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Index of Information Threads
« on: December 07, 2014, 11:49:37 PM »

Information Threads
Some threads in this forum will be marked as "information threads". These will form a reference body that is the main aim of the project; each one will contain a more or less detailed discussion of a certain myth in the first post, with the opportunity to discuss the myth below. Unlike other threads, these will be to some extent referenced with notes on whether my information comes from a book, or a blog, or has been collected directly by this project, to allow full open access to information sources.

Information threads will be designated by their title start, and will be categorised as either [Character], [Group], [Story], or [Concept]. Characters and stories are self-explanatory, concepts are abstract ideas that underpin the myths. Whilst the term group is a bit nebulous in the way I am using it here, it is more appropriate to discussing mythology than "species" would be and less sensitive than the term "race" - it will be used for discussing a group of beings, such as giants or hyenamen. Deities and named beasts will always come under [Character], even if they are not anthropomorphic.

In this index some words may appear in red, without a link - this is essentially a note for me that I need to create the relevant information thread!

Biriir ina Barquo
Bucur Bacayr
Habbad ina Kamas
Qori ismaris
Wiil Waal



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