What is Heroica?

Started by Jubal, June 29, 2015, 05:52:03 PM

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Heroica is a game created by Lego, with the (in my opinion brilliant) premise that you build battlefields and dungeons out of lego and then send adventuring parties out and fight over them! The sets are no longer produced but aren't too hard to get hold of - though you need quite a few to actually build any larger maps or boards.

The (Canonical) World
Most of Heroica is set in the generic-fantasy kingdom of Ennon. This small realm is ruled from Castle Fortaan in the north, and its heroes must help it defeat threats from all sides. Most notably they are at war with the goblins (who capture Fortaan in the eponymous set, and the port of Draida Bay), but also the Dark Druids and cults of the vast Waldurk Forest, the undead who lurk in the tomb-caverns of Ilrion, and the Golem King in the fortress-caves of Nathuz in the eastern mountains. Seldaan and Ilrion are the two known settlements apart from Fortaan; from the map, Seldaan seems to be a village in the south, relatively coastal, with Ilrion somewhat isolated over the western mountains. Other points of note are the Elsruck Gates, which guard the way out of Ennon to the south.

Two other places are on the map - Drandora and Barresh. The latter is clearly outside Ennon, being a cluster of barbarian tribal settlements to the north. Drandora is not elaborated on much, but it's a port and seems to be across the gulf from Ennon, so it may be a city-state of some sort.
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