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Author Topic: MOTION: Domestikan Volunteers Bill PASSED 2-0-0  (Read 4868 times)


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MOTION: Domestikan Volunteers Bill PASSED 2-0-0
« on: January 15, 2017, 11:58:13 PM »
Right, going to get some of this stuff pushed through so it's done. As we've discussed in the past, this will give the Basileus power to delegate powers to certain high ranking ex-staff. This will help in cases where for example we have former senior staff who we can then still empower to snipe spambots or shift threads around, without them having the rigmarole of being on the staff team formally and having me badgering them to write stuff or help with our social media hell. Clause one sets out the two general principles behind the bill, clause two formally gives the Basileus this delegation power and explains how it works, and clause three provides for a usual set of safeguards which I'm 97% sure we're never going to use.

Simple majority, 1 week.

The plaza moves:

a) That at times it may be necessary or useful to provide certain site members with additional forum administration capabilities outside those usually held by the staff team.
b) That those of the rank of Megas Domestikos or equivalent rank have proven themselves duly capable of handling and using said capabilities.

a) That the Basileus should be permitted to delegate specific administrative powers to specific individuals of the rank of Megas Domestikos or another equivalent non-staff rank higher than Patrikios, at their discretion. (These people hereafter referred to as Domestikan Volunteers or DVs).
b) That powers given to DVs shall be considered derived from the Basileus and should be revocable by the Basileus at their discretion.
c) That powers should be given on the grounds that the DV in question has specific reason to make use of them.
d) That the required standards of behaviour for DVs use of their powers shall be the same as those applied to actual staff.

a) That the specific powers available to any given DV should be noted and the list kept available to all citizens to view.
b) That any citizen at any time may challenge either a specific power granted or a specific person's status as a DV, by challenging either whether the powers granted are reasonable or whether the DV has used their powers appropriately via a case in the tribunal.
c) That any citizen at any time may start a vote of the citizens to remove specific or all powers from a DV.
d) That for a Basileus, there shall be a specific breach of the terms of staff office if a DV's powers are misused under section 2d of this bill, and it is judged that the Basileus could reasonably have foreseen and failed to prevent said misuse.
e) That a DV whose account is dormant for more than six months without specific reason should have any DV powers removed as a security measure.
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Re: Domestikan Volunteers Bill
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2017, 05:07:33 AM »
PASSED 2-0-0