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Dance: The Rosza
« on: June 12, 2016, 11:49:36 AM »

Type of Dance: Waltz

  • Touch fingertips: sway right, then left, then "turn and lock" the lady in towards the man, so the couple both face the same way, keeping hands held such that the lady is in a basket formed by the man's arms and her own.
  • Four chasse steps left, then four right, then sway left, then right, then uncurl the lock. The couple should now hold right hands, facing one another.
  • The couple step in, then out, then exchange places so that the lady turns under the man's arm. They then step in again, then out again, then turn under again to return to their original places.
  • Taking ballroom hold, the couple take two chasse steps forwards, then two back, then waltz for four bars, then the dance repeats.

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