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Welcome: Course Info
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:21:43 PM »
Introduction to Programming in C++

This course will teach you the basics of programming in C++. It is designed to give a good foundation in the basics of both programming in general and more specifically in C++. In addition to the basic stuff, the course touches upon stuff towards the end that shows the range of things that can be done once the groundwork is laid.

  • Setting Stuff Up:
    • Getting and installing a compiler
    • Installing Qt Creator
  • Programming 101:
    • Making things happen
    • Doing some maths
    • Logic!
  • Arrays and Vectors:
    This section is a little more specific to C++, the things learnt in section 2 apply very easily to any language.
    • Arrays
    • Vectors
    • Pointers and other delights of C++
  • File Handling:
    • Reading from files
    • Writing to files
  • Quick Introduction to Object Oriented Programming:
    • Classes
    • Inheritance
    • Getting abstract
  • User Interfaces:
    • Introduction to Qt
    • Making things happen again
    • Interaction
    • Linking it with the rest
  • Basic Graphics:
    Only 2D graphics in this course.
    • Drawing blobs
    • Drawing lines
    • Between the lines
    • Curves


  • A computer that can run Qt Creator
  • Basic mathematical knowledge (geometry in particular) would be beneficial
  • Some programming experience would also be beneficial, if only because it will make the beginning parts of the course easier
Max credits: 7

  • Othko

We'll be starting soon!
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