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[Character] Gannaje
« on: February 03, 2015, 11:57:26 PM »

Gannaje is a giant, known mainly for feats of strength1

As with all giants, strength is a major feature of Gannaje's. He also has extremely great eating habits, able to eat the fattest camel in a herd in one sitting (an attribute shared with Xabbed ina-Kammas).1 2 Interestingly, he does not necessarily seem to be of gigantic physical proportions, as his wife assumes him to be a normal human until he eats enough food for a hundred men. This appears to contrast significantly with Biriir ina-Barqo who has a finger-ring so big it takes a large camel to carry it.

Brief synopsis
He appears in "The Mighty Giant", which tells the story of how his appetite forces him to leave home, and how he proves himself with feats of strength and bravery.

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Character links
Wiil Waal (The story of the Mighty Giant is set in his lands,though he does not appear in person.)

Thread Links
[Story] The Mighty Giant

  • Folk Tales from Somalia, p.145
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  • Hanghe, Ahmed A. - Folk Tales from Somalia (1988)

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