Author Topic: Malik Usabad Semi-professional Mesmer  (Read 5822 times)

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Malik Usabad Semi-professional Mesmer
« on: August 09, 2012, 04:07:10 PM »
That's right fools I'm writing fan-fiction for a game that's not even written yet. *horrid cackling*

Hello there my name is Malik Usabad, only son of Rasmar Usabad I was born and raised the city of Borasport, I’m a mesmer, and I’m often running for my life.

Have you ever tried distance running on cobbled roads? No? Good, don’t if you can avoid it and especially if you like your feet. Now at this point you’re probably wondering why I was doing this if it’s so terrible, well you see it was either the running and ruining my feet or getting caught by the black ball of pain and fear chasing me and having everything ruined. In short it sucked to be me that night.

It was half past two according to the small church clock I had just ran past illuminated by a surprisingly large moon. I was far from the Pleasure District so the streets were dead and the people were rich enough that they wouldn’t hear us through the thick walls of their homes. So let’s review: monster on my heals, no chance of help and not hope of killing it, well I was buggered. Or rather I would have been if there wasn’t junction coming up.

So right at that point with something truly disgusting and scary breathing down my neck; one of me ran into that crossing and three of me ran out. You see mesmers specialise in illusion magic, the alteration of being’s perceptions of the world in long terms. So it was a just matter if creating two copies of myself for the beast to pick from. Now they weren’t very good copies emphasised by the fact they had no front. Oh give me a break, I was under a lot of stress and they only needed a back anyway.

My dirt brown work robes were easy enough to project and the hood removes the need to render hair. All of this is completely intentional of course; as you will find out I’m not the best in a fair fight and I run away, a lot.

One day when I was out on contract a knight asked me how I could draw satisfaction from such a dishonourable life (long story), well let me tell you seeing that stinking squealing mess of a thing barrel left as I calmly rolled to the right, was pretty freaking satisfying. Equally satisfying was the howl of frustration that from around the corner as the fur-thing’s pray vanished into thin air, now that did get people’s attention and lantern lights started to appear the windows and the synchronised boot falls of the Night Watch (impeccable timing as always) were headed my way.

Taking this as my queue to leave I slipped in to a back alley and fell over a sleeping cat who was not best pleased and I had the scars to prove it for a least a week thereafter. On the bright side, I still had two arms, two legs, twenty digits and face; so that was nice I guess.

And there you have it, that’s the night that set me down the path to uncovering one of the most terrifying secrets of my carrier. Pretty cool eh.

What? Oh yeah I should probably tell you how things got to that point, well...
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Re: Malik Usabad Semi-professional Mesmer
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2012, 01:57:21 AM »
Haha this is pretty awesome. Keep it coming please. :D
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