Author Topic: Advert Guidelines [READ THIS BEFORE POSTING]  (Read 5512 times)


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« on: August 26, 2015, 12:21:22 PM »

Just some brief guidelines for how to post here:

  • In your thread title, mark the job you need people for clearly as [PAID], [HOBBYIST], [PROFITSHARE], or [OTHER], depending on the financial situation of your project. Take this seriously, as you will be expected to honour any financial promises to people who you want to work for/with you!
  • Ensure your thread title CLEARLY states the skillset you need. "Artist" is really quite vague, try "2d Sketch Artist", or "3d Artist & Animator"
  • If you can give a very brief idea of your project type in the header, do that, and focus on what you're doing not the name. "2d Sketch Artist sought by Asturian Wars Team" tells people very little compared to "2d sketch artist sought to draw concepts for MMORPG" or "2d sketch artist sought to illustrate book".
  • So an example thread title might be "Short story writer wanted for RPG book team [PAID]".
  • One thread per job, don't just put up a single thread asking for an entire team - we really don't mind if you post quite a number of threads.
  • In the thread, give a clear description of what you're after and a brief description of your project - don't make people wade through too much text there.

As usual, all the regular site rules apply!
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