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« on: February 13, 2016, 09:14:42 AM »

No spoilers here.

Saw this yesterday and I thought it was great. Humour was on point, the sex scene was particularly funny, watch for that if nothing else as well as the in-jokes if you like that sort of thing (jokes aimed at Ryan Reynolds, the green lantern and wolverine origins movies etc). The violence I was expecting to be a lot heavier than it was to be honest but there was perhaps only one scene that was bloody violence and the rest was comedic or too fast paced to really have an impact.

One of the things I found a little off-putting was the amount of visual noise on screen at times. Every now and then there was a scene where there was simply too much going on too fast to be able to really see all of it which made a couple of action segments a little harder to follow than I'd have liked.

Standout performances were Ed Skrein and Brianna Hildebrand. I can't really say Reynolds was a standout performance because I get the feeling he's just playing himself....So to speak. But he was enjoyable to watch regardless.
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Re: Deadpool
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2016, 06:50:04 PM »
I've just got back from seeing it and rather enjoyed it. It made me laugh a great deal and it was nice to have something that didn't feel so sanitised. I really loathe the (what I perceive as) American prudishness that means that everything has to be Ken Doll plastic underpants. If there's a scene in a stripclub I expect to see nudity. I don't require nudity - I just think that if there's a scene written to have it then it should be done properly. If not write the scene to take place at another kind of venue!

Similarly if there's some fighting I expect a bit of blood. I don't revel in it but the absence of it detracts from the visceral and brutal nature of fighting!

Also I must say that it was really distracting having Morena Baccarin in the film when Willa Holland is playing Thea Queen in Arrow. They could be sisters!

Furthermore I can't think of a time I've seen a relationship in a film that felt more true to my own experience of relationships than that between Wade and Vanessa. There probably are a few better examples but it didn't have much in the way of tedious rom-com polish that I think of as "relationship porn". Politicians seem to spend so much time worrying about young people and pornography but they seem to be quite content for utterly unrealistic ideas of what a happy relationship looks like to saturate popular culture!

Arguably Wade should have had much worse facial scarring though. He was still more handsome than Mickey Rourke!