Author Topic: Bannerlord Blog No. 9 - Ethnic Instruments  (Read 1865 times)


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Bannerlord Blog No. 9 - Ethnic Instruments
« on: January 21, 2015, 07:50:10 PM »
Hi Guys!

Taleworlds have come out with a new blog, brought to us courtesy of Finn Seliger of Periscope Studio, a German audio design company that will be behind all the lovely, authentic music that will grace our ears as we become aroused by the level of detail in Bannerlord.

The blog goes fairly in depth in describing the types of music they wanted to create, and the instruments they are using to achieve this. It even gives us a little taster (Come on, this is Taleworlds!) of what the music will end up being like.

One of the things that Warband REALLY lacked was a reasonable variety of good music. Many mods did, of course, add music in to the game, but to me it never sounded quite right.

Linky Link

So, what do we think? Does the sample they give show a promising future? Are we hoping for any particular styles for the factions?
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Re: Bannerlord Blog No. 9 - Ethnic Instruments
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2015, 01:50:45 PM »
Epicness all around.... that is all I can say about it...

It's pure epic magic!

I think M&B 2 will be DA BOMB!

EDIT: Listening to them a bit more, it seems that they do fit well, I mean, the one they have for Khuzait REALLY reminds me of Mongols. All the rest of them, I don't really know what factions they coincide with with the old ones, as they've changed all the names, but I'm guessing Khuzait is the same as or very similar to Khergit. I suppose Empire would be Swadia. By the sound of the music, Aserai sounded a lot like Sarranid Sultanate. I'm only sort of guessing as to what the other three are, but I THINK Battania will be the replacement for the Nords.

EDIT2: I read through the rest of the blog and found out that most of that is already explained... and I was wrong about Battania... trust Taleworlds, not me. But seriously, this music is awesomely cool in the most radically epic way! I just love it so much!

EDIT3: OK, I hope they're going to have Antialiasing...
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