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Jubal's Postbug Maps
« on: February 07, 2017, 11:57:06 PM »
Jubal's Postbug Maps

Some maps for Postbug, by me!


Each level can be loaded using the URLs provided. To play the level:
  • Click the URL, which will load Postbug with a special URL for the map
  • Click Play
  • Select from the list
And that's it! If you haven't played the main Postbug run, I suggest you give that a go first. My difficulty ratings below are percentages, with the original Postbug being assumed to count as at 50% difficulty as a midpoint.


Theme:City & Environs/Medieval references

Post City stands among verdant grass, its walls a shelter for bugs and bees of all kinds... but dark forces are amassing outside the gates, and parties of spiders roam the fields. No word has been heard from or sent to Hive One in some days, and the King of the Crabs is growing irascible at the failure of parcel delivery services. There is one difficulty, one imperative, that must to stand above all else in the growing climate of fear; the mail's got to get through.

The Siege of Post City is a fairly standard Postbug run for the most part, and doesn't have too many fancy design tricks in it, being (with the exception of one room named "Arachne's Labyrinth") mostly one room at a time with themed rooms that have single gates between them. The player starts in Post City Plaza, around which four other city-edge areas are arranged (Honeymakers' Quarter, Bug-keepers' Quarter, River Docks, and Western Walls). Beyond that, the player can explore several other themed areas with different puzzles, including two underground, two fire-centric, three maze themed, one bee-heavy, and one water-themed area.


Theme:High fantasy

It was an Age of Darkness, long in the distant past. A latter time, after the fall of the great Woodlouse Kingdom-Beneath-The-Mountain, after the bee-Queen retreated into the heart of the forest but even there was assailed, a time when overgrown stone circles and ancient statues were all that remained of greatness and glories past. Scattered villages and high-walled castles provided refuge, where it could be found. Who could unite and secure these scattered lands? Who could bring truth, goodness, and 50% off pizza delivery vouchers to all the realms? The people needed to hear the news - they needed... a hero...

Postal Quest is a very radically different way of a Postbug map being laid out. The divisions between areas often don't run that closely to a room by room basis, there are tunnels that run around certain parts of the map, many zones that require particular access points, and so on. Broadly speaking, there's a rough area around your start location in Little Buggington that includes some herders on the scree slopes to the north, the outer caves and gates of the Woodlouse Mountain, the swamp and the Stone Circle; there's a string of other settlements curled round the far east side of the map, running from Castle Bugsworth round through Bugsford, the Lake Isle, and Bugwell down to the Statue of a Forgotten Hero; there's the Woodlouse Mountain itself; and finally there's the Bee-region, which cuts up through the centre of the map and can't be accessed until quite late in the run.

You'll find yourself ducking between rooms and into tunnels a lot to navigate all these, and you'll also find some very difficult specific puzzles where the precise pattern of your movement really does make a difference (hence the higher difficulty rating). This is definitely my favourite map that I've made so far, and I hope your quests across the Buglands are as fun as my creation of them was!

Massive detailed map (seriously, v big indeed):

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I'm also working on a third map, which will have something of a mock-western theme to it, stay tuned :)
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