Author Topic: Morrowind - Mod - Auto Loading Bow  (Read 6368 times)


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Morrowind - Mod - Auto Loading Bow
« on: December 09, 2008, 11:09:52 PM »
this is my most advanced piece of unique programming I have ever made work, yeah ain't I incredible, using a very high level language to achieve very little :(                                                      
Anyway back to the mod
Assuming you have the construction set open and are vaguely familiar with it, perhaps the odd super item when you desired to mess about
Firstly you need a bow, create a new one or duplicate one, I shall use the name MagicBow
Secondly you need an arrow, these can be any you want, just remember the name, I shall be using the name MagicArrow
Now create a new script by going Gameplay->Edit Scripts... then in the new window go File->New
Come up with a name for your script I recommend the naming convention of _[Number]_[Name of relevance], becaue it puts your script at the top of the open pile, and the name means you know what it's for, I shall use _01_MagicBow
Now for the code I shall annotate with /*annotation here*/ this is not recognised as annotation within the engine, so do not leave it in if you decide to copy/paste the code
NOTE: don't worry about naming the script yet it all becomes clear
begin _01_MagicBow /*This is the command to begin the script, it also declares its name*/

short onPCequip /*deceleration of variables, VERY important*/
short count