stay in their ancestral territories and not go beyond their borders. Their main state have name is Compound, and have republican style of government.

They only made contact after the war with the Elfurr Empire. Elfurr needed some minerals that were only mined underwater. After the confrontation with Elfurr, the Compound Illis Council (in their language, its "Tlalk`lank`kla") decided that it was impossible to continue the fight. Illis were forced to give all the minerals to the invaders and become their vassals. However, already in 2593 after the proclamation of the Acheron League, this underwater race declared war on Elfurr. According to the prophecies of Illis, by the end of the 26th century, a certain Primordial God, He Who Can Rule The Water, Dry-Land and Stars, should appear in the universe, who, as wizards say, can destroy all Elfurr in the whole universe. Therefore, the Illis armored fleet is currently actively helping the League in the fight against their main enemy.

Stories and AARs / Re: "New Universe" main information
« on: January 24, 2021, 08:29:02 PM »
Yeah. Thank you! ;) If you see, my universe have a lot of races and states, maybe 1 hundred. Also there were a lot of extinced races. But all of them were probably destroyed by the Marfur-Nirari. (about this thing you can read above the Ii-Uu article).

And about your game LIFE - its very interesting! where i can find this concept? ;)

Stories and AARs / Re: "New Universe" main information
« on: January 24, 2021, 03:48:55 PM »
Ga`TT Collective

Race Ga-TT is a cephalopod molluscs, more like the ancient ammonites. They have no sex, they are hermaphrodites and reproduce by internal fertilization. They move on their huge tentacles. They can grow up to 6-7 meters in height. The main part of the body is covered with a powerful shell. Such a bizarre shape did not prevent Ga-TT from creating a powerful civilization on the home planet of Chlalaka`tachklankla and mastering space travel. In ancient times, the Ga-TT preferred to stay away from other races. But later, they nevertheless entered into an alliance with the civilization of the octopus Illis, who owned 30 star systems.
The Ga-TT was never included to any coalitions of galaxy. Moreover, long before the creation of the Coalition of the Galaxy, the Ga-TT Collective launched a massive invasion of Artandir Republic. This invasion almost destroyed all life on the territory of this state. But the Artandirians managed to hold back the offensive and push Ga-TT back. In 2593, during the Acheron Council, the supreme ruler of Ga-TT Tlalkchlkla`lulalkchlaalaktl made an official alliance with the Unn-Chor race and its leader Olmek R`landrris. At the end of the same year, the Ga-TT race joined the Acheronian League. The "Bellemnite" fleet was joined to the League's Grand Squadron. Now they are enemies of the Coalition.

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Ii-Uu race and their main secret

The universe is full of extinct civilizations. Only Sovi-Lars are known, perhaps, to every scientific community. Also, traces of the Mirovians were recently discovered, another ancient race that existed on Earth hundreds of millions of years before our era. But even more interesting is the mysterious extinct civilization Ii-Uu, which previously dominated the star sectors of Zibiel. Judging by the remains of ancient temples and the frescoes on them, Ii-UU owned at least half of the known galaxy. Perhaps they had territories in other galaxies, like M33 or Andromeda. Their temples are found not only in the Zibiel sectors, but also in very distant star systems. The Ii-Uu were similar to the prehistoric animals of the chalicotherium. Despite their technological development, they appear naked in the frescoes. Ii-Uu did not have consonants in their language. Their sounds were also vowels. They called their home planet in the Zibiel sector Ii-Au. The state they built among the stars was named A`Aa. Ii-Uu wrote that they spread their influence in hundreds of thousands of star systems.

Apparently, they interacted with the Sovilar and with another race, more similar to the descriptions of Elfurr. Their chronicles also include an all-out galactic war with the mysterious fire-breathing people of Aa-Ee (possibly the Draconians?). It is not known exactly how the Ii-Uu civilization ceased to exist. The inscriptions on one of their cylindrical temples on the planet Travescus say about a mysterious deity who came to them from another world. According to Ii-Uu themselves, this deity quarreled them with each other, and then led an army of "inverted pyramids" to their doorstep. The last chronicle reported that the name of the deity cannot be mentioned, since it can hear and recognize the one who calls it. The civilization of Ii-Uu still remains a mystery to all scientists in the universe. The only surviving techno artifact is the Temporum, the energy rod of one of their kings. A wand that briefly stops time when certain symbols are activated. At the moment "Temporum" is in the territory of Elfurr, possibly in the palace of their supreme ruler. Nothing more has survived from this civilization. Only abandoned temples, frescoes and monuments.

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Protei Jarisay Allargar Marfur-Nirari.
Marfur-Nirari is one of the most mysterious entities in the universe. Its origin is completely unknown. Also, information about the belonging of this creature to one or another race is unknown. It is only known that there are references to Marfur-Nirari in almost every legend. His face or appearance was completely different. He can change it in one minute. Almost every intelligent civilization that exists in the universe has ever encountered this mysterious demigod. As eyewitnesses say, Marfur-Nirari possessed truly divine power, could destroy entire continents and restore them, could change matter and energy, and control the movements of planetary nuclei. Most civilizations considered him the greatest threat. It is also known that it was Marfur-Nirari, along with other kings, who founded the city of Eridu about 90,000 years BC on the planet Earth (Geos). Many people feared him and took him for a god. He bestowed his technologies on many civilizations, but in return, he demanded that they worship and build ziggurats in honor of him and the god Cerberum. Cerberum was considered by Marfur-Nirar to be a higher being than himself. In any case, the threat from these entities is very real. According to some reports, they destroyed at least 20 advanced civilizations in the universe.

Correct judgment! By the way, in the same Sahara, ancient artifacts may remain, testifying to immemorial civilizations. The Sahara is far from being explored desert. And what can we say about the underwater world?

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