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The project, and FAQs
« on: June 10, 2014, 12:56:51 AM »
Okay, so this is somewhere for me to spam psephological thoughts about the next UK general election. The form it will take is a constituency-level guide, with a voting suggestion for each constituency and a brief analysis of what's likely to happen there. Doubt I'll get through all the seats, marginals will be prioritised.

The voting suggestions are the interesting and controversial bit of this. Whilst this shouldn't be taken as a pure "guide to tactical voting", the suggestions I make are based on how I would vote in a given constituency in order to get the set of Westminster candidates who:
- Are best placed to win a particular seat
- Will promote science and education strongly
- Can show a strong record, opinions or manifesto with regard to protecting personal freedoms, net neutrality, and human rights
- Have the most progressive approach to social issues, and recognising and tackling problems of social oppression
- Take a positive approach to economic deprivation that isn't simply punitive towards the less well off
- Are known as innovators and have particular expertise that would strengthen the next parliament

Clearly some people will disagree with my suggestions: if you want to disagree within the premises noted above, please go for it. If you want to argue with my politics more generally (aka the premises themselves), please do it elsewhere so this area can focus on psephology. Obviously local thoughts and contributions from across the political spectrum are very welcome, as are comments from people who disagree with the above premises but want to discuss particular seats or whatever.
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