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2018 Staff Announcements
« on: January 27, 2018, 09:06:08 PM »
I can now (belatedly) announce the results of the January 2018 elections,.

Our new Basileus (aka Chair of Exilian) is Jubal - that is to say, me - of the Forums for Internet Freedoms (FIF) grouping. I'd like to start my term of office by extending very warm thanks to our outgoing Basileus, Glaurung (Independent), who has become the longest continuously serving holder of the post and has done a sterling job for the past eighteen months, which have seen some real challenges and events for the site. I'm hoping I can build on his work in the next few months.

Among other things, it's my intention to externally advertise some more staffing posts to try and get us some more manpower and boost our capacity to cover a wide range of areas. I'm hoping, too, to help Exilian toward a better financial footing by looking into opening a Liberapay account, and to work with Lizard to rebuild the front-end website and make it more functional and better able to display the fantastic content we're producing on the forum. I'm also going to be bringing forward motions to give Exilian a clearer standpoint on where we can advocate on behalf of our members and creative geeks generally: recent challenges like the December Patreon fiasco are areas where Exilian can and should have some ability to be a voice for the community that makes its home here and of which we are a part. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we've got the task of preparing something special for Exilian's tenth anniversary in March, which is coming up fast! More announcements on that should be coming soon.

In other staffing news, GMD, our Spatharios (senior moderator), has stepped down - thanks to him for holding the post for the past few months - and we have a new Tribounos (Site Tribune), Clockwork. The roles of Spatharios and Sebastokrator (Voting Members' Officer) are still open: please get in contact with me if you might be interested in either volunteer role. Lizard, Glaurung, and Jubal have been ratified to stay on as Technikos (head of tech staff), Sakellarios (treasurer), and Megadux (executive officer) respectively.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to vote: Exilian now has nearly a decade's proud tradition as a democratic web community, and it's always great to see that continue.

Best wishes to all,

Jubal (Basileus)
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