Author Topic: Faction: The Verwynn Empire  (Read 4971 times)


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Faction: The Verwynn Empire
« on: June 23, 2012, 02:02:21 PM »

"Lay down your gun, S'ruba, and tell your forces to stand down. I challenge you to single combat, according to the way and honour of my kindred and my Order. Remember this; strength does not lie in technology, or in numbers, or in power. Strong is something you are, not something you have. Are you strong? I think it is time you found out..."

This thread will be for questions and discussion of the Verwynn Empire, the central faction in Cepheida. The huge Verwynn are the rulers and knights of the Empire, with the Gruth acting as scientists, footsoldiers, builders, and diplomats. Please ask any further questions here - making me think of answers will help build up the background for these guys!

Faction details & background:
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Faction FAQs:
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