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Jubal's Guide to Haven & Hearth
« on: January 09, 2016, 01:24:20 PM »
Written mainly because I couldn't find any up to date guides for H&H that included everything I wanted to know including sufficient statements of the obvious.

Left click to select and move, right click to interact, is the usual rule. Specifics as follows:

Eat something by right clicking on it in your inventory then selecting "Eat".
Craft things by finding them in the craft menu, having the right inventory it
Building things is similar - hit the "build" button
Drop stuff by left clicking on it in inventory then left-clicking on the world
Get stuff by right clicking then selecting options (you'll notice you can right-click on trees to get branches or nuts for example).
Stockpile stuff by left clicking in inventory, right-click on the world to start a new stockpile, then left click to place the stockpile. To add to the stockpile it's left-click on item, right-click on current stockpile to add it.

This was the main thing I couldn't find in previous tuts, perhaps because it's new.

There are three tutorial quests, you have to do them to get access to everything, there is no way out of it. Notably, some of your menus will not appear until you have done the tutorial quests (so you can't just go away and learn more crafting, for example, because there won't be a crafting menu for you to use). The second two are really simple, the first is hell.

The reason the first is hell is that it requires you to find a boulder or quarry area to chip some rock off and make a stone axe. The starting area is full of hearth-fires (basically your "base camp" point) and thus predictably, for a permanent world, totally empty of boulders. The only advice I can give is keep walking for a heck of a long way. Caves may have boulders in but they also have bats in, try not to tangle with the wildlife.
  • Quarry areas are perhaps the best, they don't run out of stone as far as I can tell, they are light grey patches above ground.
  • Boulders above ground are now almost nonexistent, I've not seen one. I eventually got my first rock from finding a live working of boulders very, very deep inside an abandoned cave system, but I was under half my hard HP by the time I got out because I kept getting attacked by bats.

All the other things you need for starting quests are easy to get from trees; remember that birches, as in real life, have the white/silvery bark.

OK, so unlocking things to build is a mix of having the right skills (you can learn new ones via the little scroll icon, get hunting and carpentry early on) and actually obtaining necessary items.

Here's a brief list of items obtained that seemed to unlock options after the tutorial:
  • Bone unlocks a number of things, probably most importantly at this stage the saw but also bone glue, seers bones and the flute.
  • Either the saw or planks, can't remember which, unlocks the log cabin and house
  • Wood blocks unlock clogs and tableware (and possibly signposts?).
  • The spruce cone unlocks the cone cow.
  • Meat I think unlocks cooking options, for obvious reasons.
  • String (which, as the game never really explains is a category of items, though primarily roots and nettles to start with) unlocks a range of things including fishing gear (which probably requires the fishing skill too), a knot curiosity, and the roasting spit.
  • Nettles specifically unlock clothing; save nettles up for clothes early on rather than using them for string, as roots are much more common for use as string.
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