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About the Atheniad
« on: July 30, 2016, 11:22:52 AM »
The 2016 Atheniad will run from Aug 5 to Aug 21. It is a set of contests of skill and excellence, across gaming and arts, running at the same time as the Olympics. Anyone is welcome to enter any events; it's run in a very relaxed style, with great honour, bragging rights, and no actual prizes given to the winners. We hope you will join us for the third magnificent ATHENIAD, of 2016!

The events are either gaming contests, most of which are simple knockout tournaments, and judged contests, which are usually creative endeavours that will be judged by a neutral third party who is not a member of any team (for more information on exactly how teams are formed, see below).

You can find the events list here.


Teams are usually based around websites or societies of some sort, but may be organised on any basis as long as it is:
  • Not a real-world nationality
  • Does not discriminate on the basis of any real-world characteristic

Players must sign up as part of a team (or can create new teams). A team is NOT obliged to field players for every event, they can compete in as many or few events as they have people who wish to participate. Teams are however limited to a maximum of eight entrants in any particular event.

The teams for 2016 so far are:
Team Exilian (Hosts)

You can enter a new team by posting in the thread here. When a new team is added, a subforum will be created including a thread in which that team's players can post to sign up for individual events.
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