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Started by Gen_Glory, March 27, 2009, 10:07:09 PM

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Flaming Arrows; 10 gc; Availability: Rare 7 (one game only)
Flaming Arrows can be shot from any bow or crossbow, and do not change the weapons range. A flaming arrow hit will strike at +1 Strength and -1 Armor Save. The user cannot move in the turn he wishes to use them, even if using a regular bow, unless he has special skills which allow him to do so (such as Nimble). You can purchase a quiver of them, but the special flammable substances soon go bad on exposure to air. After each game they loose their effect and you must buy another quiver if you wish to use them again.
Fire Arrows; 30+D6 gc; Availability: Rare 9
Fire arrows are tied with rags soaked in oil up in a tight pouch that explodes bunched up in a tight pouch that explodes when hitting the target, setting clothes and equipment alight. If you hit with a fire arrow roll a D6. If you score a 4+ your opponent has been set on fire. If the warrior survives the attack they must score a 4+ in the Recovery phase or suffer a Strength 4 hit each turn they are on fire and will be unable to do anything other then move. Other warriors from the same warband may help to put the flames out if they wish. They must move into base-to-base contact and score a 4+ in the Recovery phase.

Toughened Leather; 5 gc; Availability: Common
There is nothing like many months at sea to really toughen up clothing! Covered with crusted salt, spilled rum, and other less savory materials, many a pirate has found his long coat to have stiffened up to a very hard finish, and even offers some protection in combat.
Special Rules:
Toughened Leathers work exactly like Light Armor, giving the wearer a 6+ Armor Save, but cannot be combined with the effects of any other armor except a Helmet or Buckler. This includes using a shield - most pirates find they get in the way when fighting in the stiff leather, resulting in falling into the briny deeps when trying to board a ship!
Whew, thats ripe Matey!: Once bought (or broken in), a pirates Toughened Leathers cannot be given to another pirate or sold back at the Trading Posts
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