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Author Topic: MOTION: Tribunal Orders Bill passed 2-0-0  (Read 4432 times)


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MOTION: Tribunal Orders Bill passed 2-0-0
« on: April 06, 2015, 10:50:46 PM »
This is Part 3 of the new ToS stuff; a bill that creates Tribunal Orders as a way of requiring greater scrutiny of higher level punishments being doled out.

Simple Majority, 1 Week.

This plaza moves the following:

1. Preamble & Definitions
a) This bill exists to codify the use of certain more serious penalties that may be sought for Terms of Service violations, all of which will as of this bill require a Tribunal hearing before, rather than after, use.
b) "Moderator" here means any member of the moderation or administration staff who has rights to warn and ban members.
c) A "tribunal order" shall be any of the penalties given in this bill.

2. Procedure
a) Any moderator may submit a request to the Tribounoi for one of the orders below to be implemented. They must state the full reasoning for their request and provide all available evidence. The member on whom the order is to be implemented must also be informed at this point.
b) It is then the job of the Tribounoi to undergo a full investigation of the evidence in the Grand Tribunal.
c) After a period of no more than ten days from the investigation beginning, the Tribounoi (if they disagree, the Sebastokrator gets the casting vote) must decide whether the requested order should be granted.
d) If the order is granted, it should be implemented as soon as is possible.

3. Exclusion Order
a) An exclusion order specifically prevents a member posting in a certain subforum or subforums of Exilian.
b) An exclusion order may only be placed upon a member whose violation record exceeds or equals twenty active points.
c) There is no specific time limit on such an order; it lasts until removed by an appeal to the Tribounoi.
d) Exclusion orders may not be appealed until three months after being granted; thereafter, if an appeal fails the member on whom the order is placed must wait four months to appeal again.

4. Exile
a) An exile shall be in the manner of a normal ban, but instead lasts for six months.
b) An exile may only be placed upon a member whose violation record exceeds or equals thirty active points.

5. Permanent Ban
a) A permanent ban prevents a certain member from ever coming back to Exilian, by means of specifically banning their account, IP address, or both.
b) An permanent ban may only be placed upon a member whose violation record exceeds or equals thirty active points.
c) Permanently banned members have no right of appeal.
d) The usual ten days given to the Tribounoi to decide on such a case in increased to twenty for deciding on a permanent ban request.
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