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Need a Users' Guide / Docs
« on: June 08, 2009, 11:23:49 PM »
Howdy all!  I'm new here so I guess the drinks are on me.  TO THE BAR!!! (too bad there's not a drinking emoticon...)

Anyway, I can tell Jubal's put a lot of work into this and I'm quite impressed by what little I've seen so far.  Bravo, sir!

Unfortunately, I don't have the 1st clue as to how to go about doing most of these cool things.  I can only find a few very general bullet points and the few hints Jubal put in the "Tutorial" sticky thread.  How, for instance, to I join the pirates?  Do I have to buy my own ship (which I see as an option when I go to even land-locked towns) or can I join one I find in port?  Or what?  And besides being a pirate, what else is there to do?

I realize that quite a few things aren't close to finished yet, so there's no telling how to do them.  But for the stuff that at least 1/2way works, it would be nice to know where to find it.  The attraction of this mod to me is the new experiences.  After all, if I just wanted to do the same old thing, why get any mods at all?

Thus, I would find it very helpful if there was some sort of sticky user's guide.  I'm not asking for complete walkthroughs and cheats/spoilers, but at least a list of what's possible and the general area of where to go to get into it.  Also, it would be nice if some other things were explained, like WTF are these monasteries and "patrolling" bands of monks doing...

I can see by the dates of posts here that there's not a lot of interest in this mod.  I find that a shame, given the work Jubal's already put into it.  But given that it's main forum is here instead of at TaleWorlds, folks will only find this forum via advertising there, and without some idea of what this mod does and some positive feedback, nobody much will come here.

I would be more than happy to plug this mod over at Taleworlds, but I can't at present because I don't know enough about it to be able to tell anybody why they should be interested.


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Need a Users' Guide / Docs
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2009, 04:44:03 PM »
Come the next version I will update the tutorial majorly. A lot of features are indeed very rough or unfinished, but rest assured that soon I will get back to modding.

I will soon have finished with the great map expansion, after which features will start rolling off the modding press more frequently.
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Need a Users' Guide / Docs
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2009, 07:33:46 PM »
That should be good.
I used to do actual stuff around here, don't you know?

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Need a Users' Guide / Docs
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2010, 11:54:59 PM »

This might help.


A few pointers for y'all....

wasd = movement as usual
i = inventory OR change ship orders
j = skill key 1 (Brace Spear/Battle Rage)
k = skill key 2 (Sprint)
h = skill key 3 (Rally Troops/Area Attacks/Focus)
block+attack = Shield Bash


Assassin's guild;
Go to Harlaushia (it's pink and in the east)
Go to the tavern
Go down the stairs, turn left and along the corridor, go through the door.
Go straight across the courtyard and go through the door.
You should now be on a rooftop. Talk to the assassin to start a fight.
When you have finished a fight, talk again to the assassin to gain assassin skills when in most fight scenes.

Doaghan Village
Is north of Wercheg. The only person you can talk to for now is Anador, their leader. You just need to do a brief quest for him and find his brother and he'll teach you Barbarian skills.

Tataca's Fort
Is near Lacontia. If you complete a short task involving some bandit hunting for Tataca he'll teach you troop leader's skills.

Jarren's Rock
Is in the ocean off Wercheg. You can find Jarren in the tower, who will sell you ther services of pirate raiders, and on the smaller rock island there's an open-air tavern.

Veluca University
Go to Veluca
Go towards the castle gate, then turn left up the stairway. Acorss the courtyard, then right up a second, new staircase.You can then find your way with a couple more left turns past the city banker to an area where there is a long downwards staircase, a bridge above it and several doors and terraces. Many of the doors let you into different areas of the university, which you need t get to for the find a healer quest and to find Rihok who will pay you for hunting trophies.


Using Ships
You can buy ships at most ports. They do cost quite a bit; you can buy longships or galleons. Naval battles are pretty self-explanatory, just press "i" to change what the ship's doing, although most of the time there's no need to at all.

Khergit Rebellion
If you complete the Red Khergit claimant rebellion, their troop tree changes as the Khergit are forced out and the old tribes take control.

Militia Command
To become a militia commander, talk to any guildmaster and ask about bandit problems.

You can gain renown by paying Tipo the storyteller at the four ways inn.

Find A Lawman Quest
Hint #1 ;
Spoiler: click to toggle
you're looking for the most important character in the game...

Hint#2 ;
Spoiler: click to toggle
He is in a main city scene.

# Spoiler if you're totally stuck ;
Spoiler: click to toggle
Go to Geroia, to the castle door, and there is a passage to the base of a tower,c limb the tower and find Jubal, then take him back to Zendar to finish the quest.
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