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Re: Breaking News!
« Reply #15 on: January 31, 2024, 12:40:43 PM »
Breaking news! Area fakenewswriter fails to add "in other news" segment to the end of his post, leaving future posters baffled as to how to continue the Breaking News thread.

"There was just nothing there," said one horrified thread respondent, who declined to give his name for legal reasons and also for illegal reasons. "I was expecting more news, just a trailing line that I could use for the start of a falsified segment, but there was nothing there. Nothing at all. It was like staring into the endless void."

Initial investigations suggest that the rot in the Breaking News system could be caused by and affecting a number of senior members of Exilian, leading to concerns among the wider public that this might not be the last time someone takes the break in breaking news too literally. Administrators have asked the public not to panic, to report any concerns to the nonexistent moderation team, and to rest assured that reports of the rules of other forum games being breached will not affect regular forum members. Or indeed anything else whatsoever.

In other news, in the exciting world of caesar salads...
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